Indianapolis Best Practices Andy Lutz


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Moving to the Next Level, November 20, 2013
Gateway Bike Plan Implementation Workshop

Session: Best Practices for Build-out and Maintenance

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Indianapolis Best Practices Andy Lutz

  1. 1. Indianapolis Best Practices Andy Lutz, PE Deputy Director of Engineering/Chief Engineer Department of Public Works
  2. 2. Brief History INDIANAPOLIS Consolidated City/County 400 square miles Population: 901,000 7,100 lane miles of roadway 2
  3. 3. Brief History INDIANAPOLIS 25 Council Districts 4 At-Large Councilors 16 Democratic/13 Republican Republican Mayor 3
  4. 4. Brief History • 2007 – < a mile of bike lanes that was in disrepair • Lafayette Road • 2008-Present – – – – – 80+ miles of on-street bike lanes 8 mile long Cultural Trail Indy Bike Hub (commuter station) Complete Streets Ordinance Bike Share Grand Opening (May 2014) 4
  5. 5. Bike Facilities 5
  6. 6. Economic Impact A prime example where economic impact has been positive is along the Monon Trail in Indianapolis. A study showed homes within a half-mile of the Monon Trail command a sales premium of $13,059. If this premium is applied to all 8,862 homes within this distance of the trail, then the total increase in property values in Marion County is $115.7 million. Source: Indiana Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, Indiana University-Purdue University, 2003 ( 6
  7. 7. Economic Impact Monon Trail has over one million users per year Other Communities: Weatherford Rail Trail (Dallas) 300,000 visitors $2 M generated annually Mineral Belt Trail (Leadville, CO) 19% increase in sales tax receipts Mountain Bay Trail (Brown Co, WI) 9% property value increase Source: Indiana Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, Indiana University-Purdue University, 2003 ( 7
  8. 8. Other Program Highlights Nationally Recognized Streets Policy Smart Growth America – The Complete Streets Policies of Indianapolis Ranked #1 Complete Best 2012 – Indianapolis Bike Share (B-Cycle) Kick Off in May 2014 25 Stations/300 Bikes $1 M CMAQ Grant Mayor Ballard - LAB Bicycle Friendly America Leadership Award November 2013 8
  9. 9. Planning Activities Indianapolis Bicycle Master Plan Indianapolis Complete Streets Policy Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee Complete Streets Advisory Committee MPO Multi Modal System Plan MPO Regional Pedestrian Plan MPO Regional Bike Plan MOST IMPORTANT……. 9
  10. 10. Maintenance • Street Sweeping Quarterly – Purchased Two Street Sweepers – 8’ and 4’ – Elgin and Temco • Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) • Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaisons • Standard Street Maintenance Activities (mill/fill, resurfacing, utility work, reconstruction, etc.) • Dedicated Ops Staff (ICT) • Staff Recommendations
  11. 11. Funding Federal TIGER, CMAQ, TAP, STP, SRTS, TE, RTP, DOE State Local/MPO – Planning Grants, Capital P3 – Public Private Partnerships Foundations – Lilly, Gene & Marilyn Glick, McKinney Family, Parks, Greenways, etc. EVERY DIME COUNTS!!
  12. 12. Budget RebuildIndy • Created an influx of $425 million dollars into our Capital Program since 2010 • Typical Capital Budget is $50 to $60 million including Federal Aid • Infrastructure Needs exceed $1.1 billion • Mayor’s Focus has been connectivity and modal options – Partnerships with IndyGo on sidewalk and bicycle projects
  13. 13. Capital Program Approach Every Project Considered for Complete Streets Elements Top Down Application Approach for On-Street • • • • • • Grade Separated Cycle Track At Grade Cycle Track Protected Bike Lane Buffered Bike Lane Bike Lane Share The Road **We avoid Sharrows and Diamonds unless absolutely necessary
  14. 14. Lessons Learned • Must Have a Champion (Mayor, CCC, Foundation, etc.) • Low Hanging Fruit – Take the quick and easy win……provides a baseline – There are no islands!!!! • Open about learning curve – We are not recreating the wheel – It is a standard • Establish a Grass Roots Advisory Group – Feedback is critical • Education, education, education……outreach, outreach, outreach – Events, Ground Breakings, Ribbon Cuttings, Press Events, Open Houses, Neighborhood Meetings, etc…
  15. 15. Lessons Learned DON’Ts
  16. 16. Polar Bear Pedal – Jan 4
  17. 17. Mayor’s Bike Ride – Week in June st 1
  18. 18. Questions/Comments