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  1. 1. T raderSeptember 2010 Alicante - Valencia - Castellon - Tarragona - Barcelona • Tel 902733622 FREE! 1 Inland & Coastal Authorised Dealer SOUTH EDITION - SEPTEMBER 2010 Issue 143 Tel 902733633 Want to save Money? See page 2 Buying and selling stuff at .com FIREWOOD PARRA Valencia province ablaze Be ready for Winter 2010-2011 FLAMES are licking almost every corner of the prov- Buy the logs now ince of Valencia as forest fires that started early this week continue to burn with a vengeance. Thought Tel 962246486 696320315 to be the work of arsonists, the inferno sweeping across the south of the province shows no signs of abating and has led to smoke-clouded skies within a 30-kilometre radius of each of the focal points ofFORMER UK MARSHALLS the fires. The worst to date have been two fires that started almost simultaneously in Bocairent and On- REGISTERED CONTRACTOR tinyent. All homes outside the main hub of the town All aspects of building work and in Ontinyent were evacuated on Monday night, with many people’s houses just inches from the flames. hard landscaping The blaze looked set to destroy everything their oc- Certificates & Portfolio availbale cupants owned, but the wind changed in the earlyTel Gary 962728195 678946301 hours of Tuesday morning, giving them a temporary reprieve. Further south, Simat de la Valldigna has turned into a raging inferno with a massive column The Magpies Is under new ownership. of smoke blocking out the sun, and even the flames David & Carol Welcome being visible from as far away as Oliva, at a dis- New & Old Customers tance of over 30 kilometres. Throughout the whole of Gandia, the sky resembled a dark and stormy See main advert on page 9 night from mid-afternoon onwards on Tuesday due to the sheer volume of smoke. Inland towns and vil- lages between Gandia, Ontinyent and Alfafara are literally surrounded by a wall of fire. Over 500 mem- bers of the military, as well as over 30 helicopters and hydroplanes from as far away as Castilla-La Mancha, Murcia and Catalunya have been brought Primark opens two more stores in Spain in to bring the flames under control. Emergency services have been working tirelessly and putting their lives at risk since Monday, and at the time PRIMARK opened for the Zaragoza, Jerez, Algeciras Belgium, and employs ove of going to press the flames continued to sweep first time in Castellón on and Barcelona. 30,000 people. across the province. Friday – the 17th branch Created in Dublin in 1969, This year, it won the Shop Report & Photo By Samantha Kett expat insurance agency in Spain and the second in Primark chose Spain as Design of the Year award the Comunidad Valencia- its first destination when for its branch in Bristol na after the one in Elche’s it decided to go global in and Retailer of the Year in L’Aljub shopping centre. 2006 after first winning the Retail Week Awards. In addition to Castel- the hearts of customers The new Castellón store, See our advert on page 3 lón and Elche, the Irish all over Ireland and the in the La Salera shopping budget clothing chain has UK. centre, has created 153 stores in Madrid, Mur- It also has stores in Portu- new jobs. cia, A Coruña, Asturias, gal, Holland, Germany and Carboot Rastro BRI T I S H OPEN ALL YEAR OWNED C AMPINGIncrease your chances of winning a share of Euromillions jackpot by El Vergel Safari Park BAR 3.600% Every Saturday R E S TAU R A N T OP E N T until the end of Septmber PUBLIC Sheila’s popular Carboot has been PITCHES FROM 2000€ A YEAR forcibly closed down as from the end of 3 MONTH SPECIAL 795€. September. Negotiations are in process & great wines, great prices for a new location ready for October. CHIPS Plans include more Carboot days and CTRA.N-340 KM.1046 12580 BENICARLO KARAOKE Trader special offer! regular live music. Watch this space. Call 630949816 CASTELLON Tel 964470871 etc... Tel 977 426 419 Tel 962 728 066, Mobile 637 185 746. Spanish: 663 562 877 . Ref 4024, in Villar del Arzobispo, Three spacious bedrooms, one Lounge, one big Kitchen, new fitted in bathroom, Terrace, Pool. Full solar system & generator, Big water Deposit.Beautiful views, ready to move in. 2772 plot, 105m2 Living Space. .............................Price 99,950€ Ref 4069, in Casinos .Two bedrooms , one Bathroom, Lounge with fireplace, Kitchen, Paellero, Garage. Easy to fit a swimming pool in. Solar system and generator backup, and very large water deposit. Plot size is 2,286m2, Living space 85m2. ............... Price: 89,000€ Ref 3968, in Pedralba. Fully modernized, ready to move in villa. 3 double bedrooms, Kitchen , Lounge, 1 bathroom, terrace. 2500m2 plot and 110 m2 living space. Mains water, full solar Email: system & generator electric...................................................................... Price: 89,000euros
  2. 2. 2 EMAIL: • Tel 902733622 September 2010 LEADING SURGEON REVEALS HOW The Euro Stress Tests … the real results VANESSA FELTZ’S Back in July, 91 of Europe’s largest banks the Bank to resume a hike in official rates DECISION TO HAVE GASTRIC BAND SURGERY OVERSEAS were required to disclose how much govern- ment liability from European countries they later this year. Also this morning, Australia’s Labour Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, finally WAS ‘GREETED WITH DISMAY’ BY OBESITY SPECIALISTS held on their balance sheets. Regulators said the data showed banks’ total holdings secured the support of two key Independent MPs which enable her to form a working Gov- of that debt as of March 31st. At the time, ernment with a majority of 2 over the opposi-In an interview with in Britain. anything go wrong,” and doctors who just worries about the Banks’ government-debt tion party.Jenni Murray and “The only potential he adds. don’t have the spe- holdings were fanning fears about