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Military Advantage - Top Transferable Skills


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Top 5 Military Transferable Skills: Leadership Abilities, Advanced Team Building, Resiliency, Excellent Communication, Critical Thinking.

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Military Advantage - Top Transferable Skills

  1. 1. Contributed by: Tracy L. Lube THE MILITARY ADVANTAGE
  2. 2. 1. Leadership Abilities 2. Advanced Team Building 3. Resiliency 4. Excellent Communication 5. Critical Thinking 6. Additional Attributes 7. Military to Civilian Translator Links 8. Hire Our Heroes 9. Make A Difference
  3. 3.  Provide direction, purpose, and motivation and take direction from others.  Ability to lead a diverse group of individuals accomplishing plans and goals.  Ability to take accountability for own actions and those of others.  Inspire others to do their best and train them with precision. TRANSLATION MILITARY TO CIVILIAN  Foster collaboration and creativity making a value based decision.  Engage in diversity, learn and listen from those who are least like you.  Move from rule based authority and discipline to work place discipline (consistency of personnel interactions, routines, become less restrictive).  Serve as a role model to your subordinates while providing a mutual respect and showing appreciation for their effort.  Be open to change.
  4. 4.  Experienced with task-oriented teams.  Ability to define the team roles, responsibilities, and missions.  Ability to design work plans based on the strengths of the team members.  Successfully operate as a cohesive unit in a team environment. TRANSLATION MILITARY TO CIVILIAN  Assess team members values, work strengths, and skills.  Assign co-workers (team members) based on the assessments to achieve company goals and added value.  Personalize the team environment and become understanding instead of authoritative to get the job done. (Use conflict resolution measures and communication to create a cohesive unit).  Allow for 2-way communication amongst all members, have flexibility within the chain of command.
  5. 5.  Successfully adapt to adversity.  Excel in the harshest environments.  Ability to bounce back from failed professional more quickly.  Work in harsh conditions and environments. (Odd hours, cold climate, long shifts) TRANSLATION MILITARY TO CIVILIAN  Adapt to the civilian work force environment as you would any other environment.  Maintain the same resilience for job related difficulties and maintain a positive attitude leading those around you.  Be a go getter and demonstrate success through failure. (if you lose a big sale, bounce back and immediately assess the failed sale and go get the next one).  Harsh conditions equate to long hours, overnight shift, weekend shift, nothing new here get it done. Environments may consist of outdoors in all weather, around certain chemicals/toxins, take proper safety measures just as you would in service.
  6. 6.  May speak more than one language  Ability to communicate internationally  Technical communication understanding  Training in effective writing skills TRANSLATION MILITARY TO CIVILIAN  Streamline communications across a business organization.  Writing effective email communications, reports, letters.  No loud booming voices when providing instruction or speaking to subordinates.  Provide International communications (bi-lingual).
  7. 7.  Trained and educated in CT through PME courses and largely real life experience.  Examining the results and/or consequences of an action.  Using reasoning and evidence to reach factual determinations.  Ability to systematically analyze, interpret and convey ideas. TRANSLATION MILITARY TO CIVILIAN  Ability to make assessments and provide improvements on things such as quality of product, shipping processes, logistics, IT field etc..  Adapt to include costs when examining results and/or consequences of decisions.  Highlight the ability to solve complex problems in a changing world and making effective decisions.
  8. 8.  Work ethics (Service Before Self)  Integrity  Flexibility, able to adapt  Organizational commitment  Cultural diversity and sensitivity TRANSLATION MILITARY TO CIVILIAN  Civilian employers want to know what your skills are to get the job done.  Explain how military skills can produce results for the company.  Provide the military advantages for a civilian employer. Example Skill: management jobs require experience leading 5 or more personnel typically – platoon leader may lead 20 or more personnel into battle to achieve “x” results.
  9. 9. (Skills Translator) (Skills Translator) (Skills Translator and Military Friendly Companies) (Occupation Translator) (TAP Overview and links) (Home Depot Skills Translator for Open Positions) (Lockheed Martin Skills Translator for Open Positions) (Boeing Skills Translator for Open Positions)
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