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  1. 1. T raderJuly 2010 Alicante - Valencia - Castellon - Tarragona - Barcelona • Tel 902733622 FREE! 1 Inland & Coastal Authorised Dealer SOUTH EDITION - JULY 2010 Issue 141 Tel 902733633 Want to save Money? See page 2 Buying and selling stuff at .com FIREWOOD PARRA IVA rise ‘set to cause confusion’ Electricity rate rise postponed PLANNED hikes in electricity rates due to Be ready for Winter 2010-2011 Buy the logs now as well as hardship take effect this Thursday have been called off through a unanimous agreement in the central government. Tel 96224648 696320315 FOLLOWING the in- just before July 1 and given for goods or foodstuffs, housing, crease in IVA (Thurs- have to pay for them services – such as cultural activities Rates were set to rise by 7.5 per cent in day, July 1), con- after this date. package holidays or such as films, thea- a bid to help reduce the country’s budget sumer associations The law dictates that building works on a tre productions or deficit, potentially making electricity prohibi- are preparing them- the IVA rate which house – will be paid concerts, hotel and tively expensive for the average household- FORMER UK MARSHALLS selves for a flood of complaints. applies is the one at the previous rate if they were issued be- catering establish- ments, and health or er. But both José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s cabinet and the opposition party, the PP, valid at the time of REGISTERED CONTRACTOR They are putting to- the purchase, but if fore July 1, provided social care. intend to meet and discuss the matter this All aspects of building work and gether a guide as it is paid for in instal- the IVA rate is stated The ‘super-reduced’ coming week. In the long term, they hope hard landscaping to which goods and ments or with one on them or included rate, the only one to promote the use of ‘green’ energy sourc- Certificates & Portfolio availbale services will have in- month’s credit, the in the price and this not to increase, ap- es, which would cost less as well as being creased in price. new IVA rate applies. is not broken down. plies to staple food- kinder to the environment.Tel Gary 962728195 678946301 IVA comes in three Otherwise, technical- But if only the net amount is quoted stuffs such as bread, fruit, eggs and milk, Passport renewals could take rates – reduced (for- ly, anything charged merly seven per cent); after midnight on and followed by ‘plus school books and upto 2 months IVA’, if this amount medication. For Rent ‘super-reduced’ (four per cent), and the general rate of 16 June 30 now attracts the new rate, mean- ing those who ate is not stipulated, the new rate will now ap- And the general rate applies to all other WAITING lists for renewing expired identity cards and passports are set to reach up to two months this summer. For any Spanish Aquilar 300m2 Covered retail space per cent. The reduced rate is out on Wednesday night were in a rush ply. If an estimate was products and serv- ices. national whose ID card or passport has run out, the earliest appointment they will be now eight per cent, to finish their des- dated prior to July 1 This said, many com- able to get is August 23. plus 250 m2 outside and the general rate serts and get the and accepted by the panies have chosen Many of them say they start queueing at fenced area. bill before the clock consumer, but the is now 18 per cent. to bear the IVA rise 5.30am and still do not get seen, meaningMultipurpose Use. Ideal for struck the witching delivery of the goods they have to return on another day. They According to the themselves and notworkshops Rastro or Retail hour. or services was de- have to take a numbered ticket when they Spanish Consumers’ increase their prices. outlet. ample parking Utility bills will now layed until after then reach the front of the queue, and then pre- Union (UCE), as well through no fault of They include the Indi- Ideally situated on the as having a nega- carry the increased tex clothing chain – pare for another long wait. outskirts of Xativa IVA rates, even where the consumer’s own, tive impact on family which includes Zara, But once tickets run out, no further num- 600 euros per month they relate to energy the previous IVA rate spending, could lead Bershka, Massimo bers are given. Literally hundreds of people consumption prior to applies. Tel 634153664 to controversy when Dutti, Pull & Bear joining the queue before the sun is up say users have bought July 1. ‘Reduced rate’ IVA and Oysho – and the numbered tickets are all gone by the products or services However, estimates applies to non-basic Carrefour. time they get there. Some say a sign is put up in the window saying there are no tickets expat insurance agency left as early as 6.30am. This means many will be unable to go on holiday this summer, since the earliest ap-Increase your chances of winning a great wines, great prices pointment they can get to renew their pass- share of Euromillions jackpot by port is the end of August, and even camping 3.600% Trader special offer! night after night on the street in front of the See our advert on page 3 offices is no guarantee they will be attended Tel 977 426 419 to. Tel 962728208 Calle los Sauces 10 Camp Lliria Carboot Rastro BRI T I S H OPEN ALL YEAR OWNED C AMPING Lliria. Jun 33 of the CV 35 BAR El Vergel Safari Park R E S TAU R A N TTable top sale on July 17th, please ringto book table. breakfast and bacon sarnies. Every Saturday OP E N T OSunday Lunch 7,95€ - Choice of Beef, Pork, FANTASTIC LOCATION. 10 MINS PUBLICChicken, Fresh Veg all the trimmings, Desert or Budget Sunday Lunch 4,95€ Booking FROM OLIVA AND PEGO. OVER FISH ANDLIVE MUSIC Felicity Haze July 31st Only 100 STALLS CHIPS, Public: 9.30 - 1.30 PITCHES FROM 2000€ A YEAR INDIANTable Tennis For Kids Quiz Night Every Fri Stall Holders from 7.30 CTRA.N-340 KM.1046 NIGHTS, BIG SCREEN Outside for football 12580 BENICARLO Open Thurs , Fri 3pm/ Late Call 630949816 CASTELLON KARAOKE Fri - Sat -11am- till Late. .Sun 11am -10pm Tel 964470871 etc... Tel 962 728 066, Mobile 637 185 746. Spanish: 663 562 877 . Ref 4024, in Villar del Arzobispo, Three spacious bedrooms, one Lounge, one big Kitchen, new fitted in bathroom, Terrace, Pool. Full solar system & generator, Big water Deposit.Beautiful views, ready to move in. 2772 plot, 105m2 Living Space. .............................Price 99,950€ Ref 4069, in Casinos .Two bedrooms , one Bathroom, Lounge with fireplace, Kitchen, Paellero, Garage. Easy to fit a swimming pool in. Solar system and generator backup, and very large water deposit. Plot size is 2,286m2, Living space 85m2. ............... Price: 89,000€ Ref 3968, in Pedralba. Fully modernized, ready to move in villa. 3 double bedrooms, Kitchen , Lounge, 1 bathroom, terrace. 2500m2 plot and 110 m2 living space. Mains water, full solar Email: system & generator electric...................................................................... Price: 89,000euros
  2. 2. 2 EMAIL: • Tel 902733622 July 2010Was Derrick Bird’s 13th Hatched, matched andVictim Truth? Sterling stays firm as Fabio’s men slump dispatched numbers fall Mike WalshBreaking news stories in which a deranged killeris on the loose and adding victims by the minute T owards the end of last week con- cerns over debt crept was not as brutal as feared. However, eq- uity market drive has the time of writing. Cable has found further support with with time to work out their individual differences. SPAIN’S birth rate fell by five per cent last year – the first time it has dropped in ahave become depressingly commonplace. Re- decade. back into the market clearly faded against talk in the marketmember that word. It may provide a clue as to Although the country historically has onewhy these tragedies, a modern phenomena are psyche. It marked a the background of that a UK clearer All in all, economicnow commonplace. disappointing end new growth con- needs to buy cable data this week is of the lowest birth-rates in the westenAfter the usual psychobabble mantras have to the week which cerns including de- today for dividend unlikely to lessen world, it has been gradually rising sincedied down and life returns to what we think of started so positively veloping evidence of payment purposes. growth concerns, the normal, we know similar tragedies will hap- in response to Chi- a double-dip in the The effect is not like- with Euro zone, US However, the average number of childrenpen again and again. They never used to; except per female inhabitant of childbearingin war zones where passions run high. They cer- na’s de-pegging of US housing market ly to be excessively and UK consumer age was 1.4 last year, compared to 1.46tainly never happened in idyllic worldwide loca- the CNY. The good in addition to fresh large, however it and manufacturingtions each depicting scenic charm. in 2008. news didn’t last as it worries about the may well be helping confidence indica-The knee-jerk reaction is to blame the gun; an But the death-rate also fell, this time by became evident that European banking underpin the pairing tors likely to post 0.7 per cent, making an average of 8.35answer that isn’t too intellectually demanding. Itignores the fact that there is no connection be- there was still plenty sector. In line with in recent trade. declines due to a deaths per 1,000 inhabitants.tween tough or lax gun control and unaccount- of two-way risk on the bearish news, host of factors. The Marriage statistics were also down byable acts of mass murder. the CNY. Other key US Q1 GDP was ac- Sunday saw the big- data will suggest a 10.8 per cent last year, although in overWas Derrick Bird the First Victim? events were a new cordingly revised gest non event after slowing in growth a fifth of weddings celebrated, either oneIf I were a detective seeking a motive for Derrick PM in Australia, lower once again, to a certain football momentum follow-Bird’s killing binge in Cumbria, I would spend as or both of the couple was a foreigner.much time rifling through his bathroom cabinet who faces a diffi- a 2.7% annualised match with the G20 ing Q2 2010, in the The falling birth-rate means Spain’sas I would sifting through family wills and tax cult start in office rate of growth. summit which like short term turning ‘natural’ population growth reduced lastdeclaration forms. over the contentious England, the com- lower, albeit gradu- year, its figures only being kept up by for-Everyone has those kinds of issues and deals new mining tax and Recent US data has muniqué failed to ally. Whilst a dou- eigners moving in.with them. The problems confronting mass-mur- Although non-Spanish residents make up the G20 summit in managed to hold get a grip on chal- ble-dip scenarioderer Derrick Bird were minor compared withtragedies affecting the lives of many others who Canada which took back the USD, sug- lenges that face still seems doubt- 12 per cent of the country’s population,do not go on crazed shooting sprees. place yesterday. gesting that cyclical them. Maybe a lit- ful there can be no they also accounted for 2.75 per cent ofThe media pundits, cops and psychologists de- factors and not just tle harsh as they doubt that austerity deaths in 2009.bate possible explanations as to why a normal The US Assembly risk aversion are be- agreed new targets measures and the And among expatriates who died lastcab driver should turn into a glassy-eyed killer. year, 70 per cent were EU citizens, most-They need their heads examined? confirmed a major ginning to play into for reducing deficits weakening of fiscal regulatory reform foreign exchange and sovereign debt, stimulus measures ly British or German and elderly.The Killers in the Bathroom CabinetOther candidates for the psychiatrist’s couch bill towards the end markets. This can however questions are starting to weigh The birth and marriage rate fall could beare the pharmaceutical giants and coerced doc- of the week and be seen with Cable regarding tougher heavily on global attributed to the recession, since couplestors who routinely prescribe anti-depressants as may put off starting a family until they markets, especially breaking through capital and liquid- growth prospects.magic bullets for ‘stressed out’ individuals. This are in stable employment, and the costis as irresponsible as dishing out antibiotics for financial stocks, re- the key 1.50 level ity requirements for of a wedding ceremony being prohibitivethe common cold. acted positively as and even the flag- banks were delayed report by Philip to couples who are out of work.The following have much in common: Eric Har- the bill appeared ging Euro is reaching until November’s Ryanris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine massacre), to give some sup- nearly 1.24 against summit in Seoul,Patrick Purdy (Cleveland School Massacre), port to banks and the greenback at providing leaders expat insurance agencyThomas McIlvane (shot nine postal worker); JeffWeise (Red Lake High School Massacre), TedKaczynski, Michael McDermott, Kip Kinkel, JohnHinckley, who gunned down President Reagan.Seung-Hui Cho went on the rampage, killing33 and wounding two dozen students. JosephWesbecker killed eight and wounded twelve be-fore taking his own life. Then there’s Dunblane, don’t get squeezed by the See our advert on page 3Hungerford and now Cumbria. There’s manymore but I am spaced out.Unhinged Killers on ‘Medication’ banks on exchangeThey led mostly ordinary lives before morphinginto robotic unhinged killers. Witnesses say thekillers wore vacant expressions; as though theywere possessed. Most if not all were describedas being ‘depressed’ and on ‘medication’. This www.thewarehousespain.comincluded Prozac, Ritalin, Wellbutrin.Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. makes antidepres-sant Luvox used to treat depression. The com-pany has a lawsuit filed against it which alleges SELECTIVEit failed to inform Eric Harris’s doctor of thedrug’s side effects.All drugs have side effects; the pharmaceuticals ADVERTISINGare on a learning curve. Remember Thalido-mide? Neither drug companies nor governmentsand their watchdogs could survive another scan- PAYSdal like that so don’t go there.4,000 Dead so FarIt isn’t just a profit-driven reason for ignoring CALL THE TRADERthe evidence. The thinking behind it is; if thesepotentially lethal and highly questionable meth-ods of mass thought control ‘benefit’ x-number TODAYof people by altering their psychosis, then theoccasional aberration is acceptable (for thegreater good). If that strikes you as Orwellian, Tel 902733622live with it.Killing sprees have struck Columbine, Hunger- ADVERTISINGford, Dunblane, throughout the U.S. and Europe;Finland, Germany, Switzerland and elsewhere.They make the headlines because of the high For money Contact your Valencian region office to find out the safe and easy DEADLINE TO BOOK ADVERTISING SPACE FOR THE NEXT ISSUE IS JULY 28thnumber of fatalities but throughout the de-veloped world, horrific crimes by inexplicably transfers or way to save money on your foreign exchange: Tel 902733622 Email info@inlandtrader.netderanged individuals are committed daily: As Iwrite there are just fewer than 4,000 cruel andvicious crimes recorded in which anti-depres- regular payments 965745471 Inland Trader – Coastal Trader CIF No. B97723308-sants are depressingly thought to be a possiblefactor. overseas - enjoy & quote ‘Inland Trader’ News : Samantha Kett - Arantxa Vidal- Printed by Imprime S.I.L.S.A : Tel 902733622. Email info@in-Because there are fewer fatalities only the local or email: Quote Ref Inland TraderPress see fit to report them; bigger stories pushthem off the TV channels. The fingerprints of the our great rates! A04113 DIPÓSITO LEGAL V-693-2006 Coastal Trader. DIPÓSITO LEGAL A-187-2.008pharmaceutical conglomerates are all over the The Publisher does not accept responisbility forevidence. The real crime is they are too big to any inacuracy nor non appearance of any ad-take on. The killers are the victims too, of mass vertisment. The publisher sells space only. Nothought control and experimentation. responsibility is held by the publisher for the con- tent of any advertising placed in this publication.
  3. 3. July 2010 • Tel 902733622 3Fewer new homes More millionaires – in spite of the Spanish governmentbuilt this year credit crunch denies compensationTHE number of homes being built fromscratch fell by 34 per cent across Spainin the first quarter of this year, accord- MILLIONAIRES in Spain rich people in Spain was wealth. increased in number last lower than the worldwide According to the survey, to airlines affecteding to the ministry of housing. year – despite the reces- figure, it was consistent investors are more cau- sion, says a study by Mer- with the European aver- tious at present due to the by ash cloudThey say just 31,198 houses were rill Lynch Wealth Manage- age for the year. SPAIN’S government has declared thatstarted, compared to 46,800 in the last recession, and are more it will not provide any compensation for ment and Capgemini. Wealthy people rose in likely to place their fundsquarter of 2009. airlines that lost business due to the Private individuals with percentage by over half in outside their country of volcanic ash cloud that led to a blanketThe majority of homes that developers capital exceeding one mil- the USA, Japan and Ger- residence.began to build at the beginning of this flight cancellation in April. lion US dollars (800,000 many, says the study. Expenditure on collecti-year were destined for private buyers euros), not including their Minister for public works, José Blanco,– 17,876 per cent – and the remainder Millionaire numbers went bles such as works of art, said many package travel companies first residence, vehicles or up y 53.5 per cent in these wine and classic cars haswere council-subsidised houses and consumer goods, reached were able