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Leadership Training that Sticks: Lessons Learned Over 21 Years


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Session Description
With over 21 years of customizing leadership and management programs for hundreds of clients – and training thousands of leaders and managers – we know what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to making leadership and management programs “stick”. Many leadership and management programs are events that come and go with little impact on the organization. However, when a leadership development program “sticks,” productivity improves, innovation increases, leadership emerges, and employee engagement and loyalty soars!

In this short webinar, we will share five characteristics that increase the “sticky-ness” of your leadership program, moving it from an event to an effective, culture-defining initiative.

Along the way you’ll learn:

Buy-in and support at all levels must be visible, vocal, visceral
It’s not just the content
To change behavior, first change mindset
Make the models as simple as possible but no simpler
New skills must be actively reinforced by those who matter most
At least 75% of the success of the program comes from program design; the other 75% comes from implementation!

We will provide real-world examples and tips for increasing the “sticky-ness” of your leadership and/or management development program.

About Terence Traut
Terence Traut is the President of Entelechy, Inc. He and his team have been customizing training programs for clients since 1992. Recently, Entelechy announced Unleash Your Leadership Potential, a fully customizable leadership and management development program featuring award-winning content and activities, plus all the “sticky” elements described in this webinar resulting in today’s most effective leadership/management development program. Terry has worked with many of today’s top leadership thought leaders including Marshall Goldsmith, Warren Bennis, Mike Abrashoff, Steve Arneson, Bill George, and many others.

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Leadership Training that Sticks: Lessons Learned Over 21 Years

  1. 1. Training Magazine Network presents a complimentary webinar Leadership Training that Sticks: Lessons Learned Over 21 Years Terence Traut, President, Entelechy Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014 Time: 10:00AM Pacific / 1:00PM Eastern (60 Minute Session) Cost: $0.00 Can't Attend? Register anyway. We'll send you access to the recording and handouts. REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING: Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (