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Tracxn - Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Landscape


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Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Landscape

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Tracxn - Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Landscape

  1. 1. Internet of Things Infrastructure Feed Overview Nov 2014 Deal Discovery Made Easy
  2. 2. Deal Discovery Made Easy 2 TRACXNBuilding the largest team of Analysts tracking startups globally for Venture Capital Funds
  4. 4. Deal Discovery Made Easy Internet of Things Infrastructure- Sector Overview •Over $1B invested •With ~50 companies funded in last 12 months •Most active funds: Intel Capital (Arch Rock Corp, Arrayent, GainSpain, SIGFOX) Draper Fisher Jurvetson(Neul, Ember, Zapier) New Enterprise Associates (APX Labs, Arch Rock Corp, IFTTT) Cisco Investments (Evrythng, Ayla Networks) Andreessen Horowitz (Estimote, IFTTT) Bessemer Venture Partners (Estimote, Zapier) Sequoia Capital (KeenIO, Jasper) Qualcomm Ventures (AerisCommunications, Macheen) Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 4
  5. 5. Deal Discovery Made Easy Device Hardware Board Sensor Sensor Software Hub Cloud PaaS App Store Hub Software Communication Language App SENSOR PLATFORM CONNECTED DEVICE PLATFORM CONNECTIVITY HARDWARE CONNECTIVITY HARDWARE PLATFORM HARDWARE PLATFORM CLOUD SERVICE APP STORE Value Chain Market Segments Internet of Things Infrastructure -Landscape Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 5
  6. 6. Deal Discovery Made Easy Notable Companies across categories Hub Cloud PaaS App Store SENSOR PLATFORM Provides sensors for different purposes (temperature, activity) along with cloud service to access their data. Arch Rock Corp ($15M), Estimote($3.4M), Variable Inc. ($3.4M), Relayr ($2.6M), Libelium CONNECTED DEVICE PLATFORMOffers a cloud service to connect and manage different compatible devices and a platform to develop and deploy apps on them. Green Wave System ($42M), Axeda($22M), APX-Labs ($10M), ThingWorkx($13M) Evrythng ($7M), Altuix($2M) CONNECTIVITY HARDWARE Build kits that contain hardware modules with sensors that connect and transmit data directly to the cloud. Ember ($118M), Control4 ($93M), ioBridge, Seed Labs, Sensoplex CONNECTIVITY HARDWARE PLATFORM Develops hardware modules which connect to cloud service. Also offers a platform to build and run apps on these devices (PaaS). Gain Spain ($113M), Electric Imp (23M), AlyaNetworks ($26M), Sparkio($5M), Econais, HD-Wireless HARDWARE PLATFORMDevelops hardware modules with raw board, processor to develop connected devices on top of them littleBitsElectronics ($16M), Tessel, Kontakt, KyteLabs, Petasense CLOUD SERVICEServicethat receives data from connected devices and allows to manage and deploy these devices Jasper ($209M), IFTTT ($40M), Macheen ($34.4M) APP STOREEvercam($667k) Angelcam($144k) $30M Device Value Chain Market Segments Total funding in sector $220M $160M $170M $70M $300M $1M Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 6
  7. 7. Deal Discovery Made Easy Notable Funding rounds in last 7 months Hub Cloud PaaS App Store SENSOR PLATFORM CONNECTED DEVICE PLATFORM •$1m -Robin (Boston, 2011): Helps build triggers for physical & digital interactions based on knowledge of a situation. •$10m -APX Labs (Herndon, 2010): Optical wearable technology for industrial applications CONNECTIVITY HARDWARE CONNECTIVITY HARDWARE PLATFORM •$15m -Electric Imp (Los Altos, 2012): Connectivity through embedded hw& swplatform •$4.9m -Spark (Minneapolis, 2011): Wi-Fi development platform that creates internet-connected hw •$15m -Ayla Networks (Sunnyvale, 2010): A platform for hosting connected devices HARDWARE PLATFORM APP STORE •$0.2m -Angelcam(Mountain View, 2013): App-store for security cameras CLOUD SERVICE •$2.3m -Weaved (Palo Alto, 2006): Encrypted communication over the cloud •$30m -IFTTT (SF, 2010): Enables users to connect different web applications •$11m -Keen IO (SF, 2011): Cloud API for developers to build custom and white-labelled analytics and data science features directly into their web, mobile, or IoTapplications •Seed -ConnectHQ(Los Angeles, 2014): Data platform for internet of things •$50m -Jasper (Mountain View, 2005): Network connectivity platform for mobile IoT Device Value Chain Market Segments Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 7 OTHERS •$3m -Helium (SF, 2013): Connectivity Protocol •$2m -Neura(Sunnyvale, 2012): Database Service •$5.5m -Hmicro(Los Altos, 2008): Processors •$17m -InedaSystems (Santa Clara, 2011): Processors •$1.5m -Bastille Networks (Atlanta, 2014): Security •$7m -Evrything(London, 2011): Sensor Software Stack •$3m (Palo Alto, 2013): Voice Interface
  8. 8. Deal Discovery Made Easy Active funds & sub-sectors of investment Intel Capital DFJ NEA Cisco A16Z BVP Sequoia QualcommVentures Opus Capital Crunch Fund CLOUD SERVICE Zapier IFTTT IFTTT Zapier JasperKeenIO Macheen IFTTT Weaved CONNECTEDDEVICE PALTFORM Arrayent APX Labs Evrythng Arrayent CONNECTIVITY HW FibocomWireless Ember CONNECTIVITY HW PLATFORM GainSpain Ayla Networks GainSpain HARDWAREPLATFORM WiTricity Estimote uBeam Estimote uBeam SENSOR PLATFORM Arch Rock Arch Rock OTHERS SIGFOX Neul AerisComm Venture funds Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 8
  9. 9. Deal Discovery Made Easy SELECT SUB-SECTOR DEEP DIVEIDEAL FOR SCANNING AFTER INITIAL PRIORITIZATION OF SUB-SECTORS (ELSE CAN BE QUITE OVERWHELMING!) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform
  10. 10. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company list: Cloud Service (1/8) Jasper [2005, Mountain View]Jasper solutions are powering the Internet of Things across fifteen mobile operator groups, 2,500 enterprises, millions of devices and 6 continents. Provides enterprise software suites for connected devices and mobile Internet of Things. Powers Amazon Kindle and Sony PS Vita. Working on connected car concept for GM, Nissan, Ford, VW, Tesla. Also enables devices in dozen industries over 5 continents. Winner of the 2013 GSMA Global Mobile Award for ‘Best Cloud Based Technology for Mobile’. $205M AllianceBernstein, Sequoia Capital, Bench, Temasek IFTTT [2010, San Francisco]IFTTT is a service that lets user create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this then that. IFTTT enables users to create and share "Recipes" that fit the statement: "if this then that". The “this” part of a Recipe is called a Trigger. The “that” part of a Recipe is called an Action. The combination of a Trigger and an Action from a user's active channels are called Recipes. Has connected 110+ channels. IFTTT for iPhone adds 3 exclusive channels: iOSPhotos, Reminders and Contacts. An Android version of the app was released on April 24, 2014. $39M LererVentures, GreylockPartners, CrunchFund, Founder Collective, SV Angel, Gunderson Dettmer, NEA, FLOODGATE, Betaworks, BoxGroup, Andreessen Horowitz Macheen [2010, Austin]Macheendevelops a service platform designed to provide retailers and manufacturers internet connectivity with laptop, tablets and other computing devices. It has developed a mobile cloud that provides mobile broadband connectivity to just the applications the user needs for that device such as email, entertainment, security, or specialized education apps allowing them to customize their connectivity without having to buy a comprehensive data plan. Investors include Dell executive and tech investor Tom Meredith, former Microsoft executive Mike Maples apart from Gem Ventures, Mercury Fund, North Bridge and