the health All positive news for the currency going for-Vanessa Feltz broad- advantage of health cialist knowledge of Europe’s banking system as a whole. Re- ward. Also this morning, the Reserve Bankcast on BBC Radio tourism is that, on the and training to deal lease of the bank data was considered the “10 to 15% of gastric of Australia announced unchanged rates4’s Woman’s Hour, face of it, surgery in with them. main benefit of the stress tests, which were band patients will for the Aussie Dollar, but signalled that it isa senior bariatric Europe would appear widely criticized as being lenient overall, but eventually run into maintaining its tightening bias. Sterling has(weight loss) surgeon to be a bit cheaper. taken as showing that the exposures were problems that will “By the time you picked up this morning following its ‘acrossdescribed how Feltz’s However, once the not as widespread and extreme as had been require further cor- factor in aftercare the board’ dip yesterday. Rumour had it thatdecision to have her cost of proper after- feared. According to an article in today’s Wall rective surgery. You payments, for less the currency’s fall was on the back of a UKgastric band surgery care is added in, the Street Journal, “An examination of the banks’ need a team that is than £1000 patients Clearer buying Euro/Sterling as part of theoverseas was greet- difference between disclosures indicates that some banks didn’t willing to be there for could get weight loss Government’s requirement to fund the Eu-ed with utter dismay Europe and the UK provide as comprehensive a picture of you 24/7 in the event surgery carried out ropean Agricultural Budget. This caused theby obesity special- often amounts to their government-debt holdings as regula- of an emergency, not at some of the best rate to rise up through the 100 day movingists. just a few hundred tors claimed. Some banks excluded certain just flying in and out centres in the UK by average thus cementing the move in thinMr David Kerrigan, pounds. of the country every highly experienced bonds, and many reduced the sums to ac- market trading. Today however, the currencywho advised the gov- “What really worries couple of weeks,” he surgeons offering count for “short” positions they held—facts bounced back assisted by the fall in the Euroernment on the NICE me is that people said. years of free unlim- that neither regulators nor most banks dis- but more on strong retail sales data from theobesity guidelines who opt for cut price ited follow-up close closed when the test results were published British Retail Consortium which showed aused today, said ‘a “Sometimes com- in late July”. surgery overseas are plications, such as to home at a medi- rise in sales volumes compared to the samecollective groan’ often unaware of just cal clinic staffed 24 Asian markets, starved of news or data input month last year. Talk of the demise of the UKwent up among the band slippage or how important medi- erosion, can set in hours a day.” following the US/Canadian Bank Holiday, Consumer seems greatly exaggerated.UK’s leading bariatric cally supervised af- seized upon this article and dumped the months - or even Other celebrities Today there is a raft of economic data global-clinics after Vanessa tercare is” he says. Euro - especially versus the Yen - on fears years - after the op- who have travelled ly but little of market importance other thanFeltz revealed that “They rarely receive that Eurozone Governments and Financial In- eration is performed. abroad for gastric German factory orders. Expectations are forshe had travelled to the post-op support stitutions would accordingly find it difficult to If picked up and band surgery include another strong number - not as strong as lastBelgium to have her that is so critical for raise new and renew maturing funding with dealt with promptly, Anne Diamond, who month but still indicating year-on-year growthband fitted. a safe and effective doubts returning over the health of the re- most of these prob- had a gastric band exceeding 20%. A good question is whetherAnd he urged pa- outcome. lems can be safely fitted in Belgium. gion’s finance. The Yen was the favoured re- a strong German economy in isolation withintients thinking of fol- “This is particularly treated by a bariat- cipient on the lack of mention of the strength Europe, propagating a strong Euro, is actu-lowing her example She described her of the currency in the statement from the vital with gastric ric surgeon without surgery as an ‘un- ally beneficial for the region… proceed with ex- bands, which are not the risk of losing the Bank of Japan which followed their deci- edifying failure’ be- sion to leave Japanese rates and QE levels report by Philip Ryantreme caution. a ‘magic cure’, but band. Do you really cause no arrange- on hold. The Central Bank now seems more The contents of this report are for information purposes“Here in the UK, simply a tool to aid want to be hundreds ments had been put only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or aleading bariatric clin- weight loss. Patients of miles and several confident of strong domestic growth, and the solicitation for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held re- in place to provide expectation is that lower unemployment and sponsible for any loss or damages arising from any actionics see a constant need to be shown hours away from your proper supervisionstream of patients how to use them surgeon if anything increasing inflationary pressures will prompt taken following consideration of this information. and band adjust-who have had com- properly - and that goes wrong? ments. To make mat-plications following training needs con- “It’s a question of ters worse, the bandgastric band surgery stant support and being able to pick up had also been put inabroad,” he said. “In