[WEBINAR] PPC Settings for Success


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AdWords and AdCenter are incredibly customizable. But which settings will get you the best results?

In this slideshow, the experts at Trada show you exactly how to choose the campaign settings that will deliver low-cost clicks and a positive ROI.

• Ad rotation and delivery
• Location targeting
• Device targeting
• Dayparting
• AdWords experiments

Check out Trada Reviews here: http://www.trada.com/trada-reviews/

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[WEBINAR] PPC Settings for Success

  1. 1. TRADA PRESENTSPPC Settingsfor Success #PPCsettings
  2. 2. trada.com #PPCsettings
  3. 3. Matt Hessler,Director of Account Management @fasterstill Anna Sawyer, Marketing Manager @annafsawyer
  4. 4. The stages of choosing settings Every PPC campaign has an experimental, data-acquisition phase. After this phase, alter campaign settings to optimize ROI.
  5. 5. Revisit the experimental phase on a quarterly basis for best results.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  6. 6. Getcomfortablewith theSettings tab inAdWords:you’re goingto spend a lotof time here!
  7. 7. Ad Scheduling/DaypartingFollow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  8. 8. Failure to set daypartingcorrectly and test regularly isone of the greatest wastersof ad spend.
  9. 9. This is what makesDayparting valuable! If you know that users are converting higher (or not converting at all) during certain times/days, you can pause your campaigns or lower keyword bids during those times.
  10. 10. Allow ads to run 24 hours/day, 7 days/ week until you have a solid data set.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  11. 11. Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  12. 12. Reporting To get data on time-of- day conversions in AdWords, you will need to have Google Analytics linked. AdCenter provides time-of-day reporting.
  13. 13. See goal completions by time of day in Analytics.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  14. 14. Ad schedulingis locatedunderSettings >AdvancedSettings >Schedule.
  15. 15. In AdWords, it’s very easy to adjust the times and days that you’d like your ads to show.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  16. 16. Want to save money and maximize conversions? (Of course you do.)Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  17. 17. You can adjust bid prices for certain times of the day.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  18. 18. Choose BId Adjustment on the Ad Scheduling Screen.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  19. 19. Weird tip: In AdWords, ad scheduling is based on the time zone you have set for your account and you can only change it once.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com trada.com
  20. 20. Location Targeting/ GeotargetingFollow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  21. 21. Why target by location?
  22. 22. You’re a local advertiser. Some regions convert better for you. Geo-specific seasonality (not selling coats in Florida).Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  23. 23. Once again, determinelocation settings by testing.
  24. 24. Location report: Campaigns > Dimensions > View > GeographicFollow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  25. 25. Enter a location name and AdWords will make location suggestions.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  26. 26. You can view the targeted area on a map and see the estimated reach.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  27. 27. You can target a radius around an area.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  28. 28. O N The polygon Y G targeting tool O L has been removed P P from R I AdWords.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  29. 29. ads Ad rotation and deliveryFollow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  30. 30. Ad rotation You have more than one ad per ad group. How do you decide how they are served?Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  31. 31. Three ad rotation options Optimize for clicks (default): Google will serve the ads expected to get the most clicks.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  32. 32. Three ad rotation options Optimize for conversions: Google will serve the ads they think will get the most conversions. Without sufficient data, will revert to ‘Optimize for clicks’.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  33. 33. Three ad rotation options Rotate: Ads will simply be rotated evenly.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  34. 34. Ad delivery At what pace would you like ads to be served throughout the day?Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  35. 35. Three ad delivery options Standard: Google will meter your impressions throughout the day in order to satisfy your budget.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  36. 36. Three ad delivery options Choose this Accelerated: Ads option when will be served as your quickly as possible, Dayparting is whenever they are really dialed eligible, until budget is in! exhausted.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  37. 37. Device targetingFollow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  38. 38. Yes, you should considerdevice targeting!
  39. 39. Build new campaigns to target devices: they can have different click costs and ad formats.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  40. 40. What do users expect from mobile ads? Locations, price comparisons, phone numbers. Write your ad copy to reflect this.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  41. 41. Choose editunderDevices.
  42. 42. Again, we suggest disabling devices on your regular PPC campaigns and targeting them in a separate ‘device’ campaign.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  43. 43. AdWords ExperimentsFollow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  44. 44. You should always be testing. AdWords Experiments allows you to test changes on portions of your campaign to reduce risk.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  45. 45. Some examples of what you can test: Keyword bid prices Adding or removing keywords Keyword match types Ad group structureFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com
  46. 46. The difference betweenAdWords Experiments andtesting the old-fashionedway: instead of making achange and comparing thedata to how things used tobe, you can A/B test resultsin real time.
  47. 47. UnderSettings for agiven campaign,clickExperiment.
  48. 48. Click Specify experiment settings.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  49. 49. From Google:The fastest way to collect results is a50-50 split, but if your experimental changes are risky orexpensive, such as doubling your bid, you might want tohave fewer auctions use your experiment. You cantchange this setting after you start your experiment.
  50. 50. Track results in Google Analytics by using a URL referrer to see whether traffic is coming from your main campaign of your experiments.Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  51. 51. You will have to pay for clicks from your experiments. Keep this in mind when testing increased bid prices!Follow us on Twitter! @annafsawyer @fasterstill trada.com
  52. 52. Remember that the default settings areoften best only for new advertisers orthose looking to gather data. Dialing in your campaign settings can increase your ROI dramatically. trada.com
  53. 53. Revisit your settings on a quarterly basis for the best results! trada.com
  54. 54. TRADA PRESENTS by request! [WEBINAR]Questions about Trada?- How does it work?- How do our PPC and Facebook expertsget paid?- Is it really free to use, as an advertiser?- What about keyword competitionamong the crowd?- What’s up with the minimum budget? Tuesday, February 7
  55. 55. Here’s where we take two minutes to show you howTrada can help you scale your online advertising... and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were to run PPC or Facebook ads campaigns yourself. trada.com
  56. 56. Trada has thousands of online advertisingexperts who do PPC and Facebook ads for you.
  57. 57. Multiple experts workon your campaign at the same time. You get: Diversity of thinkingConstant optimizationMultiple ad networks
  58. 58. Turbine: a Trada Client
  59. 59. Turbine: a Trada Client CAMPAIGN STATS: Paid Search Experts: 15 Conversion Rate: 20% increase Click-Through Rate: 40% increase Cost-per-Conversion: 16% reduction
  60. 60. Turbine: a Trada Client “The Trada marketplace quickly made me comfortable enough to ‘take my hands off the wheel’ on paid search. Trada’s paid search experts know our industry lingo and are running on all cylinders, driving high volumes to our Dungeons & Dragons online gaming service.” – Chase Huber Director, Advertising
  61. 61. @fasterstill @annafsawyer Time for questions!For more information or to schedule a Trada demo, email sfox@trada.com trada.com
  62. 62. Internet Ads UpdateLove Trada’s content? Anna and Matt release a weekly-ish fast-paced podcast with practical tips forunderstanding and capitalizing on current trends in online advertising. Search for Trada in the iTunes store and subscribe! It’s free!
  63. 63. @fasterstill @annafsawyer Time for questions!For more information or to schedule a Trada demo, email sfox@trada.com trada.com