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Bhavi Group


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Bhavi Group, are marked down as a dependable manufacturer and exporter of complete solutions for Oral Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Baby Care, Ethnic Care and Travel Kits & Combo Packs, which stand long on quality.

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B/14, Patel Park, 144 Nehru Road, Santacruz (East), Mumbai - 400029, Maharashtra, India

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Bhavi Group

  1. 1. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company    Exporter & Manufacturer Of Toothpaste (Oral Care), Skin Care                      Products, Hair Care Products & Baby Care Products Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company• An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company• Optimum Quality Products• On­Time Delivery• Cost­Efficiency• Over 200 Private Label Personal Care  Products Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company• Most Consistent & World Class Quality• Huge Installed Production Capacities• Best Lead Times With On Time  Shipments• Best Flexibility For Small & Large Runs• More Than 25 Years Of Manufacturing  Experience Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company• Private Label Ethnic Care Products • Private Label Fluoride Regular  Toothpaste• Private Label Hair Care Products• Private Label Skin Care Products• Baby Care Products • Travel Kits And Combo Packs Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company Private Label Ethnic Care Products• Quality Products • Customizable Range• Available With World Class Customized  Packaging Mediums• Different Sizes Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company Private Label Fluoride Regular Toothpaste• Superfine­ White Paste• Customized Sizes• Quality Product• Reasonable Prices Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company Private Label Hair Care Products• Customized Hair Care  Formulations • Advanced Ingredients• World Class Customized  Packaging• Affordable Prices Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company Private Label Skin Care Products• Customized Skin Care Formulations With  Advanced Ingredients • Quality Products• World Class Customized Packaging• Customizable With Variety Of Key Ingredients,  Fragrances Perfumes Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company Baby Care Products • Quality Products• Reasonable Prices• Formulated With Advanced  Ingredients• Affordable Prices Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified Company Travel Kits And Combo Packs• Timely Delivered• Stand Long On Quality• Products For Institutional  Supplies• Competitive Prices Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. BHAVI GROUP  An ISO­9001:2008 QMS Certified CompanyContact Us :B/14, Patel Park, 144 Nehru Road, Santacruz (East), Mumbai ­ 400029, Maharashtra, IndiaMr. Yogesh Patel (Director) Phone:91­22­26650882/26650920/26650916Fax:91­22­26650892 For Details Visit : Copyright © 2012­13 by BHAVI GROUP All Rights Reserved.