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  1. 1. T rader December 2009 • 902733622 1 South Edition Free Monthly Newspaper - December 2009 Inland & Coastal Reaching the parts other papers don’t reach ...... Full edition available to download Est 2004 Issue 134 Tel 902733622 Now we can take over your line rental too! Landlines and Track Phones see main ad on page 7 Tel 902733633 Want to save Money? See page 10 Bag snatches are on the increase in all areas Cold snap and high winds hit the region Mortgages plummet as Euribor We urge you all to take a little more care to se- cure your bags whilst shopping. Also we have received several reports of attempted and TEMPERATURES plummeted on the Costa Azahar, Valencia province and Costa Blanca hits record low successful bag snatches in supermarket car parks. Normally, the culprits will distract you by innocently asking for the time or directions, as I on Sunday. NTEREST rates in the Eurozone fell for not now go up until 2011. you enter or leave your car. In the mean time Minimum temperatures in Vinaròs (Castellón) his assailant removes your valuables from your the ninth consecutive time last month, The European Central Bank (BCE) says car. Also, if you are travelling in a car and some fell to 5ºC, and to 6ºC in Pinoso (Alicante) and with the Euribor sitting at an historical it will start to gradually increase rates one tries to get you to pull over, by indicating 7ºC in Polinyà (Valencia). The cold-weather low of 1.231 per cent. there may be a problem with your car, please record for the region, however, was Castell- in the second half of 2010, although its drive on, (unless its the Guardia of course ) until fort (Castellón) where residents were shiver- This means the average variable-rate chairman, Jean-Claude Trichet, says it is you reach a petrol station or safe area to do so, ing in temperatures of just 1ºC. In addition mortgage will have come down by 240 too early yet to say Spain is out of the re- this is another common way to steal your valu- euros a month. A mortgage of 150,000 cession. ables. to near-freezing climes, wind-speeds reached around 71 kilometres per hour (in excess of 35 knots). Oliva residents suffered minor euros over 25 years is said to be the av- erage profile of a home loan in Spain, to But in spite of uncertainty and lack of FOR RENT SAX confidence in the financial markets damage to their homes when winds of up to which this figure will apply. across the continent, economists from Bar complete with 64 kilometres per hour swept the town, and Variable-rate mortgages in general will the BCE say they are not concerned that Restaurant , Seats 40 people living in Jávea (Alicante) and Manises (Valencia) did not fare much better with gusts fall by 160 euros a month per 100,000 mass inflation will follow. Fully Equiped, tastfully decorated, reaching 61 kilometres per hour. borrowed. In fact, the Euribor is now Investors, who are due to meet with the private terraces, suitable for exclu- a whopping three per cent lower than board of governors of the BCE this week sive wine bar / bistro The hottest places in the region on Sunday were Rojales (Alicante), where despite the the rate for November last year, when – as they do every month – are not ex- 35mins from Alicante, excellent wind, temperatures remained at around it stood at 4.35 per cent. Last July, the pecting any surprises and are confident quiet location nr shops & hotel. 16ºC, and in Oliva (Valencia), Jávea, and Vi- interest rate for the Eurozone – which af- that Trichet will send out a message for Tel 695191522 Spanish naròs, where the thermometers stayed at fects loan interest in all member states, them to stay calm. 666004371 English 15ºC for most of the day. But the wind-chill including Spain – reached a record high Book your Christmas Lunch with Santas Grotto Now Closed Mon Tues factor in all of these towns meant that for the at 5.393 per cent. first time this year, many people were having Sunday 20th December Curry Night Every Thurs Quiz Night Every Fri Its lowest-ever rate was this year in New year Live Music Xmas Eve, Santa’s Grotto 4.00 - 9.00 to don coats and scarves after enjoying late- March, when the Euribor fell to 1.909 per with NOMAD Raffle & Buffet Xmas Day Closed Open Boxing day 6.00 till Late spring weather just two days previously. cent. Economists say interest rates will 5 euros p.p Sunday Lunch 7,95€ - Choice of Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fresh Veg all the trimmings, Desert or Budget Sunday Lunch 4,95€ Calle los Sauces 10 Camp Lliria Spanish & English Menu Served all day everyday Lliria, Valencia Tel 962728208 Main meals, Snacks & Childrens Menu. Junction 33 of the CV 35 Pick-up & drop off Book with Gary Open Wed, Thurs,Fri 10,00am - Midnight Map & Directions 678946064 Sat -11am- till Late. .Sun 11am -10pm Carboot Rastro El Vergel Safari Park Every Saturday and Sunday Morning. FANTASTIC LOCATION. 10 MINS FROM OLIVA AND PEGO. OVER 100 STALLS Saturday Sunday Public: 9.30 - 1.30 Public: 9.00 - 15.00 Stall Holders Stall Holders from 7.30 from 7.00 Call 630949816 Call 649296041 For Saturdays For Sundays Email: Tel 962 728 066, Mobile 637 185 746. Spanish: 663 562 877 . Villa to be finished in Villar del Arzobsipo, two floors, 7 beds, 2 baths. 3000m2plot, 260m2built. Deposit water, electric has to be solar &/or genny. .....................................79,000€ .(Ref 3747) Beautiful 5 bedroomed villa in Villar del Arzobispo, recently reformed, spacious lounge, kitchen with diner, one bath, 5 double beds. Terraces, pool. Mains utilities. Great value. 135m2 living space, 1100m2 plot. .............................................................................145,000€ (Ref 4041). Property with potential in Villar del Arzobsipo, mains water and electric can be connected. Two building on one plot & pool. 3000m2 plot, 150m2+50m2 built. .......40,000€ .(Ref 3662) Trader North Edition Castellon, Tarragona, Barcelona from Secorbe to Sitges Trader South Edition Inland Valencia, Alicante & Coastal Towns Cullera to Denia
  2. 2. 2 EMAIL: • 902733622 December 2009 Expatriates Facing So What is the Impact of the Situation in Dubai ? By Currencies Direct the Abyss Improved flight Well so far, nobody is really sure. Given Despite markets starting to draw thing yet. Japanese data was weak this ing forward looking policies. He said IF BRITAIN GOES BUST By Mike Walsh that both Abu Dhabi their horns in for morning with in- that it is too early rights welcomed and the UAE Central Bank have quickly the run up to Christ- mas, there might dustrial production much weaker than to exit the UK’s cur- rent policy stance He is one of Britain most respected financial pundits, a former city banker whose inde- pendent company has a turnover of £80 mil- come forward to be just time for one expectations. The though he added by Which? assure markets of their support for the beleaguered Emir- more spate of trad- ing especially if the support for Dubai authorities need to conjure up some- thing - and quick. that there should always be time to talk about suit- lion a year. His prediction that Britain faces bankruptcy was recently thrown into the long grass. Following the EU judgement stating that ates State, then offered from the able plans. Sterling Given the implications of such an event this This morning’s UK was hardly surprising. James Palumbo has air passengers will now be compensated the financial impact UAE Central Bank data was also weak. starts the week however put his money where his mouth is by for delays of three hours or more, Ro- should be quite mi- is less rather than The November GfK as it finished last turning his sterling investments into cash. chelle Turner from Which? Holiday says: nor. Certainly, there more. This morn- consumer confi- week, on a softer Britain, running on a credit card has maxed “This is great news for air passengers. will be repercus- ing’s Dollar decline, dence index dete- note. There is plen- the plastic. As in the Weimar Republic money We hear all too often of people who are sions for Western on expectations of riorated steeply to ty of data this week is being hot-press printed to keep the banks delayed for hours at the airport, often lenders and there is a successful out- -17 from -13 in Oc- to keep markets in business. Don’t try this at home. Hundreds without any information about when no guarantee that come to the Dubai tober. The market interested starting of billions of pounds will somehow have to be their flight will finally leave, and are then Dubai’s ‘fairy god- World debt restruc- had been looking with some US data repaid before the bailiffs and police arrive. offered no compensation. mother’ will stand turing, looks a little for an improvement this afternoon. The Some say it couldn’t happen: Ask Iceland; behind its liabilities premature - look to -11. The UK’s CBI 1st major interest ask Dubai … who next? “This judgement