[WEBINAR] Questions about Trada?


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In our regular weekly webinars, we focus on educational content, but people often have a lot of questions about the Trada Marketplace.

How does it work? How do our PPC and Facebook experts get paid? Is it really free to use, as an advertiser? What about keyword competition among the crowd? What's up with the minimum budget?

And most importantly, how can Trada really help me?

In this information dense webinar, we give you a tour of the Trada Marketplace and answer all of your questions!

Check out Trada Reviews here: http://www.trada.com/trada-reviews/

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[WEBINAR] Questions about Trada?

  1. 1. TRADA PRESENTSQuestionsaboutTrada?#TradaQuestions
  2. 2. TRADA PRESENTSQuestionsaboutTrada?#TradaQuestions
  3. 3. Jordan BenjaminMarketplace Expert @jbenj09 Anna Sawyer, Marketing Manager @annafsawyer trada.com
  4. 4. What is Trada?Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  5. 5. Trada is a solution for busy marketers/ business owners to run paid search and Facebook campaigns.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  6. 6. It is an alternative to working with an agency or using a big, expensive algorithmic platform.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  7. 7. There are no startup or management fees to use Trada. It costs the same as it would to manage PPC/Facebook in-house.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  8. 8. Trada is a marketplacewhere a community ofcertified advertisingprofessionals work.
  9. 9. As a Trada advertiser,you can have access tothese advertisingexperts. They’ll workon your campaigns onyour behalf.
  10. 10. Trada’s experts are certified, and you can see thereal names, personal info and campaignperformance of everyone who works for you.
  11. 11. You can even see an expert’s performance on othercampaigns.
  12. 12. You can message with your team (they’re called Optimizers) and talk to them at any time.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  13. 13. Trada’s Optimizers are verymotivated to do the bestwork for you, becausethey get paid whenthey beat your CPCor CPA goals.(More about this later.)
  14. 14. Where would youlike to advertise? trada.com
  15. 15. In Trada, you manage allcampaigns acrossplatforms from withinthe proprietaryMarketplace.
  16. 16. Benefits of managing multiple platforms? Save time by doing everything in one place.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  17. 17. Benefits of managing multiple platforms? You won’t need to feel guilty for not advertising on Yahoo/ Bing (when 1/3 of your potential customers are looking for your products there).Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  18. 18. Benefits of managing multiple platforms? You can compare data across platforms and learn more quickly about your customers and message.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  19. 19. In the TradaMarketplace, all of your data is available to you. trada.com
  20. 20. You manage your campaignfrom a high level (approvals andexecutive decisions) and thecommunity of advertisingexperts does all the work ofcampaign buildout and curation. trada.com
  21. 21. Here’s how it works.
  22. 22. You’re a company who wants to advertise online.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  23. 23. You work with Trada’s account $1.00 team to determine a target cost for a click and $10.00 a conversion.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  24. 24. Optimizers apply to join your campaign in multiples and build out the campaigns.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  25. 25. What does campaign buildout mean? Campaign organization Keyword generation Intelligent hypertargeting Ad group architecture Ad creation Ad copy Bidding Bid pricesJordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  26. 26. Once Optimizers have built out your campaigns, you launch in the Trada Marketplace.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  27. 27. Trada aggregates all of your Optimizers’ work and sends it to the ad networks, where your ads begin running.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  28. 28. Data from the search networks is available to you through Trada’s reporting - and it’s available to yourOptimizers, who will use it to fine-tune your campaign.
  29. 29. Optimizers will $1.00 work hard to get $0.90 clicks and conversions below your goal prices. $10.00 $9.00Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  30. 30. When they beat $1.00 your goals, they $0.90 keep the $0.10 difference. $10.00 $9.00 $1.00Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  31. 31. Result? Your campaign keeps getting better, and your Optimizers are paid for their good performance.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  32. 32. The Optimizers keep curating your campaign forever: logging in every day to make small changes and fine- tune your campaign.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  33. 33. What does campaign curation mean? Refreshing ad creative Ad testingConstantly testing new targeting Negative keyword lists Bid price adjustments Bid management A/B testing ads Ad group restructuringJordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  34. 34. Set and adjust goalsAs an advertiser, you Approve/disapprovehave some ads and keywordsresponsibilities. Maintain a website optimized for conversions (for CPA campaigns) trada.com
  35. 35. We make it really easy for you to approvekeywords...
  36. 36. ...and to approve the many diverse ads TradaOptimizers create for you.
  37. 37. We also help you to understand where yourcampaign needs work and what you can do.
  38. 38. Benefits of having multiple experts on your campaigns? Collectively, they have the time to log in every day and optimize correctly.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  39. 39. Benefits of having multiple experts on your campaigns? Ad creative, keywords, targeting and intuitive testing are best done by a group of people: diversity of thinking.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  40. 40. How do I know my Optimizers are qualified?Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  41. 41. Trada takes your campaign success very seriously. So Optimizers must pass a certification exam, and they get progressive access based on performance.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  42. 42. How do I get the best possible results from Trada?Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  43. 43. You’ve set your CPA and CPC goals There are two very realistically. strong indicators of success in the Trada Marketplace. You are engaged with your Optimizers.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  44. 44. It’s just like working with any employees or contractors. Talk to them and set expectations well.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  45. 45. What’s the deal with the minimum budget?Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  46. 46. Because the work of the campaign is done by Optimizers who are paid cents at a time for excelling on your campaigns, Trada requires a certain minimum budget to make it worth their time.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  47. 47. In addition, the Optimizers need a certain amount of traffic in order to get enough data to optimize and make your campaigns better.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  48. 48. What about my existing AdWords campaign?Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  49. 49. After the Optimizers Trada can use data have built out your from your existing campaign, you will campaign to help set have to pause your goals and to give the AdWords account Optimizers a head and run through start. Trada. We don’t allow them to run in tandem.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  50. 50. Do multiple Optimizers compete for keywords in my account and drive up click cost?Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  51. 51. But AdWords and AdCenter are more We do allow more than just keywords than one Optimizer and bid prices. within your campaign The keyword and ad to have the same work in tandem with keyword. ad group structure and landing page quality to determine Quality Score.Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  52. 52. To give your The ad network will campaign the best simply serve the opportunity to take best-optimized advantage of the version. wisdom of the crowd, we allow This incentivizes keyword sharing. Optimizers to do their best work!Jordan Benjamin: @jbenj09 trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  53. 53. Six Essential Ad The Tips Seven Habitsof a Highly Successful Search Marketer Competitive Research: Spying on Your Enemies! Free eBook! PAID SEARCH PRIMER Presented  By  Trada Get it by “Liking” Trada A COMPLETE GUIDE TO PAID SEARCH MARKETING on Facebook. r te at    M Quality Score: at th It Can Make cs or Break ri Bidding et Your Campaign M Strategy: Eyes on the Prize facebook.com/tradamarketplace
  54. 54. @jbenj09 @annafsawyer Time for questions! For more information or to schedule a demo, email sfox@trada.com trada.com
  55. 55. Jordan or another ofWant more? our awesome Marketplace Experts will walk you throughBook a opportunities on YOUR campaign!TRADA DEMO! Just type I’d like a demo! into the chat box and we’ll set it up for you. trada.com
  56. 56. @jbenj09 @annafsawyer Time for questions! For more information or to schedule a demo, email sfox@trada.com trada.com