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Trails BC Newsletter February 2007 edition

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Trails Bc Newsletter 2007 02

  1. 1. Newsletter of the Trails Society of British Columbia Vol. 12 No. 2 — April 2007 Contents AGM 2007: Summerland May 5th & 6th. AGM 2007: Summerland May 5th & 6th. 1 North Shore Challenge June 24, 2007 2 Member Profile 2 Rails to Trails Progress in the Rockies 3 Trans Canada Trail Foundation AGM 4 The Victoria – Cowichan Valley Link 5 Trail Society Reports 6 The Kinsol Trestle Debate - Rehabilitate or Rebuild? 7 Renew Your Membership 8 The historic 188-metre-long, 73-metre-high Trout Creek Bridge, in the heart of Summerland, Trails BC 2006-2007 is considered by many to be the highest on the Kettle Valley Railway and one of the highest Board… 8 in North America. Photo by Murphy Shewchuk Volunteers Essential for Saturday, May 5th. Trail Survival! 8 Summerland Municipal Hall, 13211 Henry Avenue. 8:30 - 09:15 Opening Remarks Marilyn Hansen, President: Summerland Trans Canada Trail Society ISSN 1705-4559 Dr. David Gregory - Mayor of Summerland - Summerland Historic Trails Published quarterly by: 09:15 - 10:00 Dr. Maurice Williams - UBC Kelowna - Early KVR History. Trails BC 10:00 - 10:15 Coffee Break. 315 – 1367 W. Broadway 10:15 - 11:00 Ken Campbell - Myra Canyon Restoration Society -Trestle Rebuild. Vancouver BC V6H 4A9 Editorial Committee 11:00 - 12:00 Bill Marshall - MTSA - British Columbia Trail Strategy. Murphy Shewchuk 12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Sue Burnham 13:00 - 14:00 James Clark - Director of Trails - Trans Canada Trail Foundation. Léon Lebrun 14:00 - 15:00 Al Skucas - Trails BC Rockies Region Director - Rockies News. 15:00 - 15:15 Coffee 15:15 - 16:30 Regional Directors Update Sunday May 06, 2007 Summerland Municipal Hall, 13211 Henry Avenue. 09:00 - 12:00 Trails BC Annual General Meeting Visit the Trails BC website at for additional information. Advance Registration Required: Forms at 1
  2. 2. North Shore Challenge - June 24, 2007 Trail Talk: Vol. 12 No. 2 — April 2007 North Shore Member Profile Challenge June 24, 2007 WildWays Adventure Sports is a full service shop nestled in the Monashee Mountains at Christina Lake. WildWays offers a great range of amenities such as a large parts inventory — with qualified and friendly mechanics always on hand — and rental bikes and By Léon Lebrun child trailers. They also rent kayaks and canoes to enjoy BC's favourite lake, and offer guided kayaking This year there will be only one challenge event to be trips on the Kettle River for all levels of paddlers. held in the Southwest Region. The venue is the Greater Vancouver North Shore with an option to include the Trans Canada Trail route through the City of Vancouver. As usual participants will be able to choose their mode of travel (cycle, walk, or run) and the distance travelled (between 9 and 61 km). A great variety of trail experiences are in the offering including mountain and urban trails sprinkled with natural and heritage features all the way along. WildWays also offers transportation assistance for self-guided bike tours with a 15 seater van, as well as a variety of guided day tours on the Kettle Valley Rail-Trail and the Columbia & Western Rail-Trail sections of the Trans Canada Trail. Sections of the trail, such as Eholt to Grand Forks, or the Paulson to Christina segment, are some of the easiest and most popular rides around; downhill all the way and superb scenery with trestles and tunnels. The shop is open 7 days a week in the summer months, and is located on the east side of Christina Lake just 10 minutes from the Christina Lake-to- Visit the Trails BC website ( Castlegar section of the Trans Canada Trail. and sign-up right away. We have quite a following that see it as a great way to discover the trail. Bob & Lucinda Dupee ••• WildWays Adventure Sports Highway 3 at Johnson Road Christina Lake, BC, Canada V0H 1E2 ACCEPT THE TRAILS BC CHALLENGE Phone/Fax: 250.447.6561 Additional Information and sign-up Toll Free: 1.888.WILDWAY (945.3929) forms are available on-line at: Email: WWW.TRAILSBC.CA Web: 2