to offset their losses causedflats aimed at young first-time buyers three countries. increased, but there has by flights being grounded after the erup- 143,000 in 2009, repre- been less spending onand those on low incomes. The world total was an tion of Iceland’s Eyjafjällajøkull volcano, senting a rise of 12.5 per luxury consumer goods inAnd the number of homes being built increase of 17.1 per cent because hotel occupancy increased as cent. the past two years.that were finished in the first quarter of in the number of well-off a result of passengers being stranded. This means that, although people, and an increase2010 fell by 29 per cent to 73,684. the rise in the number of Blanco was due to discuss the matter of 18.9 per cent of their yesterday with the Council of EuropeanMost of the homes that were started– a total of 60.9 per cent – were found Transport Catalunya, Andalucía, Castilla-La From Alicante to Valencia in less than an hour and a half Estimated losses to air companiesMancha and the Canary Islands, in that THE long-awaited train line from Valencia to Alicante via the coast will link the two provincial across Europe following the volcanic capitals in less than an hour and a half, according to the regional minister for infrastructure,order. eruption are around 42 million euros. Mario Flores. Although the plans have been approved, there is no concrete date as to whenThose that were finished by April this work will start – earlier this year, the government said it could be 12 years before building be-year were mainly found in Andalucía, gins. The trip from Valencia to Dénia, via Oliva and Gandia, would take 49 minutes, and from Authorised Dealerthe Comunidad Valenciana, Castilla-La Dénia to Alicante, 38 minutes.At present, the ‘mini-train’ from Dénia to Alicante takes two-Mancha, Catalunya and Galicia – these and-a-quarter hours, and there is no rail connection from Dénia to Valencia or from Gandia toregions totalling 55.9 per cent. Alicante. Oliva, situated between Dénia and Gandia, has no rail transport whatsoever. Plans include direct links from Benidorm to Madrid, and trains running right up to Alicante airport.ETA makes hoax bomb Flores says he will ‘not allow’ the central government to put off the plans any longer, nor to allow state funding cuts aimed at reducing Spain’s deficit to interfere with the rail project.alert during GrandPrix week Picasso painting PRIVATEA BOMB alert in Valencia during the auctioned for 42Formula One Grand Prix week turned PROPERTYout to be a hoax, police confirm. million at Christie’sA call was made to the Basque news-paper Gara in the name of ETA – the AN early Picasso painting has just netted SALES Tel 902733633 a whopping 42.1 million euros at Chris- www.thespanishpropertyshop.comseparatist terrorists’ usual practice – to Buy direct from the owner. tie’s auction in London.warn that explosives were due to go offin four parts of the city, including three The painting, The absinthe drinker, was expat insurance agencyroads and the Madrid railway line. produced during the time known as Pa- blo Picasso’s ‘blue period’ – betweenBut police spent two hours combing all 1901 and 1904 – when his works werethe areas mentioned and say they did predominantly in the colour blue and atnot find any trace of incendiary devic- a stage in his life when the artist was suf-es.According to the caller, the bombs had fering from depression due to the suicide of a close friend. In your area, close to youbeen planted on the main V-30 roadinto the city, the CV-35 Llíria-Manises It was sold during a modern art auction Over 20 years of insurance experience which included works by Monet, Renoir,road, and the railway line from whichthe Madrid train leaves. Matisse, Magritte, Rodin and Kandinsky. Friendly and professional service The money will be donated to the AndrewThe call was signed off with a cry of,“Gora Euskadi Askatuta!” which means Lloyd Webber Foundation, which bought the painting in 1995 from the Stralem Competitive and special rates‘long live the free Basque Country’. Collection. Excellent products Our products ( available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish) Motorcar or Motorcycles (Spanish & UK plated, maximum NCB ) Building and household protection (all risk cover, accidental damages, etc) • Life Insurance • Travel policy • Golfers • Health cover • Pet Plan • Civil liability • Shop/Office insurance • Pleasure boats • Pension Plans • Mortgage Protection Quick quotes without obligation Call us for professional advise: Karen: 667.054.853 (south) Manuela: 687.798.572 (north) Or send us an email: We will be pleased to assist you in English, German or Spanish
