Where Does PPC Fit? Integrated Marketing for Smarty-Pantses


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Where Does PPC Fit? Integrated Marketing for Smarty-Pantses

  1. 1. Where Does PPC Fit?Integrated Marketing for Smarty-Pantses#IntegratedPPC trada.com
  2. 2. $25#IntegratedPPC trada.com
  3. 3. Matt Hessler, @fasterstill Director of Account Management, Trada Anna Sawyer @annafsawyerMarketing Manager, Trada trada.com
  4. 4. Which channels should Ipursue?How do they all worktogether?How do I cost-effectivelyget the results I want? trada.com
  5. 5. A sk yo ur se l fs fir om st e . q ue st i on s trada.com
  6. 6. se H ar ow ch m in a g n fo y r pe yo o ur ple pr a r od e uc t? trada.com
  7. 7. hot shoes 90,000 monthly searchesAre you offeringsomething thatmany people arealready lookingfor? Shoes that make women look incredible. Yeah, people are searching on that. trada.com
  8. 8. cat berets no search information availableDo you offer aproduct thatpeople don’teven know theyneed? Berets for cats. Great idea, but what’s the search volume? trada.com
  9. 9. underwater sandwich solution no search information available Under waterOr is your hot Sandwich iPhone Appnew softwaresolution totallyunique? (I’d buy it.) trada.com
  10. 10. Determine yoursearch volume. trada.com
  11. 11. W ha Se t co ar n e dq y u go our es al m tio s? a n! rk et in g trada.com
  12. 12. Choose yourown adventure! First, let’s talk a little about PPC and SEO. trada.com
  13. 13. Your ProductAwareness trada.com
  14. 14. Sales (or leads) trada.com
  15. 15. Driving Driving sales forawareness for a a productproduct category with acategory with a low searchlow search volumevolumeDriving Driving sales forawareness for a a productproduct category with acategory with a high searchhigh search volumevolume trada.com
  16. 16. awareness low search volumeYou need a Demographiclly-cost-effective targeted marketingway to let will allow you topeople know reach customers whoyou are out don’t know theythere. need you. trada.com
  17. 17. awarenesslow search volume 1. Facebook. Exposure is cheap, and you also get the implied trust and viral nature of a friend liking something. trada.com
  18. 18. awarenesslow search volume Look at click data to see which messages are resonating in your Facebook campaign. You can use this later! trada.com
  19. 19. awarenesslow search volume 2. Display and email marketing. Use the messages you tested in Facebook. trada.com
  20. 20. awarenesslow search volume 3. Build out PPC and SEO campaigns. Focus on messages that push solutions. trada.com
  21. 21. sales/leads low search volumeYou’ll still needto make peopleaware of yourproduct. trada.com
  22. 22. sales/leadslow search volume 1. Display - better ROI than Facebook when conversion is the focus, but it’s still demographically and psychographically targeted. trada.com
  23. 23. sales/leadslow search volume 2. Email and direct mail. Focus around a compelling offer. trada.com
  24. 24. sales/leadslow search volume 3. PPC and SEO - use language that mirrors your mail outreach, so when people come looking for you... they find you! trada.com
  25. 25. sales/leadslow search volume 4. Video. People don’t know about your solution or product. Video is the best way to explain it. Use YouTube Promoted Videos to affordably get the word out. trada.com
  26. 26. sales/leadslow search volume 5. Retargeting. Makes your brand look bigger than it is! Helps drive up conversion rates of the new visitors you have acquired. trada.com
  27. 27. awareness high search volumeYou need to get theword out, but salesaren’t your focus. trada.com
  28. 28. awarenesshigh search volume 1. Go big on Facebook and display. Gather data by message testing. trada.com
  29. 29. awarenesshigh search volume 2. PPC will get the click price down. SERP, page share and the way you position yourself are important. trada.com
  30. 30. awarenesshigh search volume 3. Video and social media push. Social media is built for awareness! Create an interactive element to incentivize people to spread the word. trada.com
  31. 31. sales/leadshigh search volume 1. Start with PPC and SEO. Why? You can effectively determine which messaging/offers will convert across channels. trada.com
  32. 32. sales/leadshigh search volume Also, getting your PPC campaign to a mature stage as soon as possible will allow you to get one of the greatest benefits of PPC: affordable leads/ sales that are scalable. trada.com
  33. 33. sales/leadshigh search volume Focus on differentiating yourself from the competition with compelling offers. Never stop testing calls-to-action! trada.com
  34. 34. sales/leadshigh search volume 2. Retargeter. Remind potential buyers that they’ve researched you. Have you heard the “five touchpoints” rule? trada.com
  35. 35. sales/leadshigh search volume 3. Email, direct mail and print advertising: take your best- converting CTAs from PPC and use them as headlines and ad copy. trada.com
  36. 36. sales/leadshigh search volume 4. Social media as a means to promote great content and engage users with your brand. Think content is just for lead gen? Think again! trada.com
  37. 37. No matter what your focus, you should have an integrated marketing strategy... trada.com
  38. 38. ...and PPC can be a valuableway to generate leads, sales and awareness while being cost- effective and predictable. trada.com
  39. 39. Research your product and your customer. Test with PPC. Never stop learning from your data.Keep your message consistent across channels. The more touchpoints, the better. trada.com
  40. 40. Here’s where we take twominutes to tell you that Tradacan take care of PPC for you, so you can get this valuable data, message-test and getdiverse perspectives for your messaging...... and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were to do search marketing yourself. trada.com
  41. 41. Trada has a large, global crowd of certifiedpaid search experts who do PPC for you. trada.com
  42. 42. Multiple experts workon your campaign at the same time. You get: Diversity of thinkingConstant optimizationMultiple ad networks trada.com
  43. 43. and they already know how torun sophisticated PPC campaigns! trada.com
  44. 44. It’s pay-for-performance. There are NO fees:no startup fees, no management fees. You can get started right away. trada.com
  45. 45. Time for questions!For more information or to schedule a demo, email dranda@trada.com trada.com