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Gtkeo for wg&plenary

  1. 1. Interactions – Games for WGs and PlenaryWGsGetting acquainted…Names’ circle - Each member says his / her name and the names of all the people before him / her (3’)The first letter – Each member says his / her name and a fruit, drink etc. beginning with the same letterhis / her name begins with (3’)What would you bring with you – Each member says his / her name. The group is supposed to beinvited to GMS. The question the facilitator makes is “what would you bring with you to GMS?”The group member has to answer, saying that he / she would bring an object starting with thestarting letter of his / her first name. Of course, this is something we don’t tell them from thebeginning and the game goes on until they understand the trick. (5’)Say the name to the beat – The team decides to keep a certain pace by clapping their hands. Each teammember, following this pace, has to say his / her name and the name of the person siting next tohim / her (3’)My role model - Each member says his / her name and the name of a personality he / she admires. Then,he / she is asked to imagine and say what this role model would say about him / her (5’)Drawing of myself – Each member of the group makes a drawing of himself and writes below it one ormore characteristics of him / herself. The facilitator mixes then the papers, hands them out to thegroup member and asks them to find the person pictured on the paper, chat with him / her and thenpresent him / her to the rest of the group (15’)Wrong & right – Each group member says 3 things about himself (characteristics, hobbies, beliefs etc.).The 2 of them must true and the 1false. The rest of the group members have to guess which of themwere true and witch were fault. (10’)Touching the face – The group members split in pairs. The one touches each other’s face. Afterwards,we fold their eyes and as they are wondering in the room, they have to find –by touching the otherson the face- their pair (10’)Stand in circle – the group members form a circle and one steps inside holding a newspaper. One groupmember shouts another’s name. That person then has to shout another name of the group’smembers before the person inside hits him / her with the newspaper on the head. If he / she is notfast enough and gets hit, steps in the circle and so on. (15’)Interactive gamesThe joggler – the members of the group change places between them, before another one takes theirplace. The member changing his / her place has to shout “help me” and then somebody has to shout“come here”. The person who shouted “help me” takes the place of the one who shouted “come here”.At the same time the one shouting “come here” has to shout “help me”, as he / she is loosing his / herplace and has to take somebody else’s place and so on… (10’)Chasing people with balloons tied on their feet (10’)Human sandwich – the members of the group form a “sandwich” with their bodies (5’)Markers increasing – the members of the group throw each other markers in a specific order, adding oneeach time. The game becomes more fun when the members of the group start moving. (10’)Human knot – the members of the group mix their hands and then try to form a circle without looseningtheir hands (15’)Love train – some of the group members form a train. The rest of the members, who at the beginningwere out of the room, now enter the room and become part of the train. When the train stops moving, allthe members turn back and kiss each other, except for the last member, whom they beat. (5’)Couples – the group members sit down in couples, the person in front embraces the other, and try toswitch places with the member in front of another couple after an eye blink (15’)
  2. 2. Groom / Knight / Horse – The facilitator shouts one of the previous words. The members of the groupsplit in pairs. When the facilitator shouts “groom” the one holds the other in their arms, when “Horse”the one falls down on his knees and the other one stands above him and when “Knight” the one falls onhis knees and kisses the others hand (10’)Little Bouda – each member makes a gesture and after a specific sign each one takes the gesture of theperson to his left (5’)Human bridge - the members of the group form a “bridge” using only 3 feet, 2 hands, 1 bottom etc.trying to move from one place to another (15’)Give the pen – we give the pen to each other and someone decides if it was given in a right way or not.The key is when giving it to give it in a specific way, let’s say always with the left hand (10’)Telephone card / toothpick from mouth to mouth or an orange placed between the chin and neck passingfrom one person to another (10’)Glass of water – each group member holds with his teeth a plastic glass of water. We pour water into theglass of the first member and the goal is the water to roll from one glass to the other, ending at the firstperson without pouring it (10’)Kiss the little rabbit – Pretend that there is a little rabbit that goes from one group member to the otherand each one kisses it on a certain spot. When the round ends, every group member is asked to kiss theperson next to him / her on the same spot of his / her own body (5’)Kisses form a human body – put lipstick on the lips of each group member and with “kisses” try to drawa human body. Preferably with two or more teams competing (10’)The boat is sinking – The members are all gathered together. You then tell them… “The boat is sinking,so split in groups of…” You then call the number of the members