Qualcomm. $34.4M Mercury Fund, North Bridge Venture Partners, GEM Ventures, Qualcomm Keen IO [2011, San Francisco]Custom analytics backend for developers. Managed cloud API that lets developers build complex, hyper-custom, large-scale analytics and data science features directly into their web, mobile, or Internet of Things applications. TechstarsAlum. $14.5M Techstars, 500 Startups, Data Collective, Galvanize, Cloud Power Capital, Amplify Partners, Rincon Venture, Pelion Venture, XG Ventures, Sequoia Capital Weaved [2006, Palo Alto]Weaved'stechnology provides a TCP level virtual private network (VPN), that provides an encrypted peer-to-peer (P2P) connection. It works with any solution using the TCP/IP protocol and can usually be added in minutes. Available for Windows, OSX, Android, IOS, Linux and various RTOSes. Their solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs) like Philips, Cisco to connect devices to the Internet of Things. More than 3.6M connections every month $2.6M CrunchFund, Metamorphic Ventures, Core Ventures Group, TMT Investments, Alpine Meridian, Inc., Double M Partners, IronfireCapital, MaxfieldCapital Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 10 Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  11. 11. Deal Discovery Made Easy Berg [2005, London, United Kingdom]Cloud services for web-enabled devices. Provides a device API for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ARM MBED to control hardware and a cloud API to manage all connected devices. First product was Little Printer, which receives and prints messages and feeds from your smartphone. Also provides hardware with built-in connectivity. $1.3M Connect Ventures, Initial Capital, Index Ventures Zapier [2011, Mountain View]Zapieris a service that syncs data between Web apps through triggers and actions to automate tasks. Partners, including Salesforce, Intuit, Google, and Dropbox, utilize Zapierto offer their customers integrations with over 280 apps. Zapier'sDeveloper Platform enables developers to add APIs for private or public use. IFTTT is consumer focussedbut Zapieris more Business focussed. Has 250+ application that are integrated using Zapier'stechnology. Charges for pro plans according to syncing speed. Was part of YCombinatorSummer 2012 batch. $1.2M Y Combinator, Bessemer Venture Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson(DFJ) Etherios [2008, Dallas]Provides a device cloud to businesses to connect any device with open devices and an open cloud connector. Also offers a product 'The Social Machine' for integration of device data with enterprise's Salesforce. In addition, also gives strategy and consulting services for M2M and design. $750k Supenta [2012, London, United Kingdom]Supentaprovides a cloud-based NFC device management system. This system facilitates service providers (e.g. private businesses, public agencies and local authorities) to dynamically update, manage and provide up-to-date contents into the NFC tags designed for each poster. Supentafacilitates decentraliseddata collection, data access and information delivery from the NFC tags to the service provider to enhance user experiences and increase marketing effectiveness. Super Enterprise Associates Ltd. (SUPENTA) is a London-based startup. $560k Technology Strategy Board OneFold [2013, San Francisco]OneFoldis focused on analysingdata generated by wearables. OneFolduses a new architecture based on its proprietary cloud-based "DHQL" platform. It leverages recent inflections in the price of storage and massively parallel cloud computing to deliver deep analytical insights to organizations publishing wearable apps. OneFoldhas developed a unique approach to transform, analyseand visualize the enormous amount of data coming from mobile and wearables. $400k Studio 9+ Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 11 Company list: Cloud Service (2/8) Company DetailsFunding Investors Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  12. 12. Deal Discovery Made Easy Exosite [2009, Minneapolis]Exosite’sdata platform empowers companies to quickly prototype and deploy their own Internet of Things solution using the web service APIs. It's system is architected with product developers in mind, meaning it has a built-in framework that eliminates the complexities of infrastructure and simplifies IoT development. Their Platform makes it easy for product developers to create cloud-capable products. Texas Instruments recently released the Connected LaunchPadEvaluation Kit which uses the TivaC Series TM4C1294 microcontroller and ships with Exositeapplication code already flashed onto the chip Has a office in Taiwan also. $350k Arynga [2012, San Diego]Aryngadelivers innovative vehicle software management solutions to the automotive industry. Their flagship product CarSync, is an efficient, and intelligent platform for remotely updating and maintaining vehicle software and firmware. CarSyncensures the integrity of embedded systems for the lifetime of the vehicle, reducing recall rates caused by software glitches, and in effect, saves vehicle Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier One suppliers time and money, while improving customer satisfaction. Aryngais headquartered in San Diego, California, with engineering and R&D offices in Poland. $250k Evoz [2010, Los Altos]Evozprovides a software platform for the smart home, powering the connected devices. Evozpowered devices such as Belkin Baby monitor is used as a on the go application for baby monitoring such as track his sleep and measure when he cries and for how long. $150k 500 Startups, David ShenVentures, Initial:Capital LitHouse [2014, San Jose]A cloud OS for the Internet of Things. Its solution manages the identity and state of IoTdevices in the home, and exposes those devices through uniform API's to enable interoperability. $25k Plug & Play Ventures Beaconwatcher [2014, Tel Aviv, Israel]Beaconwatcheroffers free and powerful solutions targeted at developers and retailers, for building or adding iBeacontechnology to their mobile apps. Solutions for integration include complete cloud management platform, APIs and SDK for free. The cloud management platform is a web-based tool for managing apps, sites, beacons, geofences, notification campaigns, real time micro-location and analytics. - - Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 12 Company list: Cloud Service (3/8) Company DetailsFunding Investors Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  13. 