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With content from Brad Geddes, author of Advanced Google AdWords, Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing, Terry Whalen and Joey Muller of CPC Search and Brad Cohen of Janrain, pay-per-click pioneer Trada has worked with the pros in the PPC world to find the underrated tools the most successful marketers are using today. Come prepared to learn, leave prepared to get to work!

This webinar is for marketing leaders in sophisticated marketing organizations–or marketers who are looking to step up their game.

- Where you're losing impressions and WHY: this report and pivot table will change the way you measure PPC
- A/B testing, micro-targeting on keywords and user intent: this tool does it all AND it's affordable
-The social sharing site that creative directors use to pioneer ad copy content
- Segmentations based on your actual buyers: tools that pull social and custom profile data allows you to reach more customers who will BUY NOW

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From the Pros: Advanced PPC Tools

  1. 1. PPC Tools the Pros UseTRADA WEBINAR SERIES
  2. 2. Meet Your SpeakersMatt HesslerDirector of Account Management, Trada13 years of PPC and SEO@fasterstill
  3. 3. Meet Your SpeakersAnna SawyerHead of Content, TradaAdWords QualifiedDigital Marketing Educator@annafsawyer
  4. 4. We know PPC.Trada is the world’s only performance-basedonline advertising marketplace.1You set CPA goals.2We assign a team of PPC experts to yourcampaign.3 Your expert team collaborates to beat thosegoals.
  5. 5. Trada is performance-based PPC.Trada isperformancebased: you set goals,experts work to beat them.Our unique method of goal alignment is not justa feature - it is the driving force in ourmarketplace. You set goals, your Trada teamworks to beat them, and they are compensatedfor their success.It’s changing the way companies likeyours do marketing.Featured in:
  6. 6. #PPCProToolsUse the hashtag todayand win $25.WEBINARDETAILSPlease enter your questionsthroughout the call–we’ll get to themat the end!We will send out a recording and alink to the slides after the webinar.
  7. 7. Where youre losing impressions and WHYA/B testing, micro-targeting on keywordsand user intentThe social sharing site that creativedirectors use to pioneer ad copy contentSegmentations based on your actualbuyersPPC Tools the Pros UseTRADA WEBINAR SERIES
  8. 8. Looking for more basic help? has hundreds of FREEresources available to instruct youhow to build and manage healthy,profitable pay-per-clickcampaigns.
  9. 9. How many impressions am I losing?Impression share is a great, and often underusedmetric.This is one of the simplest ways to understand anaccounts performance and predict how well theaccount can do if properly optimized.Brad GeddesAuthor, Advanced Google Adwords@bgtheory1
  10. 10. Google gives you impression sharedata.Impression share is the numberof impressions youve receiveddivided by the estimated numberof impressions you were eligibleto receive.Think of the advertisinglandscape as a pie. You and yourcompetitors are all trying to get apiece of that pie, and this metricwill help you keep track of yourpercent.says
  11. 11. Impression share report12
  12. 12. Regional biddingIf you increase the size ofyour region, you’ll see adecrease in impressionshare because your “pie” issmaller now.
  13. 13. Where am I losing impressions?When you combine impression share and qualityscore pivot tables, you can easily see where you arelosing impressions and why - such as quality score,bids, or budgets.Brad GeddesAuthor, Advanced Google Adwords@bgtheory
  14. 14. Look at the impression dataWe sorted by Search Lost IS to see areas ofopportunity.
  15. 15. Find Quality Score dataThen we built acolumn to seeQuality Scoredata by keyword.
  16. 16. Be able to compare the dataYou can see impression share at thecampaign and ad group levels.Quality Score data is only available fromAdWords at the keyword level. But youcan still compare them.You could use AdWords scripts to trackQuality Score at the ad group level. Learnhow at
  17. 17. An easier (manual) way17Or you canidentify adgroups that aremissingimpressionsand manuallylook at thekeywordswithin.
  18. 18. If you aresmarter thanyourcompetitors,and betterinformed withdata,You can spendless and getbetter results.Why do you needsophisticatedstrategies in PPC?