reinforcement if theymost cases, thesecould have beenavoided if only they are to get a good, safe result.” the phone and talk to someone knowl- edgeable who can the wrong place and she later had to un- dergo a second gas- don’t get squeezed by thehad received thecritical aftercareneeded to ensure As David Kerrigan points out, buying a gastric band without put your mind at rest when you’re not sure that things are going tric band operation at a private clinic in England. banks on exchange proper follow-up is ‘a as they should, or get David Kerrigan isthey received not just bit like buying a new you sorted out quick-a good result, but a founder and medical Ferrari without an en- ly without you having director of Gravitas,safe one. gine in it’. “It’s likely to travel for hours to a pioneering, world“Five or six years ago to be an extremely see them if some- class network ofthere was a shortage expensive and disap- thing goes wrong. committed doctorsof well-trained gas- pointing experience,” “What makes mat- and surgeons whotric band surgeons he says. ters worse is that have helped trainin the UK so many “Patients who live in many of those who many of the UK’spatients opted to go the UK need to be do run into trouble bariatric (weight loss)overseas for treat- followed up in the after overseas band surgeons (www.gravi-ment. But these UK, preferably close treatment end up in this is simply no to where they live small private clinicslonger the case - we You can hear the full and with instant ac- or their local NHS interview here: www.have plenty of highly cess to the operat- A&E department be-skilled and experi- ing surgeon should ing treated by nurses console/b00t89g8enced surgeons here SELECTIVE ADVERTISING PAYS DEADLINE TO BOOK ADVERTISING SPACE For money Contact your Valencian region office to find out the safe and easy FOR THE OCTOBER ISSUE IS SEPTEMBER 24TH transfers or way to save money on your foreign exchange: Tel 902733622 Inland Trader – Coastal Trader CIF No. B97723308- regular payments 965745471 News : Samantha Kett - Arantxa Vidal- Printed by Imprime S.I.L.S.A : Tel 902733622. Email info@in- overseas - enjoy & quote ‘Inland Trader’ Inland Trader or email: Quote Ref DIPÓSITO LEGAL V-693-2006 Coastal Trader. DIPÓSITO LEGAL A-187-2.008 ´people who opt for cut price sur- our great rates! A04113The Publisher does not accept responisbility for gery overseas are often unawareany inacuracy nor non appearance of any ad-vertisment. The publisher sells space only. No of just how important medicallyresponsibility is held by the publisher for the con- supervised aftercare is” www.currenciesdirect.comtent of any advertising placed in this publication.
  3. 3. September 2010 • Tel 902733622 3 Mobile phone companies offer ‘poor service’ and ‘wrong information’MOBILE phone operators persistently about internet coverage abroad via mo- Yoigo, Vodafone, Euskaltel, Happy Móvil, Orange and Movistar all gave conflictinggive incorrect information to customers bile phone from every single company and confusing information, and some did not know the answers.and offer a poor service, says a leading except for R-Móvil, and all companiesconsumer association. besides Yoigo gave the wrong, confusingAccording to the OCU, some 12 per cent or simply no information about tariffs forof complaints it receives from the gener- internet use public relate to telephone companies, OCU also rang major operators, pretend-and 62 per cent of these concern mobile ing to be a client who had lost his or herphone firms. PIN number.For research purposes, staff at the OCU Very few asked for any further informa-called most of the main operators to ask tion besides the customer’s name andsimple questions. NIE or DNI number to check that they ac-One of these related to the cost of 902 tually had the phone’s legal owner on thenumbers and calls abroad from mobile telephone.phones. The consumer group says calls are notYoigo, Vodafone, Euskaltel, Happy Móvil, answered from start to finish by the same They are frequently passed to another as Orange, Carrefour, Simyo and Movis-Orange and Movistar all gave conflicting operator. department if they have more than one tar – the OCU workers were unable to getand confusing information, and some did Customers who call have to go through a question. through as they were cut off after reach-not know the answers. long list of options, which leads to a sec- In the case of some companies – such ing the end of the list of options.They also had incorrect information ond and then a third list.Apple opens stores RYANAIR has become Spain’s top airline Woman caughtin Barcelona and after its passenger numbers increased after holding upMadrid by 32 per cent this year. a bank with aAPPLE has opened its first-ever store in Barce- With 12.34 million customers, the Irish O’Leary predicts that the company will market will continue to expand. pean average. He also criticised kitchen knife.lona, in the La Maquinista shopping centre. cheap flight company have transported 22 O’Leary has also air-traffic control-It has a team of around 70 members of staff has surpassed state million passengers in hinted at a return lers, calling them The accused, 35, burst into the unnamedand sells over 100 iPads, iPhones, Macs and airline Iberia by more and out of Spain by to Valencia airport, ‘inefficient’, and was bank in Valencia carrying a rubbish bag and aiPods, which customers can practice on be- than half a million the end of this year. which is now only quoted as saying: knife designed for slicing Serrano ham.fore they buy. passengers. Now that the airline running a reduced “They sit on their fat Brandishing the knife at the staff, she is re-Customers can also take part in practical With average one- has opened up a schedule in contrast butts doing nothing ported to have shouted: “This is a hold-up!”workshops and one-to-one tuition, and also way ticket prices of base in Málaga and to its previous twice- when they should be But she left the premises empty-handed whenvisit the so-called Genius Bar to gain free 35 euros, travellers Barcelona – a city daily flights to Lon- working. employees refused to give her any money.technical assistance and assessment. will have saved a to- that sees 400 flights don Stansted, Rome “And they get enor- The day before, she is said to have pulledThroughout the year, Apple will offer free tal of 2,500 million a week land and take Ciampino and other mous and unjustifi- the same stunt in the city’s Abastos district,courses for youngsters to learn how to create euros by the end of off from its main air- European airports. able sums of money where a shopkeeper handed over the 85 eu-their own films and music. 