13. Deal Discovery Made Easy Cloud of Things [2014, Airport City, Israel]Cloud of Things enables businesses to develop self-branded Internet of Things solutions. The platform includes SDK's for endpoint devices, an insight-driven big-data cloud backend and an engine that automatically generates source-code for mobile control applications. For enterprises, Cloud of Things supports deployment of consumer IoTproducts in a secure enterprise environment. The platform also includes a big data analytics module for analysis of the platform's usage data. - - Waylay [2014, Ghent, Belgium]Waylay developed a cloud-based PaaSplatform for IoTthat supports advanced decision making, automation, notification, proactive maintenance and troubleshooting use cases. waylay'sgraphical modelling technology is based on Bayesian Networks. Enables smarter real-time decisions, proactive monitoring and automation based on integration with existing line-of- business applications. waylay'stechnology increases operational efficiency and leads to improved customer service. Was incubated at iMindsaccelerator. Has yet to release its product. - - LifeGate [2014, Verona, Italy]Cloud service for connected products. Consumers can connect and automate their web-enabled devices and collect data from these things to understand and optimize them. Supports devices from manufacturers -Jawbone, Belkin, Philips, Parrot, Withings, Fitbit. - - [2014, Marlborough]RealTimeprovides Cloud service for internet connected devices. RealTime'sserver is a central connection point for remote devices, web/mobile clients, backend services and system management tools. is a technology platform that enables easy development of near real-time Internet-of-Things applications for developers and manufacturers. - - Beebotte [2014, Paris, France]Beebotte is an open cloud platform for Internet of Things and real-time connected applications. Beebotte relieves Internet of Things application developers from infrastructure and connectivity burden by providing an API and key building blocks offering device management and connectivity, data collection, storage and intelligence, and, large number of data visualization widgets. - - Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 13 Company list: Cloud Service (4/8) Company DetailsFunding Investors Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  14. 14. Deal Discovery Made Easy Octoblu [2013, Tempe]Octoblu'sMeshbluallows any device using any protocol to connect to a single IoT platform capable of discovering and messaging any other device. Meshbluallows discovery, control and management of any API-based software application, any hardware or appliance or social media network and connect devices that run many different protocols across a common platform. Octoblu'sfeature include: easy devices and systems integration and coordination, process design using simple drag and drop user interface, event control, real-time communication, advanced analysis, search and reporting tools.Octobluenables companies to create IoT services with secure real-time exchange of data across systems, people and physical devices. Octobluprovides a management platform that enables users to create innovative IoT services. - - [2013, Guildford, United Kingdom]Resin offers a scalable connected device code distribution service. By taking care of the infrastructural details such as deployment, network security, monitoring, operating system, cross-compilation etc. Resin allows developers to utilize their standard Javascriptworkflows to write apps for Embedded devices. Currently supports node.js on RaspberryPiwith support for all languages on Linux in development. In private beta. - - BrivoLabs [2013, Bethesda]BrivoLabs is an Internet of Things company leading the emerging Social Access Management trend. Using social identities, we are focused on developing applications that connect virtual communities with physical spaces and devices. SAM is their API platform, a solution for Social Access Management. SAM enables developers with the resources and tools to build mobile friendly apps to unlock and open doors, receive notifications and obtain data and videos. MD, BrivoLabs is a business unit of BrivoSystems LLC and leverages their core services. BrivoSystems LLC is a SaaS-based company that links hundreds of thousands of remote devices to millions of users. - - XOBXOB [2013, Portland]Cloud service for any web-enabled device, creates small mailboxes (XOBs). Things can send and receive messages through a XOB. By sharing XOBs, things can send messages to each other. Founded by Ex-Microsoft User Experience Designer. - - TapWise [2011, Seattle]TapWiseis a Seattle-based technology firm specialisingin applied-NFC and custom application development. Offers a platform which provides an integrated cloud-based ecosystem of NFC tag management tools and services, allowing for ease of implementation and optimal utilisationof NFC. Provides an Android nTagManager application for users to manage tag content. - - Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 14 Company list: Cloud Service (5/8) Company DetailsFunding Investors Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  15. 15. Deal Discovery Made Easy Yaler [2011, Zurich, Switzerland]Provides a relay infrastructure for web and SSH access to embedded systems even if they are behind a firewall. Works with any hardware with a TCP socket. - - Cycle30 [2010, Seattle]Cycle30 offers cloud management services that include device management, connectivity and subscription management into a simple and seamless process. Cycle30 provides two solutions. The first is an administrative portal to manage devices from manufacturing, to provisioning for connectivity, as well as billing. The second offer consists of self-care portal for customers for billing and device management. Analytics and diagnostics are available as well. - - Kii [2010, San Mateo]Kiiprovides a Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) for mobile app developers. It also provides Venture Capital and Distribution and Monetization partnerships to help developers to globally scale their businesses. Kiialso offers an IoT cloud platform with API's for device inter- communication, device management and monitoring. Customers for their IoT offering include Softbank and Philips. Kiiis the result of the merger of SyncloreCorp. and Servo Software, Inc. in July 2010. Based in Tokyo, Japan and Silicon Valley. Kiialso has operations in Beijing China. KiiCapital is a venture fund which invests into mobile applications. - - Pachube [2008, London, United Kingdom]Store, share & discover realtimesensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world. Pachubeis a convenient, secure & scalable platform that helps you connect to & build the ‘internet of things’ - - Tellient [2014, San Diego]Tellientoffers analytics for the Internet of Things. Tellient's solution includes support for unlimited users and data point with easily customizable visualization and platform agnostic support. Leveraging these tools allows client's to better understand how their product are used and drive future product development. - - Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 15 Company list: Cloud Service (6/8) Company DetailsFunding Investors Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  16. 16. Deal Discovery Made Easy ConnectHQ [2014, Los Angeles]ConnectHQprovides API for companies to manage, store and analysethe data that has been collected from internet connected devices. Supplies a REST API that make it easy to build internal applications and a suite of out-of-the-box integrations with third-party vendors. Raised seed round from Crosscut Ventures. - - TempoIQ [2014, Chicago]TempoIQis an analytics service that provides scalable monitoring of sensor data from internet connected devices. TempoIQprovides an infrastructure for hardware/application developers to build their consumer end applications, integrated with TempoIQ'ssensor analytics backend. Guarantees performance and security by providing a dedicated private cloud environment managed by a team of experts. Sister company of TempoDBInc. - - Mnubo [2012, Montreal, Canada]Offers a cloud big data analytics platforms for insights and intelligence to connected object manufacturers. Also enables developers to build, deploy and manage data-rich applications for connected devices. - - Sensegrow [2011, Gurgaon, India]Sensegrow'sproduct ioEYEis a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) cloud platform for connected assets, equipmentsand products. It acquires information from devices & assets in real-time, stores it on a big data cloud, and then use this information for analysis to improve business efficiencies. ioEYEpaid service is available for small and medium businesses. - - Grove Streams [2011, Maple Grove]Provides a public API where 3rd party devices can upload data in real-time while providing dashboard monitoring and notifications so that users and other devices can act on it. - - Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 16 Company list: Cloud Service (7/8) Company DetailsFunding Investors Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  17. 17. Deal Discovery Made Easy DataToWeb [2008, Montreal, Canada]IoTMonitoring platform that allows individuals and organizations to collect and analyze their time series data online. Platform-As-A-Service that enhances and adds new web feature for sensors and transmitters manufacturers. - - AlgoEngines [2012, Mumbai, India]Provider of M2M technology & sustainability performance management solutions for wind turbines and solar plants. To manage big data generated by the sensors, offers tools such as cloud-based infrastructure for scalability, reports, dashboards and KPIs to visualize the data and machine learning models for predictive analytics and forecasting. Key components of its solutions include forecasting, condition monitoring, solar & wind data analytics along with the tools mentioned. - - Symplio [2010, Bilbao, Spain]Provides a number of services and tools facilitating companies with Internet- connected products to manage them and integrate them into their business operation. Also develops physical objects -Cyrcleand Rumble, that provide alerts and mobile based interface to interact on the social network. Rymbleawarded the best Internet of Things Consumer Product of 2011. - - Go Factory [2011, San Francisco]PaaSfor the Internet of Everything. Connects sensors, devices, people, and systems into solutions. Helps enterprises reduce development time by insulating developers from complex mobile network management issues and providing plug & play, cloud-based application services. - - DataToWeb [2008, Montreal, Canada]IoT Monitoring platform that allows individuals and organizations to collect and analyze their time series data online. Platform-As-A-Service that enhances and adds new web feature for sensors and transmitters manufacturers. - - Unifythings [2013, Boulder]Software service enabling interoperability among connected devices. For eg, thermostat settings change when solar panels are activated. - - Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 17 Company list: Cloud Service (8/8) Company DetailsFunding Investors Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  18. 18. Deal Discovery Made Easy GreenWaveReality [2008, Irvine]Founded by a group of successful entrepreneurs. GreenWave’sHome2Cloud platform allows its partners to confidently leverage the broad capabilities of Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communications to create their own value-added managed services. In addition, GreenWaveoffers its own award-winning services including Connected Lighting, Home Monitoring and Energy Management. The company has customers that include leading service providers, lighting manufacturers, and utilities. GreenWaveReality aloslaunched a high-tech WiFi-enabled LED lighting system that allows consumers to easily control and automate lighting through a handheld remote or smartphone. Has offices in Irvine, California; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Singapore. $41.3M Craton Equity Partners Axeda [2000, Foxborough]Cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and machines and implementing M2M/IoT applications. Service providers, manufacturers use the AxedaMachine Cloud to turn machine data into valuable information, to build and run applications, and to optimize business processes by integrating machine data. $22M JMI Equity, Mitsui & Co PubNub [2010, San Francisco]PubNubenables software developers to rapidly build and scale real-time apps by providing the cloud infrastructure, connections and key building blocks for real-time interactivity. Developers can build real-time apps like live dashboards and data streams, real-time collaboration, 2nd screen synchronization and machine-to-machine signallingfor any device. PubNubpowers 1000s of apps and streams more than 3M messages a second to over 200M devices a month. Customers include Rebtel, Viggle, GetTaxi, Humble Bundle, StageIT, Spreecastand Celly. $15.5M Relay Ventures, Scale Venture Partners ThingWorx [2009, Downingtown]ThingWorxtransforms application development for the theconnected world, allowing companies to achieve a step change in operational innovation and resource efficiency. Acquired by PTC for $112M in December, 2013. $13M Safeguard Scientifics Arrayent [2002, Redwood City]Cloud platform that enables manufacturers, retailers, and service providers to connect consumer products to web and smartphone applications. The platform consists of firmware, a cloud which enables device virtualisationand acts as an OS, and a mobile framework to build apps. Supports different protocols, including a proprietary one. $12.6M Band of Angels, Opus Capital, Intel Capital Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 18 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (1/10) Company DetailsFunding Investors Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  19. 19. Deal Discovery Made Easy APX Labs [2010, Herndon]APX Labs sells optical wearable technologies to the military for applications ranging from connecting soldiers to unmanned arialvehicles to tele-medical applications for medics in the field. Provides software platform Skylight SDK that companies use to create smart glasses applications. APX Labs provides its API to Microsoft and SAP. $10M NEA Bug Labs [2006, New York]The Bug is a wireless product development platform, consisting of a collection of easy-to-use, open source hardware modules, each capable of producing one or more Web services. These modules snap together physically and the services connect together logically to enable users to easily build, program and share innovative devices and applications. With Bug, businesses can take advantage of a complete, integrated device development environment, enabling them to produce a proof-of-concept with a rich ecosystem of hardware, software and web services -giving the power to go from prototype to production twice as fast at half the cost. $7.5M Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, Court Square Ventures Grid2Home [2007, San Diego]Grid2Home develops smart energy and home automation software for product manufacturers. It offers wireless and wired network solution for smart meters, lighting controls, wireless to wired bridges, in home displays, thermostats, water heater and pool pumps, load controllers, white goods communications modules, solar and electric vehicle battery charger panel communications modules. Its solutions create an upper layer that integrates a wired and wireless mesh, which is managed as a single network. The company also provides consulting services for building applications and business. $7.05M Granite Ventures SeeControl [2004, Redwood City]SaaSplatform for businesses to easily connect, analyze, control and manage remote products, things and assets. Offers a library of turnkey applications, vendor devices and machine protocol connectors. $5.12M Western Technology, Wilson,Altos Ventures, Stanford Management DN2K [2011, Greenwood Village]DN2K has developed and offers a M2M SaaSsolution that can help government agencies, utilities, oil and gas producers, farmers and industrial operators monitor and control remotely-located critical assets from different manufacturers. It takes large amounts of data from sources throughout a business and turns that data into a visual information display accessible from laptops, smart phones and tablets, regardless of platform, and can be shared with others in real- time. $4.19M Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 19 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (2/10) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  20. 