  19. 19. Where does your company fit?We think most of our webinarguests are:- marketing directors/leaders- PPC pros- CEOs/foundersat mid-market companies.Mid-market companies aresomewhere between Fortune500 and your local pizza shop.
  20. 20. Mid-market companies are cool!Mid-market companies makeup around 40% of the US GDP.There are 8Million USbusinesses that make between500K–500M in annualrevenue.
  21. 21. Mid-market companies are unique.You need sophisticatedreporting and analysisYou tend to have smallmarketing teams/limitedresourcesMost mid-market companies run PPC in-house......or they work with an agency or consultant.Your needs?Your PPC solution?
  22. 22. How can I increase conversions?Matt HeinzAuthor, Successful platform makes it ridiculously easy to launchand test dozens, even hundreds, of different landingpages for paid search programs. Its awesome forboth A/B testing as well as micro-targeting onkeywords and user intent.2
  23. 23. Landing page tools like Unbounce allowyou to quickly build and A/B testconversion-centric landing pages, whichmeans you can be very targeted with yourcontent.
  24. 24. You can choose fromtemplates, edit and publishin minutes.
  25. 25. Another cool landing page tool.Matthew UmbroDirector of Paid Search, ExclusiveConceptsFounder of PPC Chat@matt_umbroSiteSpect has allowed our clients to createpromotions and experiences specifically forPPC that help to improve conversion rates.
  26. 26. Brad CohenCreative Strategist at Janrain@supnahReddit.It would be tough to call this site "underused," but itis a realtime feed of stuff that people like and hate.Let it bathe over you, and when you needinspiration, see if theres anything that fits.Where can I generate contentideas?3
  27. 27. How can I target buyers/prospects?Brad CohenCreative Strategist at Janrain@supnahSegmentations based on youractual visitors / users.What if you could derivesegments from current userswho youve successfully "won"and then target people likethem? Pulling social profiledata and other custom datafrom site visitors, users orbuyers arms you with that data.4
  28. 28. Problem: you don’t really know whoyour visitors/buyers are.Shoes for Orange LadiesLooking for shoes to matchyour orangeness, Lady? Shop Now! LadiesGrey Dude SoftwareAt-home tax software.One free month for Grey
  29. 29. Learn who your buyers are, and usethe information.Brad CohenCreative Strategist at Janrain@supnahSocial login paired with data analysis of theresultant profile data will get you there. Tools likeJanrain to manage the user profiles, and others likeUmbel that can tie directly into Janrain data canhelp you automate the process and even plug backinto PPC buys.
  30. 30. Increase site logins and usage withsocial login tools.Social login toolshave evolved to bemore suited tohelping yourmarketing team gaininsight about whoyour users/buyersare and what theylike and want.
  31. 31. The next generation of social logindrives user data for marketers.Users log into more sites using the same social login. You get info about who yourcustomers are and use it to inform social display targeting.
  32. 32. Data loves data.So: a login tool tells you more about your customersjanrain.comYou can integrate to inform display targeting (or not)umbel.comAnd all this supervaluable informationallows you to buildhighly informedbuyer/user profiles...
  33. 33. Now you know who to write ads for.Orange Lady:Buys 2 pairs of Nikeshoes/yearPrice point: $90-$160Responds to loyaltyprograms andshipping thresholdsAlso buys runninggearIs in a running clubHas kids who dosportsNike Shoes for Orange LadiesAll Your Running Shoes/ApparelBuy 2, Get Free Shipping. Shop Now!
  34. 34. Jeanne GaudetAccount Manager at SearchInfluence@jcgaudetI often use the "Dimensions" tabof AdWords, because you cancompare statistics in a variety ofdifferent ways and download thedata. I can see stats for eachday and each day of the week tofigure out which days arehistorically better, and I cancompare months to see trends.It helps to see whereweaknesses and strengths restand what we can expect for thenext week, month, year, etc.How can I keep an eye onperformance trends?5
  35. 35. Keep your finger on the pulse ofyour campaigns.