means that consumers will now be compensated properly for carte-blanche but for a bounce of any warned of the possi- though, will be the DEVALUATION OR EURO? equity markets are contrary news. bility of double dip, result from this What would happen if Britain’s economic long and often frustrating delays, and viewing the situ- month’s Reserve not just when the airline takes the deci- Other weekend noting that service management is effectively removed from ation as contain- news was largely sector activity dete- Bank of Australia Threadneedle Street and Westminster? The sion to cancel a flight.” able. policy meeting, tak- painful remedies imposed by the Internation- centred on Japan riorated in th three Currently, if your flight is delayed the De- The potential prob- where intervention months through ing place in the ear- al Monetary Fund would be so severe that nied Boarding Regulation won’t enable lem is any growth in chatter continued to November, with ly hours of tomor- even the little Englanders, hostile to the Euro- you to receive compensation, but the air- row morning. Even pean Union, would scream for admission. concern over global reverberate around consumer service line does have an obligation to offer you Sovereign stability the markets and of- businesses seeing though the odds on The alternative could only be root and branch assistance if your delay is expected to go and the fact that ficials maintained activity well below the Central Bank reform on a Hitlerian scale that would effec- beyond a certain point. leaving rates as tively impose British interests first. Such a CDS spreads have their stance on the normal for the time radical restructuring would put Britain on lep- What you are currently entitled to: continued to widen current volatility in of year. Also, BDO, they are have short- er-like isolation similar to Ahmadinejad’s Iran Two free phone calls, faxes or e-mails; suggests that even foreign exchange the accountancy ened, I still think and Saddam’s Iraq. It would be unthinkable. and free meals and refreshments appro- though things look rates. Fujii has de- group, suggested that a combination Iceland needed only a $6 billion bail-out from priate to the delay calm on the sur- nied saying that he the BoE’s forecasts of continuing strong the IMF. Dubai’s meltdown has been esti- face, there is a lot wouldn’t intervene were too optimistic data releases from mated between £48 and £90 billion. For an free hotel accommodation and hotel both Down Under transfers if an overnight stay is required of thrashing about in the FX market but and that its own idea of scale it was recently revealed that in below the surface. this doesn’t mean surveys were not and China plus addition to publicly declared bank bail outs If the delay lasts for five hours or more, If things do be- that he would. Oth- showing any signs the very long gap the Bank of England secretly transferred £62 you can choose not to travel and get a gin to look a little ers talk of bold and of a significant re- between this, and billion to the Bank of Scotland and the HBOS. refund of your ticket cost. dire, then expect swift action by the covery. Other than the next scheduled What else may soon be revealed? The UK is When you’re entitled to it: the Dollar to come Bank of Japan to that, all is rosy in meeting will mean spending £30 billion a year more than its in- that the RBA will come. When a flight under 932 miles (for ex- back into focus as counter the Yen’s the garden. MPC ample, London to Venice) is delayed for risk aversion trades current strength. member Posen was hike tomorrow. BASKET CASE BRITAIN more than two hours. re-emerge. No sign of any- in the papers talk- Britain needs £200 billion a year just to serv- ice its commitments but the UK government When a flight within the EU that is more Contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation has always underestimated its predictions. than 932 miles (for example, London Such forecasts are notorious for removing for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following to Athens) is delayed for more than 3 ‘various’ from the balance sheets such as consideration of this information. Save money , Large or small Money Transfers. Pensions & Regular hours. private financial initiatives; (PFI); the schools payments. Call to day to find out more. See Main Advert On page 15 and hospitals plus infrastructure dependent When a flight that isn’t within the EU but is between 932 and 2174 miles is de- EXCHANGE RATE 02/12/09 upon private investment. layed by more than 3 hours. STERLING POUND - EURO .... 