2010 through using port, El Prat – and The airline boss to provide a service ros in the till, fearing for his safety.Some 150 million people have already vis- budget airlines rath- with Sevilla also on claims the cost of us- that others could give She was arrested this week on the C/ San José de Calasanz in Valencia.ited Apple shops this year in 11 countries: er than traditional the cards, the com- ing Spanish airports at half the price.” carriers. pany is confident is some 68 per cent The accused is said to have an existing crimi-the UK, the USA, Italy, Spain, Australia, nal record.Canada, Japan, China, Switzerland, Ger- Ryanair boss Michael that the Spanish higher than the Euro-many and France.Another Apple shop is due to open in Ma-drid this Saturday. PRIVATE expat insuranceyougency In your area, close to a PROPERTY Over 20 years of insurance experience SALES in Spain Great for buying and selling stuff Take a look if your buying Friendly and professional service Sellers try it out for Free Competitive and special rates Excellent products Our products ( available in English, German, Spanish) Motorcar or Motorcycles (Spanish & UK plated, maximum NCB ) Building and household protection (all risk cover, accidental damages, etc) • Life Insurance • Travel policy • Golfers • Health cover • Pet Plan • Civil liability • Shop/Office insurance • Pleasure boats • Pension Plans • Mortgage Protection Quick quotes without obligation Call us for professional advise: Karen: 667.054.853 (south) Manuela: 687.798.572 (north) Or send us an email: We will be pleased to assist you in English, German or Spanish
  4. 4. 4 EMAIL: • Tel 902733622 September 2010Exchange rate risk A TOTAL of 75 schools in the Comunidad Valenciana say they will increaseon repatriation opening hours to help working parents and offer more tuition.British people living in Spain assume thatSpanish banks operate in a similar way to the During the academic year that starts next A-levels). vate academies – and to ensure they areUK. This is not the case. week, 38 schools in the province of Valen- For infant schools, the extra lessons will better educated all round. In today’s current market place many people cia, 21 in Alicante and 16 in Castellón will involve additional tuition on reading and It is also aimed at cutting the numbers oflooking to sell a Spanish property will have take part in an experimental programme writing, whilst primary schools will con- pupils who leave school at 16 and do nothad to reduce the price of their property to that involves an extra hour’s class for in- centrate mainly on core subjects, music continue their formal able to negotiate a sale. With all the as- fant and primary schools and two hours and reading. Evening and Saturday classes and East-sociated costs and taxes that need to be for high schools and sixth forms. These extra hours could also be used to er and summer schools in addition topaid out, maximising the amount of pounds The extra time will be used to give reme- give training on leading a healthier life- mainstream compulsory education aresterling that you finally receive for your euros dial and reinforcement classes, mainly in style, and on sporting activities. extremely common in Spain, with theis vital. Clients need to be aware of two im- core subjects, foreign languages, profes- The aim is to provide extra education for majority of parents investing hundreds ofportant factors that can cost you dearly when sional and vocational training, and sub- children free of charge – a service that euros every month to send their childrenconverting your euros into pounds and mov- jects for Bachillerato (Spain’s answer to many parents struggle to pay for in pri- to after-school those funds out of Spain.Spanish bank chargesOnce your sale has been completed you will Day of the bike September 19th Mortgages set to risereceive a cheque from the Notary. ManySpanish banks will charge a fee based on VALENCIA’S Bicy- cle Day in aid of Real bridge on the Paseo de la Alame- Inglés in either Va- lencia or Castellón have been largely wiped out or can as Euribor is on the upthe value of this cheque to accept and clear UNICEF is expected da – alongside the – participants will easily be treated.the funds. They will then look to charge a fur- AFTER 21 months of monthly mortgage repay-ther percentage fee to send your funds out to be a huge suc- river Turia gardens have the chance to For third world chil- ments consistently falling, they are beginningof Spain. To put this into perspective, on an cess and a great – the bike rally is buy a UNICEF ted- dren, even com- to climb once again as the Euribor is startingamount of 150,000€, you could incur costs chance for people expected to attract dy bear. The cost mon childhood to rise. For this month, a variable-rate mort-of up to 1,200€ just to clear your cheque and to leave their cars around 10,000 of the teddy bear illnesses such as gage of 150,000 euros over a 25-year periodtransfer funds out of Spain. As most clients at