HVAC Training Oil And Gas 2012


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Tradewinds Engineering Ltd provide a complete range of refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC courses for the marine, offshore and Oil & Gas Industry.

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HVAC Training Oil And Gas 2012

  1. 1. has . ce t ten ortan e p p C om re im in g & n mo rain r beeT e v ne Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Training Courses 2012 Oil & Gas Industry Training Specialists“Extremely good knowledge that “One of the most thorough and “Extremely helpful and deliveredis clearly born out of experience complete courses I have ever done. at our premises to reduceand backed up by excellent Good mix of practical and theory downtime. Very thoroughtheoretical skills. with a very good teacher.” training and worked well withTradewinds provided excellent different abilities in the class”.training both at basic andadvanced level.” Professional training delivered at your premises. www.tradewindsgroup.co.uk
  2. 2. BRAZING & PIPEWORK – 1 or 2 DAYSFor Engineers who need to learn how to braze copper to Course Content copper and dissimilar metals to industry standards. This • Safety knowledge of Oxygen and Acetylenecourse can also be used to demonstrate competence at • Control of Substances Hazardous to Healthbrazing to British Refrigeration Association Standards. RegulationsTwo course levels are available: • Material Safety Data Sheets - MSDSLevel 2 – Up to 7/8 (Under 10kw) Commercial • Approved Codes of PracticeLevel 3 – Up to 1 3/8 (Above 10Kw) Industrial • Permit-to-Work: Hot Works, Confined Space • Transportation of Gas Cylinder RegulationsWHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? • Working in confined spaces • Types of gases used for brazing; What the law says1 Day Course • Combustible & Toxic substances – Mustard GasEngineers who already know how to braze safely but • Storage and handling of Oxy-acetylene equipmentneed a certificate to prove their competence. Or small • Personal Protective Equipmentgroups with basic brazing experience. • Fluxes and filler materials2 Day Course • The Brazing processEngineers new to brazing or larger groups. (includes all copper, gas, equipment and study notes)   1 Day or 2 Day C&G 2079 - F GAS – SAFE HANDLING OF REFRIGERANTS – 2, 3 or 5 DAYSWith the introduction of the Fluorinated Greenhouse GasesRegulations 2009, it is an offence for anyone in the UK to Course Content  • Basic systems, terms, principles, units and how thesework with refrigerants without holding the correct qualification. relate to thermodynamics of vapour compressionThis applies to all engineers working with refrigeration, air cycles and refrigerantsconditioning and heat pump equipment. • Global warming and climate changeUpon successful completion of the theory & practical • Causes and effects of ozone depletionassessments, you will be issued a City & Guilds certificate. • System components, functions and leakage risk • Hazards and safe working practicesWHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? • Fabricate and examine pipe work • Pressure testing, evacuation and record keeping2 Day Course • Refrigerant charging, leak checking and recordExperienced engineers and smaller groups. keeping3 Day Course • Recovery of refrigerant and oilExperienced engineers or larger groups. • Hazardous waste disposal5 Day CourseLess experienced engineers and technicians changing trades.  (includes all copper, gas, equipment and study notes)   2 Day, 3 Day or 5 DaySPLIT AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATION - 5 DAYS A course designed to get you started in the air Course Content  conditioning industry. Assuming you are new to the trade, • Basic heat load calculations this course will teach you how to install a split type air • Types of systems conditioning system and will have you confident as an • Global warming and climate change installation engineer by the end of the course. • Causes and effects of ozone depletion • System components, functions and leakage risk WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? • Hazards and safe working practices • Fabricate and examine pipe work 5 Day Course • Pressure testing & evacuation For anyone who wants to become an installation engineer. • Refrigerant charging, leak checking and record Perfect for anyone who wants to become self employed. keeping 5 Day - Includes a brazing and C&G 2079 Cat 2 certificate