  3. 3. Rails to Trails in the Rockies… Trail Talk: Vol. 12 No. 2 — April 2007 Rails to Trails Progress in the Rockies By Al Skucas The last year saw the TCT gain traction in the Rockies/East Kootenay. Much excitement has been generated over the potential rail to trails project between Kimberley and Cranbrook. The model for this project is somewhat different than in other parts of the province. In this instance the province is not taking a leading role in the development of the rail trail but the communities of Kimberley and Cranbrook themselves will be spearheading the project. Although this endeavour will be become part of the province’s Spirit of 2010 Rails to Trails legacy, the two communities will control the development. In a Memorandum of Understanding signed in September between the two communities and CP Rail, CP Rail will donate the line to Kimberley and Cranbrook. CP Rail has agreed to remove the steel rails by the end of this year. Also a big concern has been Coming into Wycliffe on the Cranbrook-Kimberley rail line. Photo by Bob Whetham alleviated with CP Rail taking responsibility for removing the contaminated float rock that had been used for ballast on the line. It is estimated that CP rail will be hauling out over 15,000 truckloads of the in Eastern BC they should generate the most ballast over the next year and a half. Estimated cost for recreational traffic along the route. this work is between two and three million dollars. Last year also marked the first year in five years that Details on the final governance and stewardship of TCT trail has seen trail registered in the Rockies with the rail trail are currently been explored by the two the registration of the trail through the City of cities, the regional district and affected stakeholders. Kimberley. Fourteen kilometres of trail will wind its way through the community from the Riverside Campground on the west side through the Kimberley Nature Park to the Platzl. The Platzl is a pedestrian mall that is the heart of Kimberley, from there the trail will follow the Mark Creek Trail to Marysville. With the announcement that the TCT foundation will be proceeding with the official BC guidebook this spring/summer, efforts have been revived regarding the TCT corridor in the Elk Valley. Discussions with high level government officials last year recommended not pursuing any trail formalization on crown land in the Elk Valley. Without any hope to formally recognize the trail within the foreseeable future a strategy has been developed to promote a more trail-like route that the general public can use and enjoy. It would be a A public recreation corridor in the Mt Broadwood Nature route that would utilize available public accessible Conservancy near Elko. Photo by Al Skucas. recreational corridors. Attend the 2007 Trails BC AGM in Summerland for This 27 km rail trail combined with the 13 km Isidore more details on this updated BC Rockies route plan Canyon rail trail to the east of Cranbrook will form the and strategy. backbone of the TCT in the Rockies/East Kootenay ••• region. With these two trails being the only rails trails 3
  4. 4. TCTF AGM 2006 Report Trail Talk: Vol. 12 No. 2 — April 2007 Trans Canada Trail Foundation AGM By Al Skucas. working relationship to maximize the development, I had an enjoyable time attending the Trans Canada management and use of the TCT.” Trail Foundation’s 2006 AGM in Montreal last June. It Each group was to come up with five was a rainy and blustery weekend, so being indoors recommendations or suggestions at the end to was OK for that time of the year. facilitate these strategic goals. With last year’s passing of the torch from CEO and A lot of positive and creative ideas came up during President John Bellini to Sanderson Layng, there has this workshop and Sanderson was committed to a been much anticipation on the future direction of the business plan that in part will be guided by the TCT Foundation. This is the first time in the suggestions arising from this exercise. foundation’s history that a change has The foundation is also going to try to been made at this level. ramp up the funding aspect of the TCTF. To that end they solicited the support of Make the Plan Come Alive… Governor General Michaelle Jean and In an effort to revitalize the Trans Jean Beliveau to head a new fundraising Canada Trail, this AGM focussed on drive. You may have also seen the new reviewing the strategic goals of the TCT. promotional TV ads that have appeared As a result the theme was “Make the Plan this year. The foundation has also hired a Come Alive”. funding consultant who will be targeting Instead of the usual reports from the donations from Corporate Canada. provinces and territories, the AGM became a brainstorming exercise. To facilitate this, the New Foundation Director… board and