home, enjoy the people, just as it will be enough to mumps, chicken with an average rate of 0.8 per cent above theclose their accounts when they leave Spain, fresh air and get has in previous provide life-saving pox and whoop- Euribor will now be 651 euros a month ratherthere is little room for negotiation. some exercise. years. vaccinations for ing cough can be than 645 euros. And the Eurozone’s interestExchange rate risk on repatriation Taking place on The 10-kilometre 22 children in the a death sentence rate is expected to continue to rise, with the Sunday, Septem- ride will be an ex- third world. due to the lack of price of money remaining at one per cent forThe agreed sale price of a property is often ber 19, to mark the cellent chance to In fact, all pro- proper medical fa- the foreseeable future. Economists do not ex-based on the amount of pounds sterling that pect to see a recurrence of the historic lowsthe seller hopes to receive, according to the following Tuesday’s see the whole of ceeds from the cilities available, in interest rates between summer 2009 andexchange rate at that time. However, a No- World Car-Free the city, including event will go to poor nutrition and spring 2010, a sign that the market is begin-tary / completion date can take place some Day, people from taking a spin round this cause, allow- living conditions, ning to pick up.The Euribor hit rock-bottom inweeks or even months after the contract of Valencia and sur- the Formula One ing the children’s and scarcity of March this year, falling to 1.215 per cent, butsale has been signed. This means that sell- rounding areas are Grand Prix street welfare arm of the clean drinking wa- at the close of August it stood at 1.421 perers run the risk of the exchange rate movingagainst them and thus reducing the amount being encouraged circuit. United Nations to ter. Valencia’s Bi- cent. But the Central Bank of Europe (BCE) to get the whole Along with the nom- inoculate kids in cycle Day is now in is not expected to increase interest rates byof pounds sterling that they receive. For ex- family out on two inal registratoin poorer countries its third year. much more until 2011.ample, with an exchange rate of 1.15, a salevalue of 150,000€ will give you £130,435. wheels. fee – which can against illnesses The Magpies Is under new ownership.Should this exchange rate rise to 1.18, a rise Starting at the El be paid at El Corte that, in the West,of just 3 cents, this would give a return of David & Carol Welcome£127,118 – a loss of £3,317. Trader Classifieds New & Old Customers See main advert on page 9Moneycorp offers a range of service that al-lows clients to lock into favourable exchange now onlinerates at the time of the signing of the con- upload for free with photostract, taking away the risk of the exchangerate moving against them in the future. In Ontinyent Rastromany cases we can also help to drastically Open Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 10am - 2pm To appear in print you must alsoreduce the bank fees leading to even greater Find us on the industrial estate, behindsavings. For more information on how Money- email the advert. the old Eroski opposite Mcdonaldscorp can help you to save hundreds of euroson your Spanish bank fees as well as helping Orders now being taken foryou get more pounds for your euros, contact Christmas goodsus on 902 887 243 English Shop Full Engli sh Breakfast Cafeteria Car repairs on all Makes and Models Books Cards 4,15 € Revision - Brakes Oil Leaks - Tracking Furniture, Spanish lessons Fridays - Shock asorbers . Replacement Batter- Clothes 10.30 - 12.30 5€ ies - Tinted glass - Car Music System Mobile phones Gold to buy and sell Hairdresser and Second Hand Cars for sale. much more Every Sun 11.00-1.00. Translation Machine, if you don’t Outside Spaces Available weather permitting speak Spanish. We have many Legal advice centre, (wills Spanish & satisfied English Customers. English) Last sunday of every month Av. Caballer Ximen De Tovia, 13- Xativa On Please Contact: Sue 669339248 the main road along from the Train Station or Gill 696709886 Tel 902 887 243
  5. 5. September 2010 • Tel 902733622 5IVA hikes and lack of incentives has made new car sales drop to an historic low. August, saw sales figures fell to of job security and public fund- were up by 17 per cent for non- those of 21 years ago. ing cuts, the average consumer rental companies, with firms buy- A total decrease of 23.8 per cent has far greater financial priorities ing more vehicles for use as com- on last year’s sales – with only than buying a new car – and the pany cars or for delivery use. 44,600 new car registrations drop in sales seen last month is Seat was the most popular brand – has caused confidence to plum- expected to continue for the rest last month, with 3,677 new cars met in the motor industry. of the year. registered, followed by Citroën Whilst the year-on-year figure still State funding cuts mean the previ- and Ford. shows an increase of 21.9 per ously-available Plan 2000E, which For the year as a whole, Seat, cent, with nearly three-quarters of made the cost of buying a new car Volkswagen and Peugeot have a million new registrations, sales more affordable, the motor indus- been the most popular. in August have been the worst try has lost around 600,000 sales since the end of the 1980s. in two years. With high unemployment, lack This said, corporate car sales Air-traffic controllers callFlat-rate mobile phoneplans are ‘dangerous’, Brazilian male prostitutes force-fed for their contracts to besays Vodafone boss cocaine and Viagra rescinded A GROUP of young Brazilian men duped into a week. AROUND 200 air-traffic controllers haveVODAFONE has called flat-rate unlimited-call travelling to Spain with promises of lucrative Their captors forced them to hand over half called for airport