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Skills Beyond The Resume


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Looking beyond the resume and your accomplishments. Everyone learns knowledge-based skills, but do you emphasize your "transferable skills"? This quick PowerPoint reviews identifying your transferable skills and provides some useful links and worksheets.

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Skills Beyond The Resume

  1. 1. Skills Beyond The Resume Contributed by: Tracy L. Lube
  2. 2. 1. Introduction 2. Beyond the Resume 3. Example Transferable Skills 4. Summary 5. Helpful Links & Worksheets 6. Hire Our Heroes 7. Make A Difference
  3. 3. We all know the typical resume must entertain your “skill sets” that meet the responsibilities and requirements of the job position you are looking to land. How many of you actually go BEYOND the typical resume skills? Typical skill sets or what I reference on my resume, as Knowledge-Based Skills, are considered your trade or job skills. Designers are skilled with the Adobe Design Suite software or an Accountant is skilled in Tax and uses the tax laws to hopefully get the best tax return for you of course. We get the idea of typical skills. These should be placed just after the Summary at the top of your resume. Moving ahead to the skills beyond the resume. I like to call this the transferable skills section. The standard we are given is that we have 10 seconds to make an impression, so let’s make an impression! Take the person beyond your resume.
  4. 4. Moving ahead to the skills beyond the resume. I like to call this the transferable skills section. The standard we are given is that we have 10 seconds to make an impression, so let’s make an impression! Take the person beyond your resume. Your transferable skills are any skills you have that can be performed at any job in any industry. I learned many skills in the military and anyone that has served knows these skills have an advantage over someone that has not served. However, for those non-military you still have just as many potential transferable skills just dig deep… Think about skills you learned in different environments, for instance were you a Boy Scout or Girl Scout and achieved all of your badges. There are life saving skills, teamwork skills, and survival skills, to name a few. How about skills learned from the classroom? • Ability to meet deadlines, thrive under deadline pressure • Writing skills, research skills (endless hours of research for all of your papers) • Ability to adapt (change in schedules or major) • Multitasking and achieving goals (I remember the days of having 3-4 major papers with the same due date and all had to be a minimum of 10 pages sometimes more) • Team building (the many "group work" assignments) What is important in describing your transferable skills: 1. You in fact have these skills and can perform them satisfactorily and, 2. They need to be tailored to meet the job description without embellishing...
  5. 5. I prioritize and tailor these according to the job posting description and I make sure I have an example of where I have used the particular skill to meet the responsibilities and expectations of the job description. The following set of skills was for a Director of Communications position. Transferable Skills: • Collaboration, leadership, supervisory • Negotiation, project management, team building • Contingency planner, conflict resolution, high-stakes decision maker • Risk management and analysis, measurement and tracking • Research, competitive analysis • Presenting, instructing, delegating, facilitating
  6. 6. Transferable skills are vital to any position and may set you apart from the competition. On your resume list both knowledge-based and transferable skills tailored to the position. Additionally, you can sprinkle your transferable skills through your customized cover letter. See my customized cover letter article on slideshare.
  7. 7. Here are links to some great examples to help get you started finding your transferable skills! Worksheet 1 Worksheet for Classroom Transferable Skills Checklist of Transferable Skills Categorized into 5 Broad Areas - Definitely check this on out! Checklist of Transferable Resume Skills If this post was helpful, please click the thumbs up icon or leave a comment.
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