trail representatives were broken up into The foundation has added Becky Scott to the board. four groups. The four groups had to come up with She is also on the board of the 2010 Canadian Olympic consensual recommendations and suggestions committee and will be helping to promote the TCT as concerning: the route of the Olympic Torch Relay. Sanderson Layng also announced a program that will Resource Development… attempt to embed the TCT in the minds of young “To ensure the provision of the financial and in-kind Canadians. The TC Leaf has been introduced as a resource needed to accomplish the Mission of the cartoon character which will star in a colouring book; Foundation and assist local and regional fundraising an animated television series; and a video game. As he initiatives.” travels along the Trans Canada Trail, "TC" will have adventures, meet friends and teach lessons about our Public and Community Affairs… history, heritage, and geography, plus the importance “To promote the Trans Canada Trail and trail of an active lifestyle. organizations within all spheres of influence to Overall I found the atmosphere of this AGM to be enhance the development, management and use of the very positive and open. Lots of good contacts were TCT at the national level as well as in regional and made and worthwhile discussion took place around the local jurisdictions.” tables. I think we should make an effort to encourage more representation from Trails BC at future TCT Community Assistance… AGMs. Editor's Note: The TCTF 2007 AGM will be “To assist local and provincial trail organizations with held June 7 to 10 at the Lonsdale Quay Hotel, City of the range of community development tasks required to North Vancouver. provide for the development, management and use of ••• the TCT.” SUPPORT TRAILS BC Trail Development… MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS CAN “To liaise with our trail partner organizations so as to NOW BE PROCESSED ON-LINE AT: ensure an active, engaged and mutually beneficial WWW.TRAILSBC.CA 4
  5. 5. The Victoria - Cowichan Valley Link Trail Talk: Vol. 12 No. 2 — April 2007 The Victoria – Cowichan Valley Link By Jeannette Klein forestry road. This is especially beautiful as you pass The long-awaited 24 kilometre missing link between through a leafy bower of established deciduous trees. the Victoria to Shawnigan Lake Trans Canada Trail The road climbs to an opened area where there is a section and the Cowichan Valley Trans Canada Trail spectacular view of Finlayson Arm and surrounding section is about to be built. Anyone who has followed mountains; the summit is 475m. the TCT on Vancouver Island will know that it will The intention is that this trail section will be owned mean no longer using the very busy Malahat Highway and managed by the adjoining regional districts. to get to Shawnigan Lake. With the exception of the Hopefully, detailed engineering and design will Kinsol Trestle it will also mean travelling completely commence this year and the big hope and wish would on trail from Victoria to Lake Cowichan. be to see construction commence in 2008. Then we'll Some years ago the original path of the TCT north have a party! from Victoria was routed through the Capital Regional ••• District’s watershed via the Galloping Goose Trail. This section of the trail was flooded with the raising of the dam for the main water supply for Victoria. The regional district and the provincial government established a compensation fund for construction of a new trail. In December 2006, $1 million of the TCT Relocation Fund was released to the Capital Regional District (CRD) and the adjoining Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) for trail corridor acquisition and construction of this section. It will not be on rail grade but travel through the CRD's Sooke Hills Wilderness Park Reserve and several other publicly and privately held parcels of land. A gateway to the trail will be built on the site of an abandoned reservoir. The new link of the TCT will pass through an already existing CRD park wilderness area Part of the new Trans Canada Trail will follow an old forestry road. where new trail will be constructed to Photos courtesy of the Capital Regional District (CRD). meet up with an old seven-kilometre-long 5