  3. 3. BASIC REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING – 1, 3 or 5 DAYSThis course looks at everything from the basic vapour Course Content compression cycle, through to repairs, basic commissioning and • Regulationscodes of practice. • Global Warming & Climate Change • Ozone DepletionIf you are new to the industry you should start here! • Thermodynamics • System ComponentsWHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? • Health & Safety of Refrigerants • Basic Electrics1 Day Course • Brazing PrinciplesService Managers, HSE Managers and Project Engineers who • Fabricationare office based and require fast track course in Refrigeration and • Pressure TestingAir Conditioning principles. • System Evacuation & Record Keeping • Charging Refrigerant3 Day Course • Leak CheckingFor engineers who already have the F Gas qualification but would • Commissioninglike more in depth theory and practical training. You may only • Refrigerant & Oil Recoveryhave experience in air conditioning installation but would like to • Hazardous Waste Disposalgain knowledge on refrigeration systems.5 Day CourseDesigned for electricians, plumbers, mechanical and marine engineers looking to change trades or upskill. Thiscourse includes a brazing certificate from the British Refrigeration Association and the C&G2079 F Gas qualification. (includes all copper, gas, equipment and study notes) 1 Day, 3 Day or 5 Day (includes brazing & F Gas certificates)SERVICE, MAINTENANCE & TROUBLESHOOTING – 1 or 3 DAYThis course covers the principles of service, Course Content maintenance & troubleshooting of refrigeration and air EnERgy EFFICIEnCyconditioning systems. It is based on the “Guide to good • Maintenance & Schedulescommercial refrigeration practice” which was written • Assessment of Workby the British Refrigeration Association and Institute ofRefrigeration. SERVICE (SySTEM BREAKDOWnS) • Observation & CheckingWHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? • F Gas Regulations and other considerations1 Day Course REFRIgERATIOn SySTEM FAULTSTheory only essentials for engineers looking to improve • Common faults, causes and repairstheir knowledge in service and troubleshooting. • Compressor won’t start • Suction pressure high & low3 Day Course • Discharge pressure high & lowFor engineers who already have the F Gas • Compressor short cyclingqualification but would like more in depththeory and practical training. PERSOnAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMEnT (PPE), RISK  ASSESSMEnTS, PROCEDURES, SCHEDULES, This will refine your skills and make you more TOOLSefficient out in the field. • Model risk Assessments and task Procedures • Typical Refrigeration maintenance schedulesDid you know that all refrigeration faults fall into 8 cat- • Cabinet Maintenanceegories? • Coolroom Maintenance • Pack MaintenanceOnce you learn this trouble shooting technique you will • Personal Protective Equipmenteasily diagnose faults in the fiield.   1 Day or 3 Day - (Theory & Practical)
  4. 4. COMMISSIONING – 1 DAY This course covers the principles of commissioning Course Content  refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It is based on PREPARATIOn FOR COMMISSIOnIng the “Guide to good commercial refrigeration practice” which was written by the British Refrigeration Association InITIAL CHECKS and Institute of Refrigeration. • General & plant survey checks • Mechanical Checks & Initial Startup WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? • Electrical Checks 1 Day Course HAnDOVER AnD DOCUMEnTATIOn For engineers looking to improve their commissioning • System Labelling skills. SUMMARy CHECKLISTS • Typical Commissioning Check List • Coldstores • Cabinets • Packs & Condensing Units OPERATIOnAL CHECKS • Product & Cold Space Conditions • Evaporator & Expansion Valve Operation • Air & Water Cooled Condensers • System Control Valves • Capacity control • Defrost Systems • Refrigerant Leak Tightness Tests • Leak Detection Systems • Performance Testing   1 Day (Theory only)HEALTH & SAFETY - skills matrixDoes your business meet its obligations under the Health & CoursesSafety At Work Act by providing the necessary training and • Electrical Safety - Lockout Tagoutsafe working practices for all of your employees? Do your • Working at Heightssub-contractors have the necessary skills to work safely on • Fire Awarenessyour projects? • First Aid & Welfare • Hand & Power ToolsIf not, then Tradewinds has the solution for you. We have • Hazardous Substancesa range of Health & Safety short courses specific to the • Hazardous EnvironmentsHVACR Industry and can set up a complete training program • Manual Handlingfor you. Short, sharp and to the point, these safety modules • Office Safetyare essential to any business working the UK. • Personal Protective Equipment • Safety Basics & InductionWHO ARE THESE COURSES FOR? • WeldingNew empolyees, sub-contractors & labourers who needto learn basic safe working practices.Mobile training at your premises How to book: Call our Training School enquiry desk on: 0845 387 6387 E-mail: info@tradewindsgroup.co.uk www.tradewindsgroup.co.uk