Defining, Supporting, and Managing Your Best Practices Sales Process


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Defining, Supporting, and Managing Your Best Practices Sales Process

  1. 1. SMMConnect presents a complimentary webinar Defining, Supporting, and Managing Your Best Practices Sales Process Dr. Carl Binder, CPT The Performance Thinking Network Tuesday, November 13, 2012 10:00 AM Pacific/ 1:00 PM Eastern (60-Minute Session) Cost: $00 Cant attend?  Register anyway to be notified when the recording and handouts are available.  Free for all SMMConnect members. REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  2. 2. Session Description:How do you maximize performance in your sales process? How do you identify and share best practices strategies and tactics among your sales people? How does your organization support their performance beyond training? How do your sales managers coach? REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  3. 3. It’s remarkable how few companies, even those with exceptionally performingsales people, effectively document their successful sales processes, or keeptrack of the best practices discovered as they execute on those processes, orcoach to those best practices. Beyond defining sales process and bestpractices, sales and marketing management are charged with bringing togetherthe most potent combination of performance enablers possible, aligning bothtraining and non-training interventions around a shared understanding of salesprocess and performance outcomes. Do you have an effective framework forpulling it all together? REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  4. 4. Dr. Carl Binder, thought leader for over 30 years in the field of performanceimprovement, helps companies define, support, and manage exemplaryperformance, working with executive leadership, line management, and stafffunctions (e.g., training and sales operations).In this webinar, you’ll learn:• How a simple model called the Performance Chain clarifies performanceexpectations• Why it is critical to identify and share your best practices sales process• How to document your sales process and the performance needed to drive it• What’s missing in the usual descriptions of sales process and performance• How to discover and disseminate Exemplary Behavior (aka internal bestpractices) REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  5. 5. • About the Six Boxes® Model, a tool for identifying how to supportperformance• How a single document can provide a framework for everything you do todrive sales• What managers can do to accelerate the performance of their people• How Sales, Marketing, Field Operations and everyone else can partner moresuccessfully to drive sales resultsYou’ll learn about what we call Six Boxes® Performance Thinking – how it can beshared across all functions and all levels in an organization to define, measure,and accelerate desired performance while continuously improving methods,tools, and the entire performance system. REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  6. 6. Who Should Attend:Executives and managers involved with sales, marketing, field operations, salestraining, HR, customer service, sales automation, and knowledge management.Anyone with an interest in accelerating sales performance with a systematicapproach. REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  7. 7. About Carl BinderDr. Carl Binder has been helping organizations improve performance since the 1980’s, when he left graduate school at Harvard and began his corporate consulting career working with banks which, after deregulation, needed to develop sales culture and sales performance. As Founder and CEO of Product Knowledge Systems, Inc., a pioneer during the 1990’s in sales knowledge management, his work expanded to a dozen industries, improving performance in sales and customer service organizations around the globe. REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  8. 8. Since Co-Founding the Performance Thinking Network (formerly Binder RihaAssociates) in 1998, Carl has been developing and refining what is nowcalled Six Boxes® Performance Thinking, a plain English, research-basedapproach to analyzing, understanding, and improving performance inorganizations that can be shared and applied by executives, managers, HR,Training and performance professionals in all fields, and front-line line teamleadership. REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  9. 9. He has authored more than 50 publications in fields ranging from basicbehavioral research to sales and service management, marketing,instructional design, educational policy and practice, performancemeasurement, and organizational change. He received the Fred S. KellerAward in 2004 from the American Psychological Association for contributionsto training and education, and the highest award of the International Societyfor Performance Improvement, Honorary Lifetime Membership, in 2009. Youcan download a variety of his publications at andat and contact him byemail at lives with his wife and business partner, former sales and marketingexecutive, Cynthia Riha, and their children on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle,Washington. REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING: