What toys are suitable for your kids


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What toys are suitable for your kids

  1. 1. What Toys Are Suitable for Your KidsToys play a very important role in children growth and development. As soonas a baby is born, it is studying the world. Actually, it is born with a nature tolearn. It uses every one of its senses to develop its brain and learn how tointact with others. The suitable toys at different ages can help promote thechilds development.Toys are a must have during everyones childhood. As parent and caregivers,finding the suitable toys is more important than buying toys. You need learnmore about what toys are suitable for your kids before you buy for them. It iswise to choose toys according to a childs age, interest and skill level.Now lets begin to discuss this topic "What Toys Are Suitable for Your Kids". Ihope this guide can help your kid enjoy a happy and educational childhood.0 to 1Newborns to one year old baby (both baby boys and baby girls) explore andfeel the word with hands, mouth and eyes, and would like toys they can touchor squeeze. Let me take some normal toys which are appropriate toys for babyunder one year old: soft dolls or stuffed toys, activity gyms and squeaky toys.1 to 3
  2. 2. One to three year olds begin to climb, jump, walk, run and throw. When the kidis one-year-old, you can choose toys such as stuffed animals, pouring toys,riding toys and musical toys. And when your kid is two-year-old, toys like boardbooks, balls, riding toys, magnetic letters, climbing toys, sewing toys andchild-sized household toys are highly recommended.3 to 5Three to five year old kids like to experience with imagination and creation andhave toys that are close companions. Some kids can play with toy computer,toy camera with film, board games and roller skates and so on.5 to 9Five to nine year olds enjoy being challenged with a little complex games bywhich they could learn about specific skill and knowledge. The science toysare of great importance at this age. And it is the gold period for building kidsinterest. Arts and craft kits, puppets and action figures are perfect for this agegroup.
  3. 3. 9 to 14Nine to fourteen year old children develop their lifelong skill and interest andlike team sports. Toys like sports equipment, electric train set and remotecontrol cars are also popular among this group.About all is the shared opinions about what toys are appropriate for your kids.Here TradeTang.com are high recommended because all the abovementioned toys can be found at this website such as stuffed animals,educational toys, remote control toys and more wholesale remote controlhelicopter.
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