  36. 36. How can I identify areas of optimization?Terry WhalenFounder and CEO, CPC Search@tdwhalenhoWe use Reportly to generate auto-email reports thatarrive in our inbox daily. The reports show us period-over-period changes by publisher and campaign.Joey MullerDirector of Client Services, CPCSearch@jmthefourth6
  37. 37. Terry WhalenFounder and CEO, CPC Search@tdwhalenhoJoey MullerDirector of Client Services, CPCSearch@jmthefourthThe reports include percent-change calculations and evena natural-language paragraphsumming up performance.
  38. 38. How do I manage a million tasks?Terry WhalenFounder and CEO, CPC Search@tdwhalenhoWe use Producteev to track changes and progressof our advertisers’ accounts.Joey MullerDirector of Client Services, CPCSearch@jmthefourth7
  39. 39. Easy task management.Terry WhalenFounder and CEO, CPC Search@tdwhalenhoJoey MullerDirector of Client Services, CPCSearch@jmthefourthProducteev makes it easy to addthings via emails that are alreadygoing out.We just add Producteev to our bccfield, and then we add #label_nameto our email subject lines, andProducteev keeps track of all sorts ofadvertiser-specific information we canreference at any time.
  40. 40. Understand when and why.“Sometimes weneed to knowwhen exactly westarted aparticular ad test,or whyconversionsincreased ordecreased somarkedly in April2012.”
  41. 41. Alone, do you have the time and diversityof strategy to manage sophisticatedcampaigns well?You can build out a large in-house team:but they’re expensive, complicated andtime-consuming to hire, make space for,manage.Traditional agency models are oftenmotivated to spend your budget.Plus... who’s really doing the work?Mid-market search solutionsIn-house PPC team (doing it yourself) Working with an agency
  42. 42. The ideal scenario: a tool for youragency or in-house team.You could have a team of experts doingthe work of PPC on your behalf. Theywould work with your in-house person,who would manage strategy.They would be paid based onperformance goals you set,meaning they would fight to getYOU results.They would collaborate within anapplication that would allow themto see the performance data theyneed to succeed.Your in-house team would havecontrol over their strategy andvisibility into ALL the data.
  43. 43. You can have both.Trada is the world’s only performance-basedonline advertising marketplace.When you join Trada, we assign ahighly specialized team of paidsearch experts (Optimizers) towork on your PPC campaigns.We have a global community ofcertified paid search experts.
  44. 44. Optimizers and Trada partners aresupported by the Trada Marketplace.YourCompanyTrada’s Marketplace is where ourglobal community of certifiedPPC experts work.Our automated Optimizer Matching™algorithm makes sure your Optimizerteam is qualified based on experience,historical performance and other factors.
  45. 45. Optimizers do work, you maintaincontrol, Trada supports it all.create and testtargeted ad copygenerate keywordlistsmanage bid pricesrespond quickly tocampaign requests! ! ! ! Your dedicatedaccount manager actsas strategic partnerand Optimizer liaison.Your Optimizer team does the dailywork of campaign research, ad copyand testing, and constant refinement.
  46. 46. Goals are finally aligned.15%of marketers withtheir PPC performanceOnlymarketers aresatisfied with theiragency’sThe agency model for PPC isoutdated. It was designed forOnly 1 in 5marketers aresatisfied with theiragency’s performanceTraditional agencies chargea percent of marketingspend. They are motivatedto spend your budget.1You set CPA goals.2We assign a team of PPCexperts to your campaign.3 Your expert teamcollaborates to beat thosegoals.
  47. 47. Trada’s customersSeth from Dr Vita loved that hisOptimizer team would reactimmediately to the need for ads for anew product–within hours, ads wouldbe running live on the networks.
  48. 48. Learn more about how we can help.We’d love to analyze your current PPCand determine if Trada is a fit for apartnership with you.Type “I’d like a demo”into the chat box.
  49. 49. ?@fasterstill@annafsawyerCheck your email for afollow-up tomorrow: we’llshare the slides, recordingand a FREE whitepaper thatwill help you get ready forGoogle’s EnhancedCampaigns.49