1.0982 EURO - US DOLLAR....... 1.5085 Britain’s manufacturing base has evaporat- ed; its reserves have largely been auctioned When any other flight is delayed for more STERLING POUND - US DOLLAR..... 1.6571 off. The country’s social commitments are than four hours. staggering in their financial enormity as are its military obligations. Its wealth was more Which? is the leading independent consumer champion in the UK. We provide impartial, expert Christmas Shopping? can’t find the book you want ? recently based on the markets driven by its information on products and services in our maga- zines, books and online to help consumers make Then you’ ve probably been shopping here at the...... financial institutions. A proud boast - when things were going well. more informed choices, and we campaign on issues If the IMF is called in Britain’s credit rating that matter to all consumers, from food to finances, will plummet. Inward investment will virtually health to estate agents. For more information on cease. Interest rates will go through the roof, how we can help you, visit or loans will be a thing of the past, and taxes will go ballistic. Companies will disappear by their Can your business thousands, and the pound’s value will drop like a lead ingot. The social consequences would be cataclysmic. Don’t even think about afford NOT to be it. BRITAIN SNEEZES; SPAIN GETS online? THE COLD Due to the collapse in the pound’s value Brit- Not any more! ish expatriates in Spain alone have lost over £5 billion in spending power this last two Stunning fully-featured years. Hundreds of thousands of Brits liv- eCommerce websites, ing in Spain are dependent upon a sterling professionally designed for high income. Pensioners have been particularly hard hit; as many more are dependent upon impact and search engine rank- investment returns. This is already causing ings at affordable prices, from as immense hardship. little as Euro 299! It beggars the imagination to think of the so- cial effects if the exchange rate should drop For more details see to a predicted €0.86. It is best not to think Inland Trader – Coastal Trader CIF No. B97723308- News : Samantha Kett - Arantxa Vidal- Printed by Imprime of the pound being de-valued to as little as S.I.L.S.A : Postal Address C/ Mayans 32 Ontinyent 46870 Valencia. Mobile 902733622. Email €0.50. Inland Trader DIPÓSITO LEGAL V-693-2006 Coastal Trader. DIPÓSITO LEGAL A-187-2.008
  3. 3. December 2009 • 902733622 3 Trickster poses as British aristocrat to Swine ‘flu has hit In The Top 20 of Hospitals in Spain con women out of epidemic proportions THE region’s top three hospitals have been named as those of Torrevieja, Alzira, SWINE ‘flu has reached and many schools are day are off sick at the and the Clínica Quirón in Valencia. thousands epidemic proportions in Spain, with the Comuni- sending entire classes of kids home until the risk of Josep Iborra school with similar symptoms. All three appear in the list of Spain’s 20 best hospitals, which has just been pub- NUMEROUS women have been duped dad Valenciana being one infection has been eradi- Valencia’s Doctor Peset lished by the ministry of health. into handing over thousands of euros of the worst-hit regions. cated. hospital, which usually Catalunya is home to a whopping 14 of by a conman posing as a member of In Benissa (Alicante), one At Benissa’s Manuel Bru sees around 70 children these, named after around a third of the the British aristocracy. in four children are off primary school, 115 of the a day in its paediatric unit, region’s 155 hospitals were analysed by The accused, 47, is said to have pre- school at the moment with 459 pupils have not been is now treating over 200 the central government. tended to be an upper-class English- influenza-like symptoms. to class this week and are kids daily. Among the criteria judged was the mor- man about to inherit a multi-million- The ministry of health reported as suffering from A total of 27 people have tality rate, the average length of stay, and pound fortune, which he promised to says seasonal ‘flu hit 59 fever, headaches and up- died from swine ‘flu or the number of out-patient operations share with his victims if they footed his people per 1,000 inhab- set stomachs. complications with the compared to surgery that requires pa- admin and legal