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Cadillac Traffic Ticket Promotion


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This is an example of a special Marketing and Sales promotion for companies looking to increase traffic to their location and event. This innovative approach allows everyone to win while attracting business at the cost of what a typical mailer would cost.

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Cadillac Traffic Ticket Promotion

  2. 2. Service Traffic Building Solution Imagine if… You just ran a promotion expecting 16,000 customers and 178,500 showed up! Attract Customers • Increase Sales • Improve Profit
  4. 4. Innovative Marketing Tool  Drive customers into service centers  Increase sales  Improve brand awareness at point-of-sale  Acquire, retain and cross-sell customers  Sell product/brand, launch new products/services, seasonal promotions  Effective anywhere you need to drive customer traffic
  5. 5. Overview • The TrafficTickets System is your Ticket to the Highest Traffic levels You Can Imagine! • It’s NOT a Scratch-Off, It’s NOT a Match-n-Win…It’s Interactive Consumer Promotion Technology. • Tell Consumers electronically, visually what they’ve won -- but only after they come to your service center!
  6. 6. How It Works 1. Everyone’s a winner 3. Traffic Tickets™ are distributed to consumers through direct mail and newspaper insert or handed to consumers in-store and at marketing events 5. Customer has to come into the service center to find the sponsor’s POS display to insert their game ticket and see what premium/prize/discount they’ve won 7. The game piece activates a light on the display which indicates which one of the five premiums/prizes/discounts they’ve won 9. Turnkey service includes premiums, production, distribution and fulfillment.
  7. 7. Features & Benefits • Response Rates are an Incredible : High Frequent Visit i.e. Grocery Stores ( 10%-35%), Medium Frequent Visit i.e. Banks (10%-15%) or Low Frequent Visit i.e. Auto Dealers ( 2%-5%) • VALUE. Consider you have to mail only one time to get these response rate while old worn out tactics like flat mailers, scratch off type promotions you will have to mail 5 to 10 times more to get he same results. • SATISFACTION. More than 95% of those who have used the TrafficTickets System say they will use it again and are Extremely Satisfied with their Results. • Compare. To Scratch Off Promotions 1%-3% or FSI’s 1%
  8. 8. Applications • Individual Location Program (Shopping/Dining/Banking/Hotels/Dealerships) • Multiple Chain Program (Multiple Locations Same Brand) • Single Location Program (Same Location Multiple Brands) • Trade Shows and Tabletop Shows (Single Company or Full Trade Show) • Open House/New Product Introductions (Attract To Your Location) • Seminar or Event Attendance (Excite and Reward Attendees) • Golf Tournaments • Real Estate Promotions TrafficTicketsTM fills the need that business • Appointment Generations has had forever ….. • Endless Possibilities! ATTRACT ATTENTION AND DRIVE TRAFFIC
  9. 9. Falls GM • Falls GM was looking to increase dealership traffic/sales during their usually slow time of the year. • All of our proprietary elements were used to make it a real success. We mailed 10,000 pieces to a radius around the dealership. The list was rented with specific profiles. That list was blended with their customer lists. Top prizes were insured. • Results: 3% + RESPONSE • 37 Units SOLD • 300+ “Ups” National Average for typical run-of-the-mill programs: . 05% Response • TrafficTickets can get up to 6 times the response of outdated old programs
  10. 10. BMW Motorrad USA Objective Drive customers into the stores Strategy Traffic Tickets™ were inserted in newspapers & mailed to surrounding areas with a Sweepstakes give away of a motorcycle Results This promotion generated 3 times the number of consumers as their previous program!
  11. 11. AmSouth Bank Objective New customer acquisition Strategy Direct mail campaign. Traffic Tickets™ were mailed to 800,000 households surrounding 300 branches. Results Client was expecting a 2% response which was 16,000 people. This promotion actually drove 178,500 customers to the branches. Program resulted in high conversion rates and this bank set a new record for most new accounts opened during any 6-week promotional period.
  12. 12. Target • Used to introduce Target guests to their new Guest Cards, and increase awareness and participation in their ‘Treat Seats’ program • TrafficTickets Game Pieces were handed out at select store locations when a patron entered the store • Asked to complete a ‘short form’ Credit Application and get the chance to see what they’ve won • This promotion generated 3 times the number of applicants as their previous ‘personal greeter’ program!
  13. 13. TrafficTickets™
  14. 14. Premiums 1 - $5,000 Cash Prize Winners of 1st – 4th prizes are entered and eligible to participate in a second chance drawing for the Grand prize. 4 % of recipients have the opportunity to win. 3 % of recipients have the opportunity to win. 90% of recipients have the opportunity to win. 3 % of recipients have the opportunity to win.
  15. 15. Pricing • Each program is quoted individually, based on premiums, printing & design specifications. Details needed for Pricing: – Size of printed piece – Number of colors on each side – Scores & Folds – Breakdown of Prize Levels, quantity of each level and total quantity – Premiums & Incentive Choices – Number of different versions (if any - may be used to personalize for a number of different branches, etc.) – Seeding (mixing in of the winning tickets) – Shipping Information & Production Time – Copy writing – Graphics – Legal – Fulfillment – Project Management
  16. 16. Thank You! For more information about the program, please contact: Clear Thinking LLC Office Locations: 950 Boardwalk, Suite 305 Carlsbad, CA San Marcos, CA 92078 Escondido, CA Phone: (760) 494-0412 Reno, NV Toll Free (800) 583-9187 San Jose, CA Fax (760) 454-2483 El Dorado Hills, CA Scottsdale, AZ