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The new table pc storm product with different system


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The new table pc storm product with different system

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The new table pc storm product with different system

  1. 1. The New Table PC Storm Product with Different SystemToday is an information time, science and technology is very exquisite, thehigh-tech product constantly appearance. With the development of scienceand technology, the function of the tablet pc is also more and more advanced,a different operating system of computer is appearance. Such as: android 2.2tablet pc, android 4.0 tablet pc and the new system of windows 8 tablet pc.Different operating system computer have different functions, they will lead thenew trend of the tablet pc to appear. Wholesale table pc becomes hot up.Android tablet PC is one of the most popular tablet pc. It runs on GoogleAndroid OS. Many people prefer Android tablet over iPad, which runs on iOS.There are many applications that can be installed on an Android tablet PC. It is
  2. 2. very easy to download and install additional applications. All Android tabletcomputers are installed with Android Market, and this application makesdownloading additional applications easy. Android tablet PC also has differentversions. It has android 2.2 tablet, and android 2.3 tablet and the new versionis android 4.0 tablet.Android 2.2 tablet pc is different as android 4.0 tablet . Android 4.0 tablet pcnot only has the all function of android 2.2 table, and add a lot of new functionsin the basis of android 2.2 tablet version. That is android 4.0 tablet version cancompatible of the android 2.2 tablet version, but instead cant compatible. Thistruly represents the continuous development and progress of science andtechnology.
  3. 3. With Windows 7 system appear, Windows 8 will have another shower.Windows 8 system used in tablet pc, will give the tablet pc industry hasbrought more and better business opportunities. Windows 8 tablet pc aims toaffair users. It is reported including the intention of Microsoft believes includingthe intention of the field of dosage PCs chic the enterprise is soothe splendidinterval pro enhancement. Windows 8 will help a concentration pile.Applications will pocket house noteworthy enhancement next to Microsoft’s incommission logic. Windows 8 will be inflicted including an extra previewincluding in tears cover.No matter android system of tablet pc or windows system of table pc, all willlead the tablet computer into a new world. And all of this, and will give
  4. 4. wholesale tablet PC business to bring the huge business opportunities. Thisshows science and technology can drive business opportunities. Hopewholesale table pc business in the future can have better development. Keywords: Windows 8 Tablet PC,Android 4.0 Tablet,Android 2.2Tablet,Wholesale Table PC,Android Table PC