costs. itants a decade ago, but But headmaster Manuel virus and existing health tients to stay for at least a night. He claimed that due to cash flow, he the AH1N1 virus – which Juan insists there is no conditions in less than a They were classified into various catego- was unable to pay these until he got his has symptoms very similar cause for alarm and that fortnight. ries, including specialist, general, region- inheritance. to the common influenza most patients recover The death toll across Spain al and private. But the trickster, who was not even – has already seen 6.9 within around three or has reached 115. British but a Spaniard from San Se- per cent of the region’s four days. Along with the Comunidad The heat is on bastián (Basque Country) amassed residents taking ill. However, he says he has MINIMUM and maximum temperatures Valenciana, Catalunya over 700,000 euros and the women he Figures have already risen ‘never seen anything like and the Basque Country for public buildings have now been stip- targeted never heard from him again. by 64 per cent in less than it’ in his ten years as head are some of the worst af- ulated by legislation in order to protect The women, who mainly lived in Can- two weeks. of the school. fected. the environment. Bars, shops, airports, tabria and in the provinces of Guipúz- Children under 14 appear Also in Benissa, around supermarkets and other premises fre- coa and Vizcaya in the Basque Country, to be the worst-affected, eight or nine children a quented by the public must be no warm- were said to be sucked in by the man’s er than 21ºC in the winter.In summer, the elegant nature and charm – and his temperature should be set to a minimum fake identity. First-ever female Lieutenant Colonel in the Spanish of 26ºC. Humidity levels should be be- tween 30 and 70 per cent. The central As a result of the fraud, police say the accused spent three years living like a army FOR the first time in Spanish history, a woman has reached the rank of government, having enforced these rules Lieutenant Colonel in the Armed Forces. Patricia Ortega, who – until now – has been as part of their three-year plan to save real member of the aristocracy, eating commander of the Polytechnic Engineering Corps, joined the army in 1988 when she in the best restaurant and staying in energy, intends to install thermostats in entered the General Military Academy in Zaragoza as a working pupil after completing all public buildings to ensure the owners top hotels. her agricultural engineering degree at Madrid Polytechnic. After finishing her training of the premises adhere to the newly-im- But some of the women he tried it on at the military school, Lt. Col. Ortega became captain of the Polytechnic Engineer- posed requirements. with saw through him immediately and ing Corps and construction engineer in 1992. She has since completed a masters reported him to the police, resulting in degree in eco-auditing and is currently studying for a PhD in town planning at Madrid ? his arrest last week. Polytechnic. The ministry of defence reveals that of the 16,412 women currently in the forces INSURANCE? If Your have a local Interest story Club Group or Charity Event – being 12 per cent of the total – 10,222 are in the territorial army; 2,666 in the Navy; 2,891 in the air force and 633 in the common corps.Ortega is the first to be WE GUARANTEE we would love to hear from you! promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.Spain has the second-highest percentage of women in its forces, after France’s 14 per cent, and ahead of Greece’s 10 per cent, the UK TO BEAT YOUR Tel 902733622 and Holland’s nine per cent and Germany and Belgium’s eight per cent. RENEWAL QUOTE! • English & Spanish Vehicles BT Business • • Home & Contents on ALL RISKS Travel, Pre-paid Funeral Plans packages & Mobiles • All Policies in English The Best rate for Call 965 791 222 Self-employed, individuals NOW & SAVE MONEY and Companies For more details see main advert BENEFICIAL on page 7 or call 902733633 INSURANCE SERVICE SPAIN Medical Insurance Email Terms & Conditions apply G.B REFORMS AND BATHROOMS QUALITY BATHROOM INSTALLATION FITTED KITCHENS - PLUMBING - ELECTRICS DRY-LINING - TILING WINDOWS AND DOORS LEGALLY REGISTERED AND INSURED. FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION OR ADVICE CONTACT JOHN ON: OFFICE 966968132 MOBILE : 627797630. WILL ACCEPT STERLING.