20. Deal Discovery Made Easy Muzzley [2012, Lisbon, Portugal]Muzzleyoffers a developer’s platform -libraries & SDK's -and a cloud middleware service that extends machine-to-machine connections to humans through their smart phones. The smartphones, after pairing, transform themselves into context and then allow a seamless or predictive interaction. Muzzleyprovides libraries for the most popular languages and platforms in the market. $3.5M Espírito Santo Ventures XOEye Technologies [2010, Ann Arbor]Formerly known as the PairASightProject, which recently transitioned through re-brand. XOEyeTechnologies is developing a wearable computing technology that captures video from a first person point-of-view and streams the user's perspective live to anyone with internet access. The technology is B2B focused, with applications and design being especially well-suited for manufacturing, industrial and construction applications. $3.2M Open Garden [2011, San Francisco]Open Garden is a software-based mobile broadband network made of peer-to-peer connections between devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables. Open Garden leverages the density of these devices to create an OTT network. It is available as a free app for Android, Windows and MacOS. Has 3M+ users worldwide. The user benefits are: a faster internet access, stronger coverage, seamless connections and battery usage reduction. The company sells licenses and advanced versions of the software to device manufacturers, mobile operators and corporations. "Awarded Most disruptive technology” at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012. Funded by Allan Green, David Ulevitch, Derek Parhamand Digital Garage $2M Davra Networks [2010, Sunnyvale]DavraNetworks developed an application enablement platform for the Internet of Things. DavraNetworks’ RuBANplatform is a customer cloud based application enablement platform that takes critical data from the network and any connected devices or sensors and publishes it through open API making it easy to build and run (IoT) applications. Has offices in Sunnyvale, California and in Dublin, Ireland. $2M Delta Partners Altiux [2013, Bangalore, India]AltiuxM2M platform is a single horizontal “Converged Cloud Platform” for Internet of Things -connecting users, devices, apps, processes, contents and services via user’s stationary and mobile devices. The platform delivers what the smart homes, smart communities and smart enterprises desire to provide in order to enhance productivity, operational efficiency, user experience and what the manufacturing industry & telecom operators want to provide through open standards for convergence in telecom, wireless, home automation, building automation, smart city automation and internet arena in order to enhance operation efficiency and simplify consumer experience. Provides AltiuxSDK for OEM developers to deploy application/features on top of their devices. Has offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India. Acquired P-Device in Aug 2014. $2M BitChemyVentures Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 20 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (3/10) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  21. 21. Deal Discovery Made Easy CandiControls [2008, Lafayette]CandiControls, Inc. (“Candi”) is an early stage Lafayette, California based company. Candi’scloud-based service connects energy companies, telecoms, MSOs and manufacturers to the widest array of everyday devices in their customers’ homes and businesses. They make machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and multi-system integration transparent for businesses and their customers. Candi'sAPI, Drivers and Interface Library link products, protocols and relevant data over the web. Enables competitive advantages and compelling interfaces to empower device control, monitoring, data acquisition and service, regardless of platform, protocol, environment or manufacturer. Candi’starget market is service providers in the energy and telecommunications/data industries, specifically utilities, telecoms, MSOs, and the systems integrators and manufacturers associated with those industries. Geographic targets are the Americas, Europe/UK and the Middle East, and developed Australasia. $1.9M Robin [2011, Boston]Provides a cloud based platform to connect devices, give each device an identity, build, deploy and manage apps across them. Used for connected offices (employee perks) and events. Software-first, hardware-agnostic. $1.4M Atlas Venture, Deep Fork Capital, BOLDstart Ventures People Power [2009, Palo Alto]Helps manufacturers and service providers control connected devices by providing an analytics and connectivity platform in both mobile and cloud. Also, its smartphone app, Presence, transforms spare iPhones, iPads, and iPods into wireless video cameras for monitoring. Founders have significant experience in wireless and mobile domains. CEO -UCB. $1.16M New Cycle Capital, Greener Capital, Green Capital Partners Augmate [2010, New York City]Augmate offers a web platform for developers to build digital eyewear applications that integrate with enterprise backend services and a variety of API plug-ins. Customers include Toyota, Zoetis (Pfizer division). Hardware and software partners with Vuzix, Epson, SAP. Raising funding on AngelList from Tim Draper and others. $375k Meshify [2012, Houston]Enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) to convert existing devices to internet-connected products controlled from the web/mobile apps. Industry applications include remote tank monitoring, energy management systems (boilers, thermostats, temperature sensors), pest control systems, water monitors, gas meters, manufacturing equipment. Founder has prevOil industry experience, studied at Georgia Tech $305k Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 21 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (4/10) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  22. 22. Deal Discovery Made Easy Onion [2013, Boston] Provides Onion Cloud, which allows devices to interact with each other and with third-party web services. It also enables devices to delegate computationally intensive tasks to the cloud. Also provides Onion App SDK which makes it easy to build mobile & web applications to interact with the connected devices. Devices are connected to the Onion cloud by using Onion Core which is a set of firmware libraries. Onion core supports popular platforms such as the Arduinoand RaspberryPi. $118k Techstars Altizon [2013, Pune, India]Altizonprovides 'Aliot' appliances which help connect devices and send data to the their 'DatonisPlatform' in a secure and scalable manner. Altizon'sDatoniscloud platformisa device management solution which helps aggregate data from sensor networks and make them available for processing. Has 15+ clients and early adopters in the SME sector in India. Altizonis looking to expand into the international market with the Datonisplatform as an OEM solution for global needs. Also looking into Retail, Healthcare and Consumer Electronics space. Raised seed funding from Persistent Ventures (investment arm of Persistent Systems), Infuse Ventures (investment arm of IIM Ahmedabad) and The Hive India (operated by