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How to Get 10x Traffic and Backlinks from Every Article!


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Discover how I get thousands of visitors from all over the web and hundreds of backlinks each month, spending VERY LITTLE time/money writing articles!

How to Get 10x Traffic and Backlinks from Every Article!

  1. 1. The 10X Traffic Method for Massive Exposure!!! Brought to you by: Free Google Traffic Videos Discover CONVERSION MARKETING The Art of Taking One Article And Multiplying Its Value Times Ten
  2. 2. What is Conversion Marketing? • Essentially it is getting x10 the value from every piece of content you produce. • Start with one well written article, about 300- 500 words in length, targeting a specific keyword… • With this one article we CONVERT it into 10 different forms, and each will be submitted to drive traffic and backlinks. What are the conversion forms? Read on…
  3. 3. Create 1 Quality Article •Create one 300-500 word article. •Target one keyword. Example: “10 New Ways to Lose Weight Fast” •Do this yourself or hire a freelancer at any of the various e-job websites: getafreelancer or elance. TIP: Article that have numbers “5 Tips, 6 Ways…” or use celeb names work well.
  4. 4. Submit to Top 20 Article Directories List of Top 20 Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Dashboard, Article Maniac, Web Articles, Article Biz, Content Articles, Side Road, BPUBs, Buzzle, Article City, Advogato, Easy Articles…
  5. 5. Convert article to Podcast and submit to podcast directories. • Use,, or to Convert Blogs to Podcasts. Podcast Directories: iTunes, Yahoo! Podcasts, Digg, PodcastsDirectory, Odeo, Podcas t Alley,, PodcastPickle, Podfeed, Digita l Podcast, Podanza, Podcast Blaster, Blogtalkradio
  6. 6. Convert to Press Release. • Next, you need to rework your article into a press release. Press releases are created in a specific format. Go here for specific guidelines... • s.php#format CONTINUED ON NEXT SLIDE…
  7. 7. Submit Press Release Once you have reworked your article into a press release, you'll need to submit it to the top Press release submission websites. Or, you can automate the process by using the PRWeb Direct Press Release Newswire and pay to have your press release submitted. Here's a list to submit your press releases for free: • marketing-discussionforum/10177-how-get- more-traffic.html
  8. 8. Convert your article into a step-by-step tutorial Submit to sites like: • • • •
  9. 9. Convert article to PowerPoint Presentation Submit to places like: • • •
  10. 10. Convert Article to Video Submit to the top video sharing sites like: • YouTube. Revver, Google Video, • MSN Video, Yahoo Video, MySpace, • Vimeo, Blip.TV, Atom, Metacafe • Viddler, Veoh, vSocial, Facebook • Photobucket, Sumo.TV, Streamocracy • DailyMotion, Flurl, Sclippo
  11. 11. Convert to PDF Submit to places like: • Scribd, FreeIQ. eSnips, DocStoc • Calameo, Issuu, Yudu •
  12. 12. Convert Articles into Widgets • A widget is a mini Internet application that can be easily placed into web pages, Facebook profiles, Myspace pages, start pages, and more. • But don't worry if you don't know how to program. • You can instantly turn your blog into a widget at Continued on next page…
  13. 13. Promote Your Widget Submit Your Widget To the Following Places: • Google Widget Directory, Yahoo Widgets • Friendster Widget Directory, WidgetBox • SpringWidgets, Widget Gallery • Snipperoo Widget Directory, RateitAll Widgets • Netvibes Widget Diretory, Widgepedia • Xanga Widget Directory
  14. 14. Create and Submit RSS feeds • And finally, you will combine your article, video, podcast, press release, powerpoint presentation, and widgets into customized RSS feeds that will then be submitted to the top RSS directories. • This ensures that all of your content gets indexed in Google. Plus, your building hundreds of extra backlinks into your website. Continued on next page…
  15. 15. Submit RSS Feeds 1) Post article to Squidoo, Google Knol, HubPages, EzineArticles,, ,, Tumblr, Weebly, Terapad, WetPaint, PbWiki, Wiki spaces, and WikiDot. 2) Grab the RSS feed for each site submit. If a site doesn't automatically create an RSS feed for you, then use to create one. 3) Once you have gathered all of your RSS feeds, you can use a service called RSSMix to combine all of your feeds into one, unique feed. 4) Submit this ‘one BIG feed’ to all the different RSS directories
  16. 16. Submit RSS Feeds Submit to: • Feedage, Syndic8, Jordo Media, • 2RSS, RSSMicro, Feed for All, RSSfeeds, • Blogdigger, Feeds4all, Icerocket, Octora, • RSSMotron, UncleFeed, Technorati, BadRss • FeedRaider, Feedburner
  17. 17. Conclusion • The key here is taking ONE QUALITY ARTICLE and milking its value x10. • This is called CONVERSION marketing • Want to Discover My Secret Source for Grabbing Front Page Google Rankings Within 24 Hours?