[WEBINAR] Fix Your Broken PPC Campaign


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Paid search campaigns have a million moving parts, and it’s easy (and normal!) for some of them to stop working. Unfortunately, this can cause your campaign to fail. But fear not! In this webinar, PPC Medics Matt Hessler and Anna Sawyer from Trada show you how to repair your broken campaign in easy, attainable steps. It doesn’t matter how bad it’s gotten: Trada is here to help!

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[WEBINAR] Fix Your Broken PPC Campaign

  1. 1. Fix Your Broken PPCCampaign! #FixPPC trada.com
  2. 2. #FixPPC trada.com
  3. 3. Matt Hessler,Director of Account Management @fasterstill Anna Sawyer, Marketing Manager @annafsawyer
  5. 5. 3Dante’s Peak Eruption2 Armageddon trada.com
  6. 6. 1 Your PPC Campaign needs help! trada.com
  7. 7. Why is this such a big deal? If your campaign isn’t finely tuned, you are losing money.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  8. 8. Why do campaigns fail? Poor setup Wrong from the expectations beginning Campaign was left to run unattended Bids are too low trada.com
  9. 9. But it goes deeper. PoorQuality GiantScore ad groups Bad Not landing enough pages You need negative Ad more keywords position keywords has dropped Wrong campaign settings Stagnant ads Conversion tracking issues trada.com
  10. 10. We’re going to talk a lot about Quality Score, because it has great bearing on the success of your PPC campaign.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  11. 11. Quality Score can determine how much you pay for a click and where your ad appears: effectively determining campaign success.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  12. 12. Quality Score Click price ad position and the the lowerThe higher your higher your your click Quality Score, ad position price (good) (good). trada.com
  13. 13. you could pay too much for clicks your competitorsBut if you have a will rank above you low Quality Score... your CTR will suffer it will be hard to fix trada.com
  14. 14. First, general best practices for getting a good Quality Score. Small, thematically- relevant ad groups Bids priced to show ads on the first page Keyword, ad and landing page relevance Compelling ad copy that gets clicks trada.com
  15. 15. Now we’ll share ways to repair your campaign. Matt knows how to fix stuff!Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  16. 16. Now we’ll share ways to repair your campaign. Anna knows how to repair PPC campaigns, but should not be trusted with a circular saw.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  17. 17. The steps! Get ad groups organized Get click-through rate up Get settings dialed in Get your negative keyword list going trada.com
  18. 18. Ad Group ArchitectureMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  19. 19. If you still have keywords with a decent Quality Score, leave them in their ad groups.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  20. 20. Build new ad groups with your poorly-performing keywords.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  21. 21. Write new ads and bid high!Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  22. 22. Click-through tricksMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  23. 23. People click on your ads for two reasons: Your ad catches their They see your eye (awesome ad (it’s in a high offer, exciting, position) relevant or entertaining copy)Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  24. 24. Getting your ad to the top of the page Bid artificially high Try “bid popping”. on keywords to get them to positions 2-5. This should increase your CTR.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  25. 25. Eye-catching ad copy priceSearch on some of your shipping dealsterms and see how you can differentiate. huge selection secure download trada.com
  26. 26. Eye-catching ad copy massive selection Use compelling,emotionally-chargedlanguage to increase incredible deals click-through rates. offer ends soon rock-bottom prices trada.com
  27. 27. Get settings dialed inMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  28. 28. Settings (don’t trust the default) Ad Scheduling with bidding adjustments Location/ Geotargeting Ad rotation Ad delivery trada.com
  29. 29. CHECK OUT OUR RECORDED TRADA WEBINARPPC Settingsfor Success trada.com/resources
  30. 30. Negative keyword listsMatt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  31. 31. ad negatives to prevent -negative these terms from showing foreign auto repairIf your keyword isauto repair free auto repair miniature auto repair auto repair school trada.com
  32. 32. -negative -foreign foreign auto repair -free free auto repair-miniature miniature auto repair -school auto repair school trada.com
  33. 33. Pull a search terms report to see which actualqueries have triggered ads. This will help you build out your keyword list.
  34. 34. When should you give up?Matt Hessler: @fasterstill Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  35. 35. Question: when should cat berets you give up? no search information available If the volume of searchers is incredibly low, maybe PPC isn’t for you.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  36. 36. But only if: If your account is totally It’s seriously wrecked beyond repair, unsaveable you may consider You are intending to starting again with a restructure entirely new account. You’ll be sending traffic to a new domainMatt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  37. 37. Question: when should Do not duplicate your account! you give up? It is almost always This came straight from best to try to repair an account, rather than start anew.Matt Hessler: @fasterstill trada.com Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer
  38. 38. Here’s where we take two minutes to show you howTrada can help you scale your online advertising... and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were to run PPC or Facebook ads campaigns yourself. trada.com
  39. 39. Trada has thousands of online advertisingexperts who do PPC and Facebook ads for you.
  40. 40. Multiple experts workon your campaign at the same time. You get: Diversity of thinkingConstant optimizationMultiple ad networks
  41. 41. Turbine: a Trada Client
  42. 42. Turbine: a Trada Client CAMPAIGN STATS: Paid Search Experts: 15 Conversion Rate: 20% increase Click-Through Rate: 40% increase Cost-per-Conversion: 16% reduction
  43. 43. Turbine: a Trada Client “The Trada marketplace quickly made me comfortable enough to ‘take my hands off the wheel’ on paid search. Trada’s paid search experts know our industry lingo and are running on all cylinders, driving high volumes to our Dungeons & Dragons online gaming service.” – Chase Huber Director, Advertising
  44. 44. @fasterstill @annafsawyer Time for questions!For more information or to schedule a Trada demo, email sfox@trada.com trada.com
  45. 45. Internet Ads UpdateLove Trada’s content? Anna and Matt release a weekly-ish fast-paced podcast with practical tips forunderstanding and capitalizing on current trends in online advertising. Search for Trada in the iTunes store and subscribe! It’s free!
  46. 46. @fasterstill @annafsawyer Time for questions!For more information or to schedule a Trada demo, email sfox@trada.com trada.com