  4. 4. 4 EMAIL: • 902733622 December 2009 GATA de Gorgos’ Corral de Pato res- “HELP” at La Pedrera Hospital, Denia “HELP” GET INTO THE The La Pedrera Hospital in Denia has now reo- taurant is featuring a fun art display until December 21. pened to accommodate long term patients. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT The exhibition is the work of pupils at an oc- Many of these are British and are often alone cupational workshop for those with mental and experiencing difficulties. The “HELP” of De- Santa arrived early at the “HELP” of Denia illnesses in Jávea. nia and Marina Alta organisation has now set us and Marina Alta Christmas Fayre at Casa Participants were encouraged to make un- a team of volunteers in to visit these patients. Holanda on Saturday 28th November. Al- inhibited use of their individual creative urg- They are referring to this as “The Adopt a Patient though the event opened at 10.30am there es, reveals Anna Perles, who led the work- Scheme”, which means once a patient is “adopt- were eager customers waiting to get their shop. This means there are sure to be some ed” by a volunteer they visit that one patient only bargains well before that time. The stalls startling, intriguing, colourful and fascinat- on a regular basis building up a relationship of care and companionship assisting with any dif- were, as usual manned by willing volunteers ing paintings on display to contrast with and ficulties they may be experiencing, That can cover many areas from someone needing a change from the “HELP” organisation and all were complement the traditional farmhouse-style of scene to help with the language conveying their problems to the staff. This scheme is up beautifully presented to tempt the custom- backdrop of this country restaurant, which and running now and in the words of the social and patient care staff at the Hospital they are ers. There were stalls providing mouth water- specialises in typical local dishes. “invaluable” to them. If you wish to become involved in this scheme or learn more about the ing cakes and preserves, home grown plants, “HELP” Organisation with visit their website . jewellery, toys, books at bargain prices and a Investment planes for Marina Christmas stall with all kinds of goodies plus Alta next year. Pick it up or pay up, that they have to send street- cleaners out several times a their fellow townspeople. all the usual competitions. A raffle, guess The council also has to shell the name of the doll, guess the weight of the NEW sports centre in Pedreguer and a big- says Xàtiva council day to clear up after lazy pet- out a significant sum of mon- Christmas cake and the Tombola stall. All the ger and better bus station in Dénia are just DOGS in Xàtiva who defecate owners who cannot be both- ey on a regular basis to dis- prizes were donated by generous members two of the major plans on the table to im- on the street could cost their ered to clear up their dogs’ infect roads, pavements and and supporters of “HELP”. For more informa- prove public services in the Marina Alta next owners a fortune unless the excrement. gardens where dog-mess has tion relating to the “HELP” organisation or year. A total of 1.4 million euros is due to pooch’s parents pick it up. They also hit out at selfish led to infestations of flies, it how to become a member please visit the be ploughed into building a fully-equipped dog-owners who let their pets has revealed. Fines ranging from 60 to 300 website leisure centre open to all residents in foul on parks and gardens de- Pedreguer in 2010. Dénia will also have a euros will be slapped on dog- Canine excrement attracts walkers who do not bag it signed for the public to relax germs that can cause seri- bus station just outside the town, offering and enjoy the view, and for more space and better facilities than the ex- and bin it. ous infections and other ill- children to play, saying they nesses. isting one. Funds are also being invested in Local authorities complain are spoiling the privilege for dualling the CV-725 Ondara-Dénia road; on building an auditorium, and on improving ac- CV-660 to be finished by June All Aboard the party bus cess roads into Dénia’s new hospital and its THE new road between Fontanars and On- rubbish tip. The provincial council’s budget tinyent will be finished by the end of June Photos By JJ for public works next year also includes a next year, local authorities confirm. new public library in Jávea port, an indoor Work has been ongoing on the CV-660 in swimming