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Elind Induction Furnaces


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Elind Induction Furnaces Pvt. Ltd., are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of quality Induction heating equipment such as Hot and Warm Forging, Hot shearing, Brazing, Hardening, Annealing and Bright Annealing, Sintering and others.

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Elind Induction Furnaces

  1. 1. Vasai , Maharashtra ,, Suppliers And Exporters OfQuality Induction Heating Equipment
  2. 2. Vasai , Maharashtra , We AreEstablished in 1990Outstanding qualityTrusted & reliable vendor baseOur team is the innate strength of ourorganization
  3. 3. Vasai , Maharashtra , Us?High quality productsTeam of expertsCompetitive pricesTimely delivery of consignmentsPrompt services
  4. 4. Vasai , Maharashtra , StrengthsState-of-the-art facilitiesEfficient personnelGlobal quality control standardsExcellent distribution channelEthical business policyPrompt delivery of consignments.
  5. 5. Vasai , Maharashtra , and Bright Annealing partsElind has supplied generators from 5Kw to 1100Kw for annealingapplications like bars piping annealing of speedometer cable, weldedmining components and threaded components.
  6. 6. Vasai , Maharashtra , hardening, induction provides the necessary control and accuracyto focus the heat to a specific area of the part. Solid state systems arecapable of heating very small areas within precise productiontolerances, without disturbing individual metallurgical characteristics.
  7. 7. Vasai , Maharashtra , and Warm ForgingModern induction heating provides many advantages over other heatingmethods. Heating with induction provides reliable, repeatable, non-contact, pollution free energy-efficient and pollution free heat in a minimalamount of time.
  8. 8. Vasai , Maharashtra , in a controlled vacuum or in an inert protective atmospherecan significantly improve overall part quality and eliminate costly partcleaning procedures.Brazing by flame in a normal oxygen atmosphere can causeoxidation, scaling and carbon buildup on the parts. To clean theparts, applications of joint weakening flux or expensive acid cleaningbaths are often required.
  9. 9. Vasai , Maharashtra , loop control, through the use of an optical pyrometer or othertemperature sensing device, can provide constant heat. Inductionheating also ideal for in-line production processes because of its abilityto produce repeatable, rapid and accurate heating cycles.
  10. 10. Vasai , Maharashtra ,IndiaContact Details:B, 1, 2 & 14, Jay Vijay Industrial Estate, Waliv Phata,Vasai (E),WALIV PHATA-VASAI (E) [202001] [MUMBAI-D]Vasai , Maharashtra , India91-250-3298015/2480729/2481963+919820069760, +919555992645, +919821132520