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IT Certification And Career Guide


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IT Certification And Career Guide

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IT Certification And Career Guide

  1. 1. IT CERTIFICATION AND CAREER GUIDE CERTIFICATION: A+ Skills gained One of the most popular and well-recognized IT certifications, A+ gives IT pros the skills they need to understand common software and hardware technologies. Students gain the ability to install, configure and manage PC systems and mobile devices. Career fit A+ is a great “starter” course for new IT professionals and can help them launch a successful career. Potential careers PC maintenance technician, device repair specialist, call-center expert. Salary range $33,503 - $53,055 NETWORK+ Skills gained Network+ provides the tools and training necessary to design, develop and manage both wired and wireless networks. The certification is also vendor neutral. Career fit Ideal for IT pros looking to learn more about networking technologies and manage large-scale corporate networks. Potential careers Network administrator, network operations director, network specialist. Salary range $55,000 - $135,900 CCENT Skills gained Ability to effectively configure, manage and deploy Cisco-based networking services, including Cisco iOS. Career fit Great for IT professionals looking to manage a small branch network or increase their knowledge of Cisco networking products. Potential careers Branch network manager, network technician, network IT support. Salary range $68,166 - $90,191 SECURITY+ Skills gained Solid foundation of vendor- neutral IT security knowledge and skills to help develop best practices in network and corporate defense. Career fit IT pros interested in managing a company’s basic security posture and responding to immediate network threats. Potential careers Security specialist, security manager, security administrator. Salary range $54,220 - $75,093 CCNA Skills gained CCNA-certified professionals are able to install, configure and manage small networks — including LAN, WAN and dial-up services across multiple protocols. Career fit IT pros looking to expand their knowledge of Cisco networking and manage small (100 nodes or fewer) networks. Potential careers Systems engineer, help desk support, field technician. Salary range $51,276 - $75,427 MCSA Skills gained MCSA certification demonstrates knowledge of Microsoft core platform skills including the ability to configure servers, manage file and print services, and configure storage solutions. Career fit Ideal for IT pros working in a Microsoft-dominant environment. Also necessary for more advanced Microsoft training such as MCSD and MCSE. Potential careers System administrators, network administrators, technical support specialists Salary range $65,888 - $93,626 CEH Skills gained Training and techniques that allow IT pros to effectively hack enterprise networks and improve overall security. Career fit Both private and public sector organizations are looking for certified ethical hackers to shore up network defense. Potential careers Security consultant, security officer, security compliance officer Salary range $80,100 – $131,428 CISA Skills gained Certified information systems auditor training provides the skills necessary to effectively evaluate and remediate enterprise network systems. Career fit Ideal for IT pros looking to embrace a more active role in designing effective IS solutions and security techniques. Potential careers Information systems auditor, information governance officer, data management administrator Salary range $52,622 - $68,558 CCNP Skills gained IT professionals with the CCNP certification obtain mastery of both LAN and WAN technologies, making them valuable network experts. Career fit Many Cisco vendors, re-sellers and partners look for this certification when hiring network support professionals. Potential careers Network administrator, network designer, network support specialist. Salary range $92,702 - $133,707 CISSP Skills gained The certified information systems security professional course provides critical knowledge of worldwide information security standards and best practices. Career fit Ideal for IT professionals aiming for management-track security positions. Many government agencies require at least one CISSP-certified professional on staff. Potential careers Security manager, information security systems specialist, IT security systems designer Salary range $142,709 - $180,323 CISM Skills gained Provides verification that IT professionals can effectively identify, manage and remediate information security threats. Career fit Given the advanced nature of security threats, both government agencies and private-sector companies alike are looking for CISM-certified professionals. Potential careers Information security administrator, IT consultant, security systems consultant Salary range $104,618 - $126,910 CASP Skills gained Upon completion, experienced IT pros will be able to leverage critical thinking and judgement to implement effective security solutions across complex cloud and local networks. Career fit CASP-certified professionals are sought after by companies worldwide as an effective defense against increasingly sophisticated attacks. Potential careers Data security specialist, information security consultant, chief information security officer. Salary range $167,017 - $240,193 BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED EXPERT