Patnisiblings). $100k Enteye [2013, Katowice, Poland]Enteyeoffers a cloud based data service for IoT devices. Features of their service include: device agnostic, secure connections, easy device management via web browser, a message handling service that is fast, secure and durable. Furthermore they also offer dashboard, time series and SMS services. They have a free version for developers and all their code is open sourced. $85k Innovation Nest Xaptum [2013, Chicago]Xaptumis a collection of messaging services with tokenized security, available as a cloud computing platform for the "Internet of Things". It allows IoT devices to be authenticated, authorized and auto- configured by full-duplex messaging over a single TCP connection. Xaptumis a reference implementation of the GSS-API . Using their open source client libraries, clients can build scalable and secure deployment of their IoT devices. Prices are based on number of messages per month. Bulk discount are available for high volume users. Gadget- Keeper [2012, Ottawa, ON, Canada]Gadgetkeeperallows the client to rapidly create IoTsolutions and easily integrate their application with external IT systems through Gadgetkeeper'sAPIs, web services, and hands-free hosting environment that automatically scales to meet demand. Features include: server-side Javascript, event handling, event and time series storage, external service interaction and multiple communication protocol support. Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 22 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (5/10) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  23. 23. Deal Discovery Made Easy Apsima [2013, San Diego]Apsimais a fully featured platform offered as a service for connected apps developer. Helps developers to focus on their core features and use Apsima'sSDK to quickly add connectivity, rich messages and mobile payments to their apps with ease. Apsimalaunched a social Presence SDK for app developers to add proximity based social features to any mobile development. - - My N3RD [2014, Olathe]My N3RD make a control switch that can control every gadget, vehicle and appliance connected with the internet. It works with the My N3RD app to upgrade any switch into a wireless controlled, programmable, and automatic smart switch, updating all of devices into intelligent connected ones. The switch contains WiFiso that it can directly be controlled using the smartphone requiring no router or an internet connection. Successfully raised more than $100k on crowdfunding website Kickstarterin Feb 2014 - - FlatoutTechnologies [2013, Vienna, Austria]FlatoutTechnologies provides a cloud based service to businesses for home automation and app deployment. Provides Flatcloudfor anywhere access to devices at home. In the cloud they provide a smart home operating system, FlatOSwhich is a centerpiece for every connected device. The FlatOSis designed to handle a vast amount of connections and data. Due to its flexibility, various gateways can be used to connect all sorts of devices. An application-programming interface (API) with full documentation is provided for app developers. Through apps one can use devices to their fullest potential. For example, a simple motion sensor normally used for turning on the lights could also be used as an effective and cost efficient security system. The FlatStoreis an online marketplace designed to guide customers with ease to smarten up their homes. It offers packages and devices, upgrades with apps and professional service - - TheThings [2013, Barcelona, Spain]theThings.IO is the Internet of Things social network. With theThings.IO, users can manage, interact and reprogram all of their Internet of Things devices efficiently and with an homogeneous experience. - - Masterloop [2013, Stavanger, Norway]Masterloopprovides libraries that are compatible with popular hardware devices(audrino, raspberry pi) and a cloud service to connect these devices to each other and the web. Users can write applications on top of it to make all the devices run in a system. They also provide a price tagged MasterloopPro service with features such that all devices get a single, common API, making it easier to develop specialisedapplications. - - Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 23 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (6/10) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  24. 24. Deal Discovery Made Easy Lelylan [2012, Milan, Italy]Lelylan provides a platform for developers to use their cloud service and build & deploy application on them. For the same Lelylan provides a RESTful API. Provides white label dashboard for businesses serving mobile as well as web based applications. Has rasised over $15k on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform. - - Domothings [2012, Barcelona, Spain]Provides an open platform to connect, manage and control any device connected to the Internet. Integrated with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Android/iOSphones for automation. - - Cumulocity [2012, Düsseldorf, Germany]M2M spin off of Nokia Siemens Networks. Platform to connect any device, control and manage their data and build apps on them. - - Linkafy [2012, Stockholm, Sweden]Allows product manufacturers to deliver control and monitoring of their home appliances to their customers from their smartphone, for any platform. - - Carriots [2011, Madrid, Spain]Carriotsis the spin-off of Wairbut'sM2M (Machine to Machine) division. Enabelesto make smart-objects by just connecting them to Carriotsand build applications for them. - - Smartapps [2010, Itajuba, Brazil]Cloud platform that allows to connect hardware to the cloud, integrate between data, embedded devices, sensors and also develop apps for them. Provides an API, based on HTTP and WebSocketto connect any internet enabled thing to its cloud. - - TelemetryWeb [2010, Minneapolis]TelemetryWeb'scloud based software platform allows device manufacturers to develop custom applications to power internet enabled devices. By utilizing TelemetryWeb, manufacturers are able to deliver a custom product to their customers without the cost or development time required by an internally developed solution. Its core design allows for the delivery of a totally custom end user interface without making any changes to the underlying platform. Their one of the product AgSpherehelps manufacturers of agriculture technology build solutions that harvest data from the farm. With AgSphere, agricultural technology manufacturers can build web-connected solutions that increase margins, reduce risk, and improve efficiencies for farmers. Project Skyway Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 24 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (7/10) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  25. 