  4. 4. 4 EMAIL: • Tel 902733622 July 2010 Gandia throws out 68Specialist Insurers for theExpatriate Community Road and rail overhaul for the foreigners for committing crimes A WHOPPING 68 foreigners living Catalunya Vall d’Albaida in Gandia have been extradited in just six months for criminal behaviour, reveals mayorInsurance Services José Manuel Orengo. Problems with squatting, vandalism and se-For all your insurance needs under one roof. rious noise nuisance in rented apartments, All types of Motor insurance and street-drinking are among the offencesBuildings and Contents – Private and Commercial that could lead to non-EU citizens being Travel, Pet, Marine & Funeral Plans thrown out of town, says Orengo.Life Assurance, Pensions, Loan Protection, But many of those deported were found to Accident and Health Insurance have been involved in some of the most dan- gerous mafia organisations in Europe. For your free quote at competitive prices “Immigrants who come to Gandia to work and Call us now 977493607/977 457017 live in harmony with everyone else are wel- comed with open arms and full support, but those who commit crimes cannot stay,” the mayor stated this He said immigrants who commit crimes will be immediately expelled from the town and A MAJOR trunk road is set mercial boulevard’ which funds are to be invested normally, following the relevant legal proc- to be built across the Vall is hoped to give the area in giving the Xàtiva-Ontiny- esses, would face extradition to their country d’Albaida, linking its two an economic boost and ent-Alcoi rail-link a major of origin. Car repairs on all Makes and Models main towns. create more jobs. overhaul including widen- But Orengo says that thanks to the sterling ing the platforms, increas- efforts of the Local and National Police and Revision - Brakes Oil Leaks - Tracking The road will run from Al- Public transport will also the Guardia Civil, the crime rate has fallen in baida to Ontinyent along be improved and in- ing track size and run-- Shock asorbers . Replacement Batter- Gandia by four per cent in the first half of this the Clariano river, linking creased to help make the ning more frequent trains year. This is the fifth consecutive year that ies - Tinted glass - Car Music System up Aielo de Malferit and towns more accessible which will link up to the crime has reduced in the town. Second Hand Cars for sale. Bocairent. from elsewhere in the re- high-speed inter-regional Translation Machine, if you don’t New industrial estates gion. line that starts in Valen- Blue flags handed out to cia. speak Spanish. We have many will be built alongside it, Along with the new trunk best beaches satisfied English Customers. making it a type of ‘com- road, regional government BEACHES in the Comunidad Valenciana haveAv. Caballer Ximen De Tovia, 13- Xativa On netted a total of 108 European blue flagthe main road along from the Train Station Police take DNA samples from 100 residents of village awards this year alone. The prestigious prize is given annually to the where woman raped and murderedOntinyent Rastro GUARDIA Civil of- cross the road if acquaintances, house a year ago. beaches that offer the best services and fa- cilities and stand out for their cleanliness and Open Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 10am - 2pm safety. ficers have taken they see a stranger tenants and even Her naked body Find us on the industrial estate, behind During a presentation last week in Dénia’s the old Eroski opposite Mcdonalds DNA samples from on the pavement. builders have been was found badly 100 residents in called forward to Hotel Los Ángeles, regional president Fran- Others say they are bruised and bat- cisco Camps gave out blue flags to 96 beach- Pedralba in a bid frightened to leave give a saliva sam- tered, and bloodEnglish Shop Full English Breakfast to solve the year- ple. es in the provinces of Castellón, Alicante and their homes. was splattered up Valencia, and 12 ports and marinas.Cafeteria 4,15 € long mystery of Police believe that Some of her the walls.Books Cards Spanish les who raped and In Dénia, the Les Bovetes and Marineta Casi- sons Fridays the killer knew his friends and family To date, nobody ana beaches have been given blue flags, asFurniture, murdered 55-year-Clothes 10.30 - 12.30 