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R.I.P. Marketing, Sales 2.0 Must Move Up the Funnel


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Session Description
Under the Sales 2.0 paradigm, high-tech resources allow sales teams to target and engage with leads in a way that feels seamless and non-invasive. The model lends itself particularly well to the bottom of the sales funnel, where prospects are nearing purchase-readiness. To ensure that top-of-funnel leads are not ignored, sales and marketing departments must do more than align—they must fully integrate.

In this webinar, Ric Riddle will follow up his presentation at the 2013 Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston by examining why the dominance of the Sales 2.0 and inbound marketing models demands the full integration of the two departments. The funnel no longer belongs to sales alone—it has become a digital engagement process in which marketing acts as a sales proxy, conducting thousands of one-on-one virtual conversations with early stage buyers. Attend the webinar to learn how to implement this perspective at your organization.

About Ric Riddle
Ric Riddle is a dynamic, innovative sales professional who brings more than 20 years of experience and energy in driving sales and stewarding customer satisfaction. Across his career, Ric has served as a senior executive managing sales performance for organizations specializing in technology, business intelligence, and information management. His demonstrated success as a revenue generator adept at escalating business models and opening new markets makes him a valuable contributor to Sales Engine.

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R.I.P. Marketing, Sales 2.0 Must Move Up the Funnel

  1. 1. SMMConnect presents a complimentary webinar REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING: R.I.P. Marketing, Sales 2.0 Must Move Up the Funnel Ric Riddle, Vice President of Sales, Sales Engine International Date:  Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Time: 10:00AM Pacific / 1:00PM Eastern (60 Minute Session) Cost: $0.00  Can't Attend?  Register anyway. We'll send you access to the recording and handouts.