  6. 6. Trail Society Reports Trail Talk: Vol. 12 No. 2 — April 2007 Trail Society Reports Vermilion Trail Society Slocan Valley Heritage Trail by Judy Short Society This year the Vermilion Trail Society of Princeton, by Rory Lindsay stewards of 113 kilometres of the Kettle Valley Railway The Slocan Valley Rail Trail provides an amazing right-of-way/Trans Canada Trail between Osprey Lake hiking, biking or equestrian experience as the trail and Brookmere, has been active in maintaining and meanders alongside the scenic Slocan River and its upgrading the stretch of trail in our area. diverse flora and fauna. It passes by important The V.T.S. had a successful 2006 archaeological sites and places rich which included a second TCT in the history of the silver mining Challenge Event that was very well and lumber industries and the attended. We met with government Japanese Canadian internment. officials to discuss the situation The trail has a very gentle grade with off-road vehicles on the throughout and is suitable for rail-trail. They assured us they are children and seniors as well as the working on finding solutions. We seasoned trail user. Striking river also had a meeting with the vistas alternate with wetlands, Regional District of Okanagan forests and quaint pastoral Similkameen and it appears that sections. Periodically, the trail they may have an interest in managing the rail-trail. passes through one of the small Slocan Valley This would be very helpful as it would relieve our communities where a trail-user can take advantage of group of the sometimes overwhelming responsibility of a local restaurant, cappuccino bar, bakery or trail maintenance. convenience store. The northern terminus is the scenic In the late summer of 2006, in cooperation with the beachfront on beautiful Slocan Lake. Town of Princeton, the V.T.S. paved three kilometres The Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society manages the of the trail from the Tulameen River, through the 50 km long Slocan Valley Rail Trail under a community to the mouth of the Princeton Tunnel. This stewardship agreement with Tourism British Columbia. user-friendly surface is enjoyed by residents and With the help of a SICEA grant in 2004 - 2005, the tourists alike. Those in wheelchairs or pushing strollers former CPR rail line was converted into a world-class also appreciate the smooth travelling. Our group rail trail with construction of bridges, trailheads and would like to see the paving project extended to many kilometres of resurfacing. This spring, the include the area from the Tulameen River crossing east Society is finalizing a few construction items, but the to the Old Hedley Road crossing near the trail is up and running and being well used. Crescent Weyerhaeuser Mill. We are now trying hard to find Valley, Passmore, Winlaw, Lemon Creek and the funding to pave this section. Village of Slocan all have trailheads with parking and The V.T.S. is currently overseeing the completion of information kiosks to provide entry points. the Weyerhaeuser Roundhouse Kiosk. This structure is Contact: being constructed on the site of the connection of the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society K.V.R. and the Great Northern Railway and will be PO Box 22, Winlaw, BC V0G 2J0 completed in the spring of 2007. Finding funds to Tel: 250-355-2397 complete larger projects and repairing Mother Nature's 1-888-683-SVRT (7878) winter damage on the trail will keep our members Email: busy for the immediate future. Web: Contact: Judy Short VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Vermilion Trail Society Volunteers are needed across the PO Box 2104, Princeton, BC V0X 1W0 province. Contact to Email: offer your help. Web: 6
  7. 7. The Kinsol Trestle Debate Trail Talk: Vol. 12 No. 2 — April 2007 The Kinsol Trestle Debate - Rehabilitate or Rebuild? by Jeannette Klein By now everyone in Victoria and probably most of Vancouver Island knows about the Kinsol Trestle. It is 187m long and 38m high and is the largest remaining railway trestle in the British Commonwealth. It spans the Koksilah River on southern Vancouver Island and is part of the Trans Canada Trail. It certainly was not all that well known when I first started cycling the Trans Canada Trail on Vancouver Island in the early 1990s. (Yikes! The previous century!) We were cycling on the rail grade in Shawnigan Lake when we more or less happened upon it. This past summer the Ministry of Transportation announced that this now famous/infamous trestle was to be removed for safety reasons at a cost of $1.2 million. For those of us interested in the TCT it would mean the start of the process of building a A passenger train crossing