pool in Moraira and extending order to get rid of the sharp bends and dan- the mains drainage network in Teulada. gerous curves that make this stretch of the Oliva U3A Group Leaders’ road a notorious accident blackspot and particularly nerve-wracking after dark. Conference It will also flatten out the sloping parts of the On 25th November Oliva U3A hosted its carriageway, cut down air pollution levels third Group Leaders’ conference which was and enable the traffic to flow more freely. organized by the Group Leaders’ coordina- A fantastic time was had by all who ventured AMIGOS tor, Karmanie Hastings. This event is the out on November 5th to the Bonfire party only time when all the Group Leaders meet ‘Insalubrious’ campsite shut night, hosted by the Costa Blanca Party bus. in one place. Group leaders are the heart of all U3A associations and although they down A CAMPSITE in Llíria has been The delicious fish & Chips were enjoyed by all, Untraditional, was the mild weather that closed down due to its dirty and unhygienic Castalla are busy running their groups they do not evening, unlike the usual bitterness experi- normally get the opportunity to meet their state, reveals the town council. Formally enced on November 5th in the UK. Congrat- colleagues, share their experiences, and Local authorities have been threatening to ulations to the winners of the Bonfire night Castalla Fryer discuss problems and future plans. shut the Camping Aguas site for 15 years, quiz and the best dressed guy. Committee members were also in attend- claiming it is illegal. All the kids would like to thank the party bus Menu of the day ance, some in their duel role as Group Leaders The Conference took the form of They say there are too many caravans and prefabricated buildings, meaning the occu- team for giving them a taste of a traditional UK bonfire night. 6.95 12.00-14.00 and 18.00-20.00 a seminar, with plenty of opportunity for individuals to contribute and raise issues pants are packed together like sardines. Karen and Abbey are great hosts and can lend Choice of Haddock or Cod Loose electricity cables and out-of-control their talents to any kind of event or party. that concerned them. Among the topics dis- dumping of waste were among the reasons Open Tue 10.00-14.30 18.00-22.00 cussed were premises for meetings, calen- The Costa Blanca party bus is an impressive the council cited for closing the site. Wed 10.00-15.00 closed evening dar clashes, the possibility of sharing some achievement and provides great fun for all activities with other U3A’s in the region, Its owners were given notice at the begin- those who board her. Fully equipped with a Thur 10.00-14.30 18.00-22.00 ideas about short taster sessions for mem- ning of the summer to resolve the various Bar, catering equipment and restaurant style Fri 10.00-14.30 18.00-23.00 bers who did not want to make a commit- problems on the site or face closure and a seating on the top deck, it’s ideal for children Sat 10.00-14.30 18.00-23.00 ment to a regular group, better integration fine. or adult parties, business and charity events. with the Spanish community, new activities and resources. At the end of the session Closed all day Sunday/Monday Book Your Party all those present completed an evaluation children’s parties, surprise sheet which showed that they had found the parties, promotions, stag do’s conference helpful and relevant. hen do’s, 60’s / 70’s / 80’s Oliva U3A has 28 Group Leaders, all volun- karaoke, valentine’s birthday Christmas Closure from Sunday teers, some of them running more than one fancy dress Xmas/ new years group, and their dedication is very much ap- 20th December and reopening Tel 699 923 516 or 610 961 697 Tuesday 12th January 2010 preciated by the members of the Associa- tion. Car repairs on all Makes and Models Revision - Brakes Oil Leaks - Tracking - Shock asorbers Replacement Batteries - Tinted glass - Car Music System Second Hand Cars for sale. We have a Translation Machine, so don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish. We have many satisfied English Customers. Av. Caballer Ximen De Tovia, 13- Xativa Tel 96 227 1020 On the main road along from the Train Station Fax 96 227 53 54
