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Onderzoeksdata in beeld / In Search 4 Data


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This is the presentation material used for the VOGIN-IP lezing 28 februari 2013 by Marina Noordegraaf. If you want to hear more about the context and meaning of the images, you know whom you might ask ;-) For the version WITH animations go to

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Onderzoeksdata in beeld / In Search 4 Data

  1. 1. a C
  2. 2. 5 data portals
  3. 3. Course http://dataintelligence.3tu.nlGuide
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Workshop: Making Data Count: Research data availability and research assessment’ Data Innovation: Increasing Accessibility, Visibility and Sustainability Data Access and Preservation Summit the PDF2 Research data management: inrichting frontoffice en backoffice, SURF more even more: Tune into twitter to stay up to date on news, meetings, etc.
  6. 6. Slide 4. Definition of Research Data retrieved from 10. LCMS-image MercachemSlide 11. Weather simulation data 12. Protein modeling 14. This image is based on the wheel by Flickr user juniorvelo and can be found at 15. Information about data formats via (Leon Osinski en Maurits van der Graaf ) More information on data formats at 16. Story to go with the image: more on open formats at 18/19. Story and quote to go with the skeleton: 20. Story to go with solar system H8799 21. Story on reanalysis of RNA-Sequencing data SSlide 22. Story to go with the whale
  7. 7. Slide 23. Human genome project on the right (under 2003) 25. Labnotebooks – Marie Curie / Photo Courtesy Wellcome Library, LondonSlide 29. Quote from 30. Quote from 32. Wade, Alex (@alexwade). “Data sets are fact and therefore not covered by copyright. lawsBut fraudulent data are fiction and therefore could be! #icstidata”. 5 maart 2012. TweetSlide 33. References corresponding to the screenshots on slide 33 12-10-2011, pagina 1, NRC of interest research funders open access policies 36. Why you need a data management plan 37-39.;jsessionid=D5B78F53201E95F1EC5976F07D639FECSlide 40. Quote from
  8. 8. Slide 41. Building a culture of data citation 43. http://impactstory.orgSlide 44. 45. http://www.figshare.comSlide 46/48. 47. Linkitup 49. 50. Source of this image unknown to meSlide 55. 56. 57. (Slide from webinar “Completing thecircle. Perspectives on Integrating Datasets in Basic Research and Discovery)Slide 58. OpenAire 59. Quote from 61. Databib Other research data registries, e.g., en discipline-specifc (bio-medical) 63. vocabulary 64. DANS EASY, 3TU.Datacentrum 65. Pangaea, Datadryad, tweet
  9. 9. Slide 67. 68. data journal list journal mailing list 75. Dans data portal http://dansdataportal.nlSlide 76. Data One One Mercury 79. You might want to read on thissubject. Metadata image in window from 80. www.narcis.nlSlide 83. Reinventing Discovery 85. General background , 87. Resolve a URN Screenshot on URN’s with DANS 89. Quote from On DOI’s, Resolve a DOI , Screenshot from 92. Quote from 93. 94. 97. All drawn images were made by Marina Noordegraaf
  10. 10. www.verbeeldingskr8.nl