the Kinsol Trestle in 1954. Photo taken by Elwood White. replica of the trestle, needed for crossing the Koksilah River. For the many supporters of maintaining the an attempt by the CVRD and MoT trestle, this was confirmation of to sway the public for demolition. their worst fears. Many letters, The Kinsol was completed in both pro and con, appeared in the 1921 with the last train making local papers. the crossing in 1979. In 1984 the On September 22 & 23, 2006 BC government began the Cowichan Valley Regional negotiations with CNR to acquire District (CVRD) Parks Department the right-of-way partly for a and the Ministry of recreational corridor. From that Transportation jointly hosted an time many attempts have been "open house" at the north side of made to rehabilitate it. Two the Kinsol. Along with attempts by arsonists have failed representatives from their to destroy it. Recently, the CVRD engineering consultants, they Parks Dept has applied for a attempted to demonstrate the LocalMotion grant of $1.6 million poor condition of this wooden to start the fund raising for structure. Over 300 people made rebuilding. the journey into the trestle site It's a grand site to see - the and viewed for themselves its curved wooden structure over a condition. The results of a survey very narrow steep gorge. I hope I taken were overwhelmingly in The Kinsol Trestle shows its age. get to cross it one way or another favor of rebuilding the Kinsol to Photo by George Klein. some day. look like the original. Those wanting to rehabilitate the trestle ••• subsequently commented that the open house was just 7
  8. 8. Back to Business Trail Talk: Vol. 12 No. 2 — April 2007 Renew Your Membership As we begin another year of work on the British Columbia portion of the Trans Canada Trail, we need your continued support and membership renewal. Application forms are available at Individual: $25 Group Member: $100 Business Associate: $100 Payment may be made by sending a cheque to the office or by paying on-line at Tax receipts will be issued for individual membership payments (as well as all donations). As you will read in the newsletter, there is progress being made in each of the regions across the province. Our dedicated volunteers continue to work with individual citizens, Trails BC member groups, local businesses and all three levels of Government in order to reach the goal of having the BC Trans Canada Trail navigable from Victoria to the Alberta border by 2010. With your help we can do it together! Trails BC 2006-2007 Board… President: Regional Directors: Rockies/East Kootenay: Provincial Office: Murphy Shewchuk Vancouver Island: Al Skucas Trails BC Vice President: Jeannette Klein Northeast: 315 – 1367 W. Broadway Léon Lebrun Southwest: Jack Gladysz Vancouver BC V6H 4A9 Treasurer: Léon Lebrun Jack Harder Directors-at-Large: Boundary: Tel: (604) 737 3188 Secretary: Ernie Hennig Ray Johnson Sue Burnham West Kootenay: Kelly Koome Email: Sjeng Derkx Larri Woodrow Web Site: Volunteers Essential for Trail Survival! Trails BC needs your expertise to continue the work requires several days of preparation – much of it in the of developing and maintaining the Trans Canada Trail form of administration and planning. across British Columbia. If you aren't able to swing a shovel, you may be able First, there is the obvious continuing field work to make an equally important contribution by assisting patrolling and maintaining the trail network and with all of the other tasks involved in the operation of ancillary facilities such as gates; fences; signage; and the Trans Canada Trail in British Columbia. trailhead structures. While this work is essential for the Please volunteer your services. safety and well-being of the trail user as well as the Please visit or email longevity of the system, the management of Trails BC to find out more about Trails BC and the various volunteer societies that coordinate and and the various regional groups and member societies. carry out this work is of equal importance. ••• The computer is as mighty as the shovel. While work parties can be fun, your help is also desperately needed for the day-to-day duties such as chairing meetings; serving on planning teams and SUPPORT TRAILS BC committees; fundraising and looking after the finances; MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS CAN editing and publishing newsletters; and designing and NOW BE PROCESSED ON-LINE AT: maintaining websites. Each day of field work often WWW.TRAILSBC.CA 8