in the group, moving from 2 to 30 andso on. The ones left out of the group loose and get out of the gameColours – The members are all gathered together. The facilitator shouts out a colour or a drawing amember of the group has on his / her clothes. The rest of the members then have to put their nose on thecertain spot. That is repeated many times, using rare colours and shapes.Dream house – the members of the group, holding only one pen and without talking, try to draw theirdream house (10’)Do you like your LC? – The facilitator asks one member: Do you like your LC? If the member says“No” the facilitator asks: And who would you like to change with; The member answers then: With allthe people… wearing red underwear etc. And this goes one, unless the member says “Yes” (20’)Clapping hands on the table – The group members put their hands on the table and mix them. Then startclapping their hands on a row, the one following the other. If someone claps his hand twice, the flowgoes backwards (5’)Bzzzzzzz – The group members say one by one “bzzzzzz”… When one says “change”, we change thedirection saying “bzzzzzz”. When he / she says “switch” the person sitting next to him / her loses his /her turn and must not say “bzzzzzzzz” (5’)Shape a square with a rope – The members age given a rope and blindfolded try to shape a perfectsquare only through talking (10’)Yogurt – the group members split in pairs, one holding a yogurt and a spoon and while both beingblindfolded try to feed each other (10’)Marine jumps – energizerYes, right! – energizer
  3. 3. Mind trapsHow many 9s from 0-100? – 09 – 89, 90 – 99. That makes 19Good frog, bad frog – You make with your right hand the movements of a frog, saying before that“That’s a good frog”. After making the movements, you say “OK!”. You then make similarmovements, saying “That’s a bad frog”. Then you ask them what’s the difference between the 2frogs. The difference is that after showing the movements of the good frog you always say “OK!”How to get a golf ball that’s fallen in a paper bag out of it without touching the bag? – Fill the bag withwater, burn the bag…Splitting in groupsTake a number – the delegates are given a number (let’s say from 1 to 5 if you want to have 5 groups).After that you send them to a corner, according to the number they have (5’)The month you were born – we pick a number of months equal to the number of groups we want andsplit the delegates in groups according to the month they were born in (5’)Pick a fruit / color / food – You choose a certain number of fruits / colors / food, according to thenumber of the groups you’d like to have. You ask them which one they would prefer and split themto groups according to their preferences (there’s a possibility you will not have groups with equalnumbers of delegates) (5’)FacilitatingRight arm forming a right angle – The group members are asked to form a right angle with their rightarm and move it up & down whenever something is not understood, or the facilitator is talking too fastetc.3 thoughts occurring to you – ask the group members in the beginning of the WG to write down on apiece of paper 3 thoughts currently occurring in their minds. Ask them to scrub the paper and throw itback, getting this way those thoughts out of their mindShadow – Each group member writes his / her name on a small piece of paper. The facilitator collectsthem and hands them out to the rest group members. The facilitator then tells them that they should bethe “shadow” of the person whose name is written on the paper, that is watch him / her carefully and inthe end of the session tell some words about his / her presence in the groupFondling your hands – Ask the group members to fondle their hands in each way they like, in a way thatthe right palm touches the left angle and the opposite. As soon as they do it ask them to do it in adifferent way. There is no wrong or right way, it’s the way everyone sees things!Blind drawing – the members of the group all together try to describe a given shape or drawing to amember of the group who now tries to picture it and draw it (10’)Giving Feedback – Two people step up in plenary. The one turns his back. The other one –looking at thefirst person’s back- forms a basket with his hands. The first person tries to put scrubs of paper in that“human basket”. When he fails, the rest of the group tries to guide the first person by giving himinstructions on how to put the scrubbed papers in the basket (10’)Plenary - PartyBoy – girl eating one bananaA horse riding…Ice cube in a boy’s trousersHow many feet standing on one chair?Shape the numbers 0-9 using your buttGetting in a row being blindfolded according to each members heightForm a human bridge with hands and pass each member over itThe elephantThe Zulu tribe
  4. 4. Place chewing gums between the legs of some girls and send boys to pick them up…Make the longest chain using your clothesLay down in a row and roll each other overKiss the paper – the group members split in pairs, boy-girl. They put crayon on their lips and thefacilitators holds high a blank piece of paper between them, telling them that the winning pair will bethe one making more crayon marks on the blank paper. They start jumping, kissing the paper, when thefacilitator pulls it back… (10’)Transfer a coin using your bodies laid down one next to the otherSongs & interactionsPara – papaSinging in the rainMy name is JoeOuh kaleleΤse tse koreAmborigateEpo –I- taitaHei @Father AbrahamUn cocomeroA ram sam samTou tou e…Vempire cheMereketeLet me see an @er