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Preventative and Proactive: Who to trust when oral surgery is on the horizon


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In this Tracy Ginsburg DMD publication, we explore her education, training, skills and capabilities of her New Jersey-based practice.

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Preventative and Proactive: Who to trust when oral surgery is on the horizon

  1. 1. A Tracy Ginsburg DMD publication PREVENTATIVE AND PROACTIVE Whototrustwhenoralsurgery isonyourhorizon. • What are some uncommon procedures that a top periodontics office can help with? • What are some basic credentials you should look for when selecting a periodontics office?
  2. 2. • There aren’t many of us who look forward to dentist visits. However, there’s no need to harbor such hesitation when Tracy Ginsburg DMD is your dentist. • With assistance from the talented staff at her Warren Township, New Jersey office, patients of Tracy Ginsburg DMD are guaranteed safe and skilled treatment of the most complex gum and dental issues. Continue reading to learn more! COMPLEX TOPIC; EASY CHOICE
  3. 3. A prerequisite to entering the dentistry field is plenty of education; Tracy Ginsburg DMD has it in spades. PROVEN TRACK RECORD • She graduated from Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry. • She obtained her periodontics certificate from the Virginia Commonwealth University. • She is a certified basic life services instructor with local hospitals.
  4. 4. Here’s why Tracy Ginsburg DMD’s practice is the one to trust with your gum and dental issues: • Both gum recession and gum grafting can be completed by Associated Periodontists. These are common procedures for those dealing with exposed tooth roots. • Root end surgery, for when a root canal hasn’t achieved the goal, can be performed. This procedure will then culminate with filling the gap left by the removed root. • Crown-lengthening, wherein excess gum is removed or reshaped to show more of the actual tooth, is another request that Tracy Ginsburg DMD can complete. This is a way to both improve tooth structure as well as removed a tooth that has broken off below the gun line. UNCOMMON CONCERNS
  5. 5. Given her extensive experience and technical know-how, it’s no wonder that Tracy Ginsburg DMD has been recognized for her hard work. RECOGNIZED WORK • She was voted top dentist in periodontics by NJ Monthly Magazine in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. • She served as president of Temple University’s Periodontal Honor Society in 1995 and 1996 while attending school there.
  6. 6.  To learn more about Tracy Ginsburg DMD and the tooth and gum procedures she can assist you with, please click here! TO LEARN MORE