25. Deal Discovery Made Easy Intentionis [2009, San Francisco]Intentionisoffers software solutions for mobile devices to help stream sensory data to the cloud. Using their propriety “Sensotweet” technology, they enable M2M communication for the emerging Internet-of-Things. Their innovative SDK focuses on leveraging sensors to the benefit of app and web developers. Sensor values are securely stored in their scalable cloud IT infrastructure. Provides an easy-to-use platform-independent query interface to retrieve sensor values and drive key statics. - - Sense Observation Systems [2009, Rotterdam, Netherlands]Cloud-based platform for storing and processing large amounts of sensor data. Allows users to connect any kind of sensing device, or collect data from public sensor feeds to enrich applications for connected devices. - - Xively [2008, Boston]Xivelyis a platform devoted to simplifying the interconnection of devices and data with applications on the Internet of Things. By providing necessary resources, Xivelyhelps developers and builders easily create, prototype, build, pilot and deploy their Internet connected product. Offers platform to manage devices and their data which are connected to the web. - - Springworks [2007, Stockholm, Sweden]Springworksis a technology partner specializing in M2M and mobile solutions. The SpringworksM2H Platform Springworkshas experience from working with the automotive industry since 2010 and has played a major role in creating sustainable world class M2H solutions. Springworkshas been working as a production partner in the Volvo On Call project and has, based on that experience, created its own state of the art M2H platform. They have built large online gaming platforms with transactions in 12 currencies, integrations with 40 gaming operators and over 100,000 simultaneous users. The very same team has delivered more than 50 different games and managed projects ranging from 1-75 team members and budgets up to $110 million. - - 2lemetry [2011, Denver]Provides a middleware and development layer for companies looking to connect device data with core enterprise decision making systems such as CRM, supply chain management, QA and service. Founder, CEO -worked on cloud migrations at Google, - - Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 25 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (8/10) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  26. 26. Deal Discovery Made Easy Zegg [2014, Atlanta]Zeggis a communications Platform as a Service (PaaS) for all internet connected embedded devices. Zeggmakes it simple to build, manage, and control connected devices, allowing developers to focus on innovations rather than infrastructure. Zeggprovides pre built libraries and API to connect any device to the internet. These libraries are software stack for developers to make sensors act as they are needed. - - Yourit [2013, San Jose]Youritis an online service and API that offers social network like convention for managing and configuring IoT devices on a cloud network. They offer a flexible and secure architecture for device connection and management. Developers can also incorporate authorized external data into their applications. - - Link Labs [2013, Annapolis]Link Labs offers gateways for Internet of Things and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications. Their solutions are based on their own RF solutions operating o then 915 MHz spectrum. They claim a best case range of up to 11,000 m in communication range. They offer multi- channel gateways, transceiver development kits or just the transceiver modules with simple interfaces. They also offer consultancy solutions that range from design, implementation, management and complete end to end solutions. - - Concirrus [2012, London, United Kingdom]Concirrusoffers a cloud based data management platform for IoTdevices. Built on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, Concirrus' cloud platform allows any data or device to connect to its platform. After the data has been uploaded it can be processed and delivered in any form required, with configurable actions such as alert generation via email or text. The platform is secure (ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Audit and Certification), can be upgraded and is scalable. It is based on an open standard with support for CRM and traditional packages such as SAP. - - Waygum [2013, Dublin]Waygumoffers the first end-to-end Mobile App Platform uniquely focused on the Internet of Industrial Things. Waygumis at the intersection of Mobile & IOIT, and offers an Enterprise Grade Mobile App Platform uniquely focused on providing the last mile mobile-app-services-layer to the Industrial-Internet platform. Booked about $100K with Siemens and are in NRE/Customer deals with three other M2M platform ecosystem. - - Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 26 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (9/10) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  27. 27. Deal Discovery Made Easy P-Device Systems [2011, Bangalore, India]P-Device Systems is a Converged Cloud technology company and provides Internet of Things (IoT) cloud middleware for supporting applications such as smart communities and smart enterprises (SME). P-Device Systems aims to connect things, apps and people to improve operational efficiency and simplify consumer experience. It aims to help SMB and enterprises to reduce their costs using Secure Converged Cloud Platform that supports virtual connectors for stationary and mobile devices. - - Oceanleap [2013, Santa Clara]Oceanleapoffers an integrated cloud platform that allows developers to easily create apps that target multiple wearable platforms while allowing most of the back-end code to remain the same. By using Oceanleap'sREST API, developers can utilize features like: use any programming language to interact with data on the cloud, use web servers to show data from the cloud anywhere and download data to run custom analytics. Oceanleapalso partner's with companies to pre-integrate their platform API with their sensor or MCU output, giving developers a choice for selecting a fully integrated solution. - - Strap [2014, Cincinnati]Strap is a Real-Time Wearable analytics platform. Building support for Pebble, Galaxy Gear 2, Android Wear, and Google Glass. The company’s first products include StrapKit, a cross platform SDK to create native applications for wearables, and Strap Metrics, which provides analytics tools for developers. Was incubated at Brandery, accelerator. - - Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 27 Company list: Connected Devices Platform (10/10) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  28. 28. Deal Discovery Made Easy Ember [2001, Irvine]Ember’s mission is to be the leading provider of wireless sensor and control network technologies that enable dramatic energy efficiency improvements for businesses, homes, and the utilities that serve them. Ember is the platform of choice for OEMs developing ZigBeenetworking into their products. The Ember ZigBeeplatform is the most integrated, complete and feature rich ZigBeesolution available —a single-chip, high-performance 2.4 GHz ZigBeetransceiver and ARM Cortex-M3 processor integrated with the most reliable, scalable and advanced ZigBeePRO software and supported by best-in- class development tools. $118M Wellington Partners, WestLBMellon Asset Management, GrandBanksCapital, Vulcan, Inc., Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Chevron Technology Ventures, Polaris Partners, RRE Ventures, DFJ ePlanetVentures, New Atlantic Ventures Control4 [2003, Salt Lake City]Control4 Corporation manufactures wired and wireless home automation products in the United States. It offers software and hardware products, which enable home theater and television, multi-room music, lighting, temperature, and security control through a range of in-home and over-the-Web remote control technology. The company’s products include wireless dimmers and switches, speakers, multi tuners, multi channel amplifiers, audio matrix switches, video switchers, and home entertainment and control systems. It also offers wireless thermostats, touch screens, keypads, controllers, contact/relay extenders, and system remote controls. Control4 Corporation has a strategic relationship with APOGEE Interactive. $93M Frazier Technology Ventures, Foundation Capital, Thomas Weisel Venture