governing body, AENA, to re-plans ‘dangerous’ and ‘worrying’. work as models and dancers found them- their wages, in addition to 200 euros a week scind their contracts.During a mobile phone conference at selves forced into sex slavery, drugged and for their accommodation. They want to be compensated for the chang-Santander’s Menéndez y Pelayo University, locked up. They were also expected to pay back the costs es to their working conditions this February.Vodafone’s Spanish president – Francisco The boys were forced to consume Viagra and of bringing them over to Spain out of their Spokesman for the air-traffic controllers inRomán – said the company was ‘worried’ other illegal stimulant drugs so they could wages – sums that exceeded 4,000 euros. question, César Cabo, says the sector hasabout offering unlimited call times. continue to provide sexual services 24 hours National Police freed around 80 young men, been complaining about these conditions forHe said it is ‘impossible’ to stimulate demand a day. who had been flown into Spain via French and the last six months. This comes just after anwhen customers can talk as long as they like They were mostly from the Maranhao region Italian airports on flights paid for by the gang agreement was reached between AENA andfor a flat fee at any time of the day. in the northern Amazon part of Brazil, and using cloned credit cards. the unions in August, which included maxi-To this end, his opinion coincides with that of aged in their 20s. They had been placed in flats where clients mum annual hours of 1,670, and an averageTelefónica, although the latter has said it will Although the majority were offered jobs as would go to them for sex, or worked in broth- wage of 200,000 euros a year, to be reviewedcontinue to offer flat-rate call-plans despite dancers or models, a few were aware they els. in 2013. The first agreement signed by air-its reservations. would be working as prostitutes – but had no Around 14 people, including the ringleader traffic controllers was in 1999, and ran out in idea under what conditions. who was based in Palma de Mallorca, have 2004. Since then, it has been renewed pend- They had their passports confiscated and been arrested. ing new conditions being agreed. were kept prisoner in various flats, mostly in A number of women and transsexuals were It included average salaries of 375,000 euros Palma de Mallorca but also in Alicante, Barce- also exploited in the same way, and have a year and 1,200 working hours per year. lona, Madrid, and León. been set free. Some 1,900 air-traffic controllers work for The boys lived packed like sardines in tiny AENA. flats with poor sanitation and food, and were forced to take poppers, Viagra and cocaine to be able to work 24 hours a day, seven days For Total Peace of Mind Benificial Funeral Plans Pre-paid & Pre-planned homeandgardens Family owned British company offering LIVING you a full range of home, garden, maintenance and building services. From a name you can trust Our Services Include: Death is about the only thing you can feel absolutely confident is going to happen to you. As expatriates we probably have even more responsibility to ensure that we Building Building Swimming Tree Swimming Home For Sale have planned for it. If not, your family or dependants may find themselves in a very Work Work Pools Pools Surgery Services Items expensive and time consuming battle if your assets are to be passed on to them. Exterior Interior Even worse, you may put them in a position where they will have to pay thousands New Builds Renovations Kitchens Plumbing Building Crown Lifting Tree Felling Winter Check Sale Items of euros in funeral expenses, as well as the trial of dealing with an unfamiliar Septic Tanks Electrics Pools Re-tiling Pollarding Summer See Our system in a foreign language. It does not take much to prepare and although you Driveways Tiling Cleaning and Stump Check Website For Details may not directly benefit, your next of kin will certainly thank you. Stone Walls Fencing Interior Design Maintenance Removal Hedge Key Holding Service A Beneficial Funeral Plan buys the entire funeral package at today’s prices. You Cutting General then pay for it either at once, in euros or pounds or in a series of payments over Land Repairs time of your choosing. After it is paid for, you have NO further costs and the plan Clearance Gardening QUALIFIED BRITISH TRADESPEOPLE is in place until it is needed. Why delay, take the right action and contact us for a T: 96 55 31 330 M: 659 101 507 brochure or just to discuss your plans for the future. BENEFICIAL Fully Licensed Construction company Undertaking all aspects of building works. INSURANCE SERVICE A Proffesional service from start to finish SPAIN Business for sale. First class su- permarket and internet cafe. Ideal for a couple to run. For sale due to Telephone: 965791222 Mobile: 625 470 765 owners retirement. To include all stock. 60,000 euros. Ground floor 3 bed. apartment with private courtyard. Furnished. 79,000 euros Oliva 4th floor apartment, no lift, FOR OTHER INSURANCE NEEDS large with 4 beds. 69,000 euros. Monte Pego, Spectacular views, CONTACT US FOR A COMPETITIVE QUOTE reformed apartment, 95,000 euros. Oliva beach, 2 bed. ground floor • Medical Insurance • English & Spanish Vehicles apartment with parking. 91,000 e • Home & Contents on ALL RISKS • Travel • All Policies in English CALL US & SAVE MONEY Bella Vista, 3 bed villa with pool. Needs TLC. but great bargain. 176,000 euros. ASSA for health care and funeral expenses Beneficial Funeral Plans are NOT an insurance policy