5€ victim, was aware say they did so will- has been arrested has the yacht club. old Mari Carmen ingly because ‘weMobile phones 11.00-12.00 she lived alone, and there are no Also, the Granadella, La Grava and Arenal Ortiz. all have to cooper- beaches in Jávea have received the award,Hairdresser Gold to buy and sell and that he could suspects in con- and much The brutal attack be residing in Pe- ate if the crime is nection with her as well as the La Fossa, El Cantal Roig and more Every Sun 11.00-1.00. on the woman in dralba. to be solved’. death. L’Arenal-Bol beaches in Calpe.Outside Spaces Available weather permitting her own home Mari Carmen was Further down the coast, Benissa’s La Fustera Anyone who may Officers have not rocked the vil- said to have been and Les Bassetes, and Teulada-Moraira’s El Legal advice centre, (wills Spanish & have had cause to ruled out any pos- lage of just 2,800 brutally raped be- Portet, L’Ampolla and Les Platgetes beaches English) Last sunday of every month go near her home sible motive for the have snapped up blue flags. inhabitants, and fore being beaten Please Contact: Sue 669339248 – including family killing. many now say they to death in her In the Marina Alta alone, 15 blue flags have or Gill 696709886 members, friends, been given out. Inland Car Boot Sale / Rastro Every Saturday and Sunday We are currently recruiting English language Now Open teachers to staff our expansion program in the “Alcoia i Comptat” area. Large flat shady pitches. Applicants will need to be self motivated, confident,bright and enthusiastic and with a Licensed Bar / Food knowledge of English grammar. Ideally the successful applicants will have Undercover seating area T.E.F.L. qualifications. Situated in Gaianes on cv750 These are full/part time career opportunities from Muro de Alcoy with contracts. “Capital Languages” is a well established For stall enquiries successful company built on its reputation please phone for excellence. If you think you have the attributes we are Jean 965515557 English looking for and will be an asset to our team. Kelly 650158177 Spanish Telephone Gina on 966 516 516. DON’T CHUCK.............. IT SELL IT! Having a clear out, Looking for furniture Special Offer Buying or Selling visit 1st month FREE* *Max 5 Adverts per person
  5. 5. July 2010 • Tel 902733622 5Woman who murdered Nobody brought to justice over 330 of ETA’s More tax hikes ‘cannot bedaughter’s rapist could suspected terrorist attacks ruled out’have sentence halved NEARLY half the to justice. cient proof to con- before which any FURTHER tax hikes could be on the terrorist attacks And there could vict them. unsolved murders cards when next year’s annual budgetA WOMAN who threw petrol over her believed to have be more, because And Article 132.2 cannot be tried is announced, warns minister for thedaughter’s rapist and set him alight has been committed by the Foundation did of the Spanish Pe- – a total of 562 economy and sub-vice president Elenahad her prison sentenced halved on the Basque separatist not count the 72 nal Code states people were killed Salgado.grounds of diminished responsibility. cell ETA have been attacks that took that if the author in terrorist attacks Spain has been forced to take meas-Mari Carmen García Espinosa was jailed left unpunished in believed to have place prior to the of a murder has ures to cut its state deficit to six perover the attack in 2005, when Antonio their 51-year his- been perpetrated Amnesty Law of not been found cent by the end of 2011, which meansCosme Velasco Soriano was out of pris- tory, according to by ETA. 1977, when the and proven guilty pension funds, state benefits and pub-on on weekend leave and provoked her the Foundation for bombings were within 20 years, no The high court is lic sector workers’ wages are alreadyin a bar in Benejúzar, where his victim Victims of Terror- ‘re-clocked’ and further action can currently looking set to be sliced.and her family live. ism. counted again be taken. into all unsolved Also, IVA went up from 16 to 18 perVelasco was sentenced in 1998 to sev- These extrem- from scratch. bombings thought The Foundation cent, and from seven to eight per centen years for the rape of Verónica, then ists have carried to be the work of In most cases, the for the Victims of on reduced-rate goods and services, as13. out around 800 the Basque funda- attacks have been Terrorism revealed at yesterday.And in 2005, his victim saw him in her bombings in half a left