  5. 5. December 2009 • 902733622 5 Ex faces prison for Sky-high police hash-plant hunters on patrol Four-million-year-old ‘puncturing girlfriend’s badger found in Almenara condoms’ EUROPE’S oldest badger fossil has been found on an archaeological dig in Alme- A MAN who reportedly punctured his ex-girl- nara (Castellón). friend’s condoms without her knowledge could face two years in jail if found guilty. The unique finding was uncovered at Police say the accused, David P.B., used the Casablanca 4 site, and is thought to his spare key to the woman’s home in Vid- date back to the Middle Pliocene period, reres (Selva) to enter her home, where she which was between two and 13 million lived with her mother. He had arranged to years ago. have a set of keys cut without his ex-part- The fossil in question is believed to be ner’s knowledge. On occasions, the sus- around four million years old. pect – who was in a relationship with the woman for around 18 months – is thought Previous studies of the Casablanca digs to have climbed through the window to gain have revealed remains of up to 150 dif- access to the flat when his former girlfriend ferent species, including lynx and deer. changed the locks. Experts believe the flora and fauna in Once inside, he punched holes in the con- what is now the province of Castellón doms she kept in her drawer, and moved would have been similar to that currently her photographs around. The victim report- POLICE helicopters across Using the latest technology, though large plantations are the Comunidad Valenciana including videos and high- occasionally found. One of found in the African savannah. ed the matter to the Mossos d’Esquadra. are patrolling the region to resolution cameras with ra- the largest hash allotments Historian Andrés Santos, who has been Her ex-boyfriend faces trial in spring 2010 check for hidden cannabis dars and infrarred signals, discovered to date was in before a jury. studying the fossil, says the discovery plantations. the Guardia Civil are target- October last year in Alcalà de has enabled him and his colleagues to They are not only taking pho- ing both residential and ru- Xivert (Castellón). publish articles in some of the world’s Man Sought in connection tographs of entire allotments ral areas. They say it is more Another massive indoor plan- most-read palaeontology magazines. of marihuana plants, but common to find small num- tation was found when emer- with hit and run also terraces and balconies bers of plants in indoor pa- gency services attended to a “The province of Castellón is now on the of homes and greenhouses tios, terraces, balconies and house fire in Torrent in July. front cover of all the specialist journals,” Police have released details of Louis William Connolly, born in England on 01/01/1987. in gardens. air-conditioned rooms, al- Santos reveals. Mr Connolly is suspected of driving the ve- hicle which was involved in a hit and run incident in Torrevieja. It is thought that Mr Unemployment edges closer unemployment also increased in Cantabria (5.39 percent), Galicia (3.78 percent), La Connolly may still be in the Alicante area and anyone who has any information as to to 4 million Rioja (3.28 percent), Asturias (3.26 percent) his whereabouts are requested to contact Official figures released show a 1.59% rise and Catalonia (2.17 percent). With increases either David Sanchez Hernández (dsher- in the number of unemployed in Spain for also above the national average of (1.59 per- of the Spanish November. There are now 3,868,946 people cent) were Castilla y León at (1.88 percent), Guardia Civil or the Torrevieja Branch of the unemployed in the country, Valencia regis- Valencia at (1.80 percent) and Aragon (1.76 If Your have a local Interest story Neighbourhood Watch (nhwintorrevieja@ tered the highest rise in unemployment in percent). Below average is the Basque coun- November, after Catalonia, with more than Club Group or Charity Event try (1.49 percent), Madrid (1.44 percent), 8322 unemployed, a 1.80% increase over we would love to hear from you! Castilla-La Mancha (1.37 percent) Navarra the previous month, putting the total number Tel 902733622 (1.32 percent), and Murcia (0, 97 percent).. of unemployed at 470,140 people, according to data released by the Ministry of Labor and Immigration. Although, the increase is in fact The Responsible and Thoughtful Approach lower November 2009, when the number of unemployed people rose by 171,243. In addition to the significant rise in Baleares, Beneficial Pre-paid Fully Licensed Construction company Funeral Plans Undertaking all aspects Provided by a name you can trust! of building works. 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