  6. 6. 66 EMAIL: • Tel 902733622 September 2010 Your Horoscope for the month of September bY Annabel Burton Astrologer An Australian , an Irishman and a Scouser He reaches for the hand of the Irishman are in a bar. and shakes it, thanking him for the Guin- They’re staring at another man sitting on ness. When he lets go, the Irishman gives his own at a table in the corner. a cry of amazement: ‘My God! The arthritis I’ve had for 30 years is gone. It’s a miracle!’september for Aries The Sun in Virgo is practical and awakens your desire to be there for He’s so familiar, and not recognising him isother people. You are sometimes accused of putting yourself first, but not now. You have recently tried driving them mad. They stare and stare, Jesus then shakes the Aussie’s hand,different ways of expressing yourself and see that the idea of give and take is finely balanced. Make the until suddenly the Irishman twigs: ‘My thanking him for the lager.most of Mars, your ruler, spending time in Libra to give you a sense of balance and getting things just God, it’s Jesus!’ As he lets Go, the man’s eyes widen inright, certainly in terms of your closest relationship. It’s worth all the effort you put in. Find out more www. Sure enough, it is Jesus, nursing a pint. Thrilled, they send him over a pint of Guin- ‘Strewth mate, the bad back I’ve had all my ness, a pint of Fosters and a pint of bitter. life is completely gone! It’s A Miracle.’september for Taurus It’s not until later this month, when Venus enters your chart area ofrelationships, that you see what a benefit this can be and even more so if you are single. Mars the action Jesus accepts the drinks, smiles over at Jesus then approaches the Scouser whoplanet, is also there which makes September a sizzling time for love and romance. But don’t dismiss what the three men, and drinks the pints slowly, says, Back off, mate, I’m on disability ben-you can achieve with building good relationships on a professional level too. Find out what is needed and one after another. After he’s finished the to meet that need. You are happy with the more practical mood of the moment and like to see some- drinks, Jesus approaches the trio. From Nigecthing for what you have recently put in. Find out more www.AnnabelBurton.tvseptember for Gemini While you are actively involved in creative pursuits this month, you Police cordoned off Liverpool City The Mexican maid asked for a pay increase.can be frustrated by delays in an official capacity. Travel plans may also not go as well as you’d hoped The wife was very upset about this and de-earlier on but after the first few days, things are back on track. Using your natural skills to come up with Centre this morning when a suspicious object was discovered in a car. cided to talk to her about the raise.innovative solutions can stand you in good stead for the future. Others may seek to steal your thunder so It later turned out to be a tax disc. She asked: ‘Now Maria, why do you want adon’t be too modest! The Full Moon on the 23rd marks a time where a secret ambition is at last gaining pay increase?’ Maria: ‘Well, Senora, therestrength. Find out more From Nigec are tree reasons why I wan an increase.september for Cancer You are up and down emotionally and that’s because you are re- The first is that I iron better than you.’acting fairly strongly to events that are outside your control. It’s time to be a little more philosophical and Tired of constantly being broke & stuck in an Wife: ‘Who said you iron better than me?’accepting to save yourself unnecessary stress. In fact, the way you think can have a great impact on what unhappy marriage, a young husband decided Maria: ‘Jor husband say so.’ Wife: ‘Oh.’ Mar-you do. It’s not just about being positive either, but practical solutions to complex situations are not that to solve both problems by taking out a large ia: ‘The second reason is that I am a betterfar away. Team work and collaboration with others can bring enormous rewards, especially if you are doing insurance policy on his wife with himself as cook than you.’ Wife: ‘Nonsense, who saidsomething with a charity. Find out more the beneficiary, and then arranging to have you were a better cook than me?’ Maria: her killed. ‘Jor husband did.’ Wife: ‘Oh..’september for Leo Your social skills are getting a work out at the start of the month and A ‘friend of a friend’ put him in touch withVenus and Mars together can create just the right chemistry if you are in a new liaison. But the sun is in Maria: ‘The third reason is that I am better a nefarious dark-side underworld figure who at sex than you in bed.’sensible Virgo for the first three weeks, and although this doesn’t hold you back particularly, you are more went by the name of ‘Artie.’savvy than usual and a little less reckless. Take your time when it comes to making important decisions Wife: (really furious now) ‘Did my husband Artie then explained to the husband that say that as well?’regarding your finances, and wait till after the 12th before you make a major commitment that can have far his going price for snuffing out a spouse wasreaching effects for the future. Find out more £5,000. Maria: ‘No Senora...the gardener did.’september for Virgo You are more energetic and enthusiastic than usual and take the lead The husband said he was willing to pay that Wife: ‘So how much do you want?’when it comes to making decisions and starting new projects. You have the ability to put yourself over well amount, but that he wouldn’t have any cashin interviews and meetings and clear headed when you have to give advice and your opinions, either writ- on hand until he could collect his wife’s in- A doctor in Dublin wanted to get offten or spoken. Explore possibilities within public relations and connections with the media, and resolve to surance money. work and go fishing, so he approached hissort out an irksome financial situation once and for all. It takes discipline but you have that in abundance. Artie insisted on being paid at least some- assistantFind out more thing up front, so the man opened his wallet, “Murphy, I am going