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Coaching for Women and Girls, presented by Andrew Kirkland, PhD.

This webinar is aimed at coaches with an interest in helping to encourage more women to participate in the sport of cycling and developing the performance of female riders. Experts from British Cycling and TrainingPeaks will provide insight on the following: Differences between male and female athletes, how these differences may affect coaching practice, how to track training data using, The experts will also be joined by elite rider and coach Helen Scott. Helen has many accolades to her name, including two medals from the London 2012 Paralympics.

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Coaching for Women and Girls, presented by Andrew Kirkland, PhD.

  1. 1. Coaching for Women and Girls
  2. 2. About Us Andy Kirkland Ph.D. Helen Scott Melissa Schwartz
  3. 3. Follow Us #coachingwebinar @Bccoaching @TrainingPeaks @Scottie2507
  4. 4. Aims In this webinar we’ll talk about: Differences between male and female athletes How these differences affect coaching practice How to track training data using TrainingPeaks
  5. 5. Gender Differences
  6. 6. Gender Differences Technical Psychological Tactical Physiological
  7. 7. Gender Differences Psychological Physiological
  8. 8. Hormones Hormones are chemical messengers which communicate between the body’s different systems. • Muscle and bone growth • Energy metabolism • Reproductive function Behaviour
  9. 9. Nature Genetic Nurture Environmental
  10. 10. Behaviour
  11. 11. Behaviour Challenge or Threat Cortisol Environment Soothing Endorphins Achieving Dopamine
  12. 12. Behaviour Communication Confidence Reflection and feedback Fitting in and standing-out
  13. 13. Physiology and Health The Menstrual Cycle Growth and development Training • Premenstrual syndrome • The contraceptive pill Energy-deficit • Suppressed immune function • Muscle breakdown • Amenorrhea • Bone health
  14. 14. Growth and Development
  15. 15. Training
  16. 16. The Menstrual Cycle
  17. 17. The Menstrual Cycle
  18. 18. The Menstrual Cycle
  19. 19. Training Implications
  20. 20. Energy Deficit
  21. 21. Issues with Energy Deficit
  22. 22. Monitoring Riders
  23. 23. Tracking data with TrainingPeaks
  24. 24. Tracking Metrics
  25. 25. Charting Metrics
  26. 26. Coaching Individual Athletes
  27. 27. Communication is Key
  28. 28. Coaching Groups
  29. 29. Dynamic Plans
  30. 30. Dynamic Plans