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Presentation TradeBridge_2018


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We specialize in developing business opportunities in Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) markets.

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Presentation TradeBridge_2018

  1. 1. ✓ ✓ Direct access to distribution channels in North of Iran ✓ Business development and brand building experience backed up by international experts Your Business Connection 2018
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE
  3. 3. JÓZEF BIEGAJ The founder and President of the Management Board of TradeBridge. Józef Biegaj, operating in the business environment for almost 30 years, participates in many initiatives and activities aim of Polish companies.
  4. 4. MAREK JANKE Creative and innovative in action – his broad and deep understanding of business helps to find the best solutions. Shareholder and the Vice President of TradeBridge. He is responsible for trade and operations.
  6. 6. COOPERATION POTENTIAL Polish companies are competitive and flexible in terms of their business needs and potential. The Iranian and Polish economies are complementary. This means we can work together on many levels.
  7. 7. PRESENCE IN IRAN TradeBridge is one of the very first Iranian- European Joint Venture companies established after the sanctions.
  8. 8. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN IRAN • 7 Retail Testing Points of Sale • Successful launch of over 20 international brands • Effective solution for brand seeding and trend ignition activities • Long term strategy for mainland export sales with full FDA certification • Strong relationship with Iranian companies • Introduction of Iranian brands to the European market
  9. 9. HEADQUARTERS IN IRAN TradeBridge is a part of a group of companies delivering solutions for business.
  10. 10. TRADEBRIDGE PARS • Headquartered in Tehran Working on nationwide domestic distribution • Engaged in major business projects • Experienced in Business development and brand building backed up by international experts
  11. 11. POL-E TEJARAT-E CASPIAN • Headquartered in Anzali • Covering wholesale and retail distribution • Unique platform for portfolio and consumers’ attitude testing • Successful launch of over 20 international brands • Effective solution for brand seeding and trend ignition activities
  13. 13. TRADEBRIDGE ADVANTAGES RELATIONSKNOWLEDGE EFFICIENCY ✓ Specific business development know-how in MENA and European countries ✓ Knowledge how to proceed with FDA certification and other formalities ✓ International and Local Brand Building know-how ✓ Access to all trade channels including wholesale, retail and HoReCa ✓ Relations in business organisations and governmental institutions ✓ Access to Iranian domestic market and free trade zones ✓ Possibility of parallell testing of products potential in our shops while working on domestic market certification ✓ Possibility of direct payments from Iran or through Polish entity (easy solution as it is based in EU)
  14. 14. BENEFITS EFFECTIVENESS Maximizing success opportunities, thanks to us the Customer achieves better results Access to TradeBridge resources provides business relationships in shorter time SPEED Access to multiple foreign markets with one partner at the same time SCALE
  15. 15. CONTACT