fishing tomorrow and displaying the single pound note that rested don’t want to close the clinic. I want youseptember for Libra Both Venus and Mars are working well in your sign, giving you a stun- inside. Artie sighed, rolled his eyes, & reluc- to take care of the clinic and take carening ability to get what you want in the easiest way possible. You wish it was always this simple! But don’t tantly agreed to accept the pound as down of all me patients”. “Yes, sir!” answersignore hard reality and the rule book while you’re at it and recognize what limits you. See this as a small payment for the dirty deed. Murphy.challenge rather than a major headache and provided you remain positive, you can easily make a differ-ence. Working behind the scenes means that you may not yet get the recognition you feel you deserve, but A few days later, Artie followed the man’s The doctor goes fishing and returns theyou certainly don’t go unnoticed! Find out more wife to the local Tesco store. There, he sur- following day and asks: “So,Murphy, how prised her in the produce department & pro- was your day?” Murphy told him that heseptember for Scorpio This month, both Venus and Mars enter your sign. Your personal ceeded to strangle her with his gloved hands took care of three patients. “The firstcharisma and magnetism go up in other people’s estimation and you find that others are only too willing & as the poor unsuspecting woman drew her one had a headache so he did, so I gaveto help out and be your friend. Your natural creativity can get channelled in a new direction and there is a last breath & slumped to the floor......... him Paracetamol.” “Bravo Murphy lad,possibility that what you do for love can be earning you money too. A change in career looks tempting but it The manager of the produce department and the second one?” asks the wise to wait until after the 12th before you make any rash decisions. The Moon is in your sign then and stumbled unexpectedly onto the murder “The second one had indigestion and Iyou should be able to tap into your heart’s desire. Find out more scene. Unwilling to leave any living witnesses gave him Gaviscon, so I did sir” says Mur- behind, ol’ Artie had no choice but to stran- phy.september for Sagittarius Although this is an excellent month in terms of your career gle the produce manager as well.direction and professional life, you are also getting to grips with how your personal ambitions fit into what is “Bravo, bravo! You’re good at this andpossible as far as your family is concerned. Jupiter your ruler, is back in emotional and intuitive Pisces and However, unknown to Artie, the entire what about the third one?” asks the doc- proceedings were captured by the hidden would be as well to go with your instincts plus your knowledge. If something feels right then it probably security cameras & observed by the store’s “Sir, I was sitting here and suddenly theis. Use this time to do what is right for you on a health and well being level too. The Sun in Virgo is about security guard, who immediately called the door flies open and a young gorgeoussystems and practicalities on a fundamental level. Find out more police. Artie was caught & arrested before woman bursts in so she does. Like a boltseptember for Capricorn While the Sun is in Virgo you find that the world seems to make he could even leave the store. outta the blue, she tears off her clothes,more sense and you are not dealing with so many mysteries and uncertainties. But that may be as a result Under intense questioning at the police sta- taking off everyting including her bra andof you taking charge, which you have been doing increasingly in recent months. The smallest changes can tion, Artie revealed the whole sordid plan, her panties and lies down on the table,make a massive difference and set your intentions about how ideally you would like things to be. Certainly, including his unusual financial arrangements and shouts: ‘HELP ME for the love of Stthe message that you send to your loved ones is clear enough. Connections with overseas can open up with the hapless husband who was also Patrick! For five years I have not seen anyyour world in intriguing ways. Find out more quickly arrested. man!’” The next day in the newspaper, the headline “Tunderin’ lard Jesus Murphy, what didseptember for Aquarius A little diversion is welcome and some kind escape is appealing. declared ... you do?” asks the doctor.Taking yourself off somewhere to spend some valuable downtime is preferable at the start of the monthand you really need time to go over different ideas to see where they lead. A change is coming but you are ‘ARTIE CHOKES 2 for £1.00 AT TESCO ‘ “I put drops in her eyes.”resistant to too much disruption. But there is likely to be less than you think, since a natural progression is From Alisia From Jennitaking place. News around your career is surprising and hopeful, and you could soon be doing somethingcompletely different. Find out more • My missus has just gone into hospital with two black eyes and a broken jaw.september for Pisces While Jupiter, planet of growth and opportunity, is back in your sign,you may find yourself returning to a place you though you had left once and for all. this can be on many dif- It seems we were on different wavelengths when she said she wanted deckingferent levels, but nothing is ever quite the same again. Meanwhile this month, Pluto, planet of change and on the patio.transformation goes forward once more after nearly six months. Important connections with other people • They reckon that Beer contains female hormones and I think they areare key to your next steps. One thing can lead to another and it is time to cultivate who you know as well aswhat you know. Find out more right. After 8 pints I talk a lot and can’t drive! From Jim © Copyright 21st Century, Annabel Burton web