unpunished that between mentalists in an Salgado – who was the driving force be-father’s local bar and warned her moth- century, but in the because the exact 1978 – the year attempt to identify hind the 2006 anti-smoking law whener. case of some 330 culprits have not when the Amnesty and localise those she was minister for health – said eachHe was said to be hanging round in the of these, nobody been identified, or Law first came into responsible. of Spain’s autonomously-governed re-bus stop outside the bar, where Veróni- has been brought there is not suffi- force – and 1990, gions ‘must take responsibility’ for re-ca caught her bus every morning. ducing the state’s deficit.Upon seeing Mari Carmen, Velasco Comunidad According to the Movement Against Intolerance, the re- ment among those regions with the highest population Although tax reductions and increasesasked her, sarcastically, how her daugh-ter was, and said, “do you remember Valenciana ‘most cession is partly to blame for rocketing racism levels. of foreigners. Of the 79 reported cases, six come from the central government, each of Spain’s 17 regions have ame?” racist region’ Unemployed Spaniards are included race-related mur- certain level of independence when itHe told her he would make sure she THE Comunidad Valenciana campaigning for jobs to der. comes to financial matters.never forgot him. has the highest level of rac- be given to natives before In fact, the movement be- But Salgado says this independence ism and xenophobia in the foreigners are even consid- lieves the true figures of in-Mari Carmen, who had been on anti- ered, with slogans painted ‘should go hand in hand’ with the re-depressants and receiving psychiatric whole of Spain, reveals a cidences of racism could be gions’ responsibility for their decisions. report by the Movement on walls and buildings to the as high as 3,000 in the pasttreatment since her daughter’s attack, effect of ‘Spanish people “If a regional president chooses to Against Intolerance. year, since many foreignersreturned home and fetched a bottle of first, the others second’. increase taxes, he or she is account- In the last year, 79 cases of may not report an attackpetrol, which she then poured over the It means there has been an able to that region’s citizens, and will racial violence, incitement or and those occurrencesrapist and set him on fire. upsurge in extreme right- be judged by the public on their deci- other anti-foreigner behav- that are not technicallyShe said she had not intended to actu- iour were reported – more wing thinking and even criminal offences may sions,” she set light to him or to kill him, merely than anywhere else in the fascism and neo-Nazism, particularly in the worst-hit never be heard about. If You have a local Interest story Clubto frighten him into never returning to country. Group or Charity Event areas in terms of unemploy-Benejúzar. Tel 902733622Velasco did not live in the town and hadno reason to be there, said the victim’smother. X-Factor finalist Beneficial Pre-paidHe was taken to La Fe hospital in Valen- LIVEcia with 60 per cent burns, and died 10days later at the age of 69.After the attack, Mari Carmen is said Funeral Golden Leaves Provided by Plans Everyto have fled and been found wandering a name you can trust!around Alicante port in a ‘completely Fridaydisoriented state’. 21:30She has been out on probation sinceJune 2006, and has been ordered to BENEFICIALundergo psychiatric treatment. INSURANCE SERVICEThe initial sentence was fixed at nine- July & August SPAINand-a-half years, since the prosecution www.campingalegria.comsaid the accused was aware of the na- The Spanish way of funerals can often lead info@campingalegria.comture and quality of her actions. to misunderstanding and leave people CTRA.N-340 KM.1046 confused at a time of distress, particularlyBut the mitigation of diminished re- 12580 BENICARLOsponsibility means it could be cut to when your family and friends are a long wayfive-and-a-half years, of which she has CASTELLON Tel 964470871 from home. Will they know what to do, whoalready served 12 months before her to call? Planning ahead and making provi-lawyer was able to agree to her being The Trader sions for your funeral will save the traumalet out on probation. Selective Advertising Pays of knowing who they can turn to and by planning ahead you can organize and ar- Fully Licensed range things according to your wishes. 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