Partners, vSpring Capital, University Venture Fund, Mercato Partners, GSV Capital Seed Labs [2014, Krakow, Poland]Seedlaboffers complete plug & play solutions that turn any new or existing device into a native citizen of the Internet of Things. Bluetooth enabled. Has built a small chip that can go into any appliance. Chip-enabled devices will then show up automatically on phones that are compatible with Bluetooth Smart, allowing consumer to control any device. The company will license the chip to appliance makers and creates their software in Krakow. $1M GoToTags [2011, Seattle]Gtotagsoffers NFC tag hardware and software solutions. Their solutions include a free Windows application for tag configuration and creation, NFC tag encoding software and a reel based hardware encoder. They also have an online management platform with analytics. Partners include NXP, Zebra Technologies and Smartrac. $100k Yeelink [2013, Qingdao, China]Offers hardware and cloud platform to connect devices to the Internet, check their status and control them from the web or mobile devices. Incubated at haxlr8r. $25k HAXLR8R Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 28 Company list: Connectivity Hardware (1/4) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  29. 29. Deal Discovery Made Easy LinorTechnology [2012, Winston]Linoroffers relay boards that allow web based automation and data acquisition. Their boards can be integrated and then used for automation in a variety of devices such as HVAC, lighting, pumps, garage door etc. The relay boards are based on a TCP/IP stack and can monitor temperature, humidity, power, flood/water, room entry etcand support device scheduling. Updates are sent to the companion app (iOSand Android). Manufacturing is done in house allowing custom or semi-custom solutions for both the hardware and software stack. - - DADO Labs [2013, Portland]Offers scalable embedded hardware, proprietary control/monitoring algorithms, and security features. Its mobile application allows users to monitor and control each appliance, users receive push notifications when tasks are complete. Also a smart platform that learns user behaviors and optimizes routine tasks. Founding team -ex-Digital Blue, Georgia Tech. Currently in stealth mode. - - NimbeLink [2013, Rochester, United Kingdom]NimbeLinkspecializes in applications that require cellular integration. Their product Skywireis the industry's smallest, pre-certified, embedded cellular modems designed specifcallyfor OEM applications. NimbeLinktechnology provides business owners an easy-to-use, off-the-shelf alert, monitoring and control solutions that run independent of existing IT infrastructure and do not need to be installed by a technician. - - Wisense [2013, Bangalore, India] provides hardware and software to enable wireless testbeds, prototype applications and commercial solutions. Wisenseprovides the necessary hardware and software required to prototype Internet of Things(IoT) related products or solutions. WiSense’sprimary offering is a wireless sensor networking development kit which includes both hardware (wireless sensor nodes) and software. Founded by two industry veterans with experience in wireless networking. - - Sensoplex [2012, Palo Alto]Sensoplex enables customers to define, design & produce smart wireless sensing products for fitness & wellness wearable applications. It has developed a hardware module containing low Bluetooth energy connectivity, USB charging and data connectivity, Flash memory, and a choice of processing power & sensors. Sensors include gyroscopes, accelerometers, compass, pressure & temperature sensors. - - Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 29 Company list: Connectivity Hardware (2/4) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  30. 30. Deal Discovery Made Easy Thingsquare [2012, Stockholm, Sweden]Sells firmware and backend solutions for Internet of Things products. Its backend cloud is available both as a licensed behind-your-firewall version and as a cloud hosted option. Founder-CEO -Adam Dunkels, founded IoT OS Contiki; author or uIPand IwIP, IoT textbook author and written 80+ scientific papers on IoT technology. - - Sapphire Open Systems [2011, Austin]Open source, low power wireless platform from the hardware pin up to the web. Sapphire combines flexible low cost hardware, a lightweight but powerful embedded operating system, and network connectivity tools. Didntreach funding goal on Kickstarterin June 2013. - - Wovyn [2011, Salt Lake City]Develops sensors and sensor gateways which connect to an open platform where one can monitor, receive notifications and view charts. Mentioned it is planning to open its API for developers. WovynEmitters are hardware devices that allow sensors to emit standard REST Webhooks, and control of relays, etc. using standard Web Services APIs. - - ioBridge [2008, Marlborough]IoBridge provides all necessary components to web-enable things using sensors and actuators and web dashboards and mobile apps to control and manage the devices. Offers solutions for manufacturers to connect their devices to the web. Also has a open-source project, Thingspeak, a software platform to connect sensors and monitor the data generated by them over internet - - Yanzi [2007, Kista, Sweden]Provides a gateway along with hardware products, which connect to a cloud service. Also provides API's to user's phone/tablet to monitor and interact with the devices. - - Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 30 Company list: Connectivity Hardware (3/4) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  31. 31. Deal Discovery Made Easy TST [2007, Santander, Spain]TST is a system integrator that develops customized wireless solutions. They offer wireless development boards as well as control systems for lighting control, waste level motoring, industrial automation and logistics. Key projects include Logistics (San Sebastian's and Sabadell's Hospital), Lighting control (Bilbao and Santander harbor) and Water meter reading (Santander harbor). - - Fibocom Wireless [1999, Shenzhen, China]Fibocom Wireless is a Chinese machine-to-machine (M2M) and LBS solution provider. They independently design, develop and manufacture wireless modules which enable industrial equipment, vehicles and other assets to securely communicate. Their offerings include 2G, 3G, GPS Receivers and LBS Solutions. On October 22nd 2014, Intel Capital invested a total of $28M across five Chinese companies including Fibocom Wireless. - - Connected Development [2010, Cary]Connected Development provides hardware, software and validation engineering services to companies seeking to develop and market new wirelessly connected devices. Connected development offers solutions that range from end to end as well as specific design or certification services . Their solutions include: hardware development of wireless solutions as well as the software such as custom firmware and application development. Furthermore they also help with certification and performance testing and offer manufacturing and production expertise as well. - - Yuktix [2013, Bangalore, India]Yuktixprovides solutions to view and control remote devices deployed over a large area through its sensors and devices. Yuktixcloud aids to collect and analyze data from a large number of devices deployed in field. Its product, data logger is an electronic device that records data over time with inbuilt sensors or via external instruments which can be stored on a secure digital card or sent immediately over the network to a central server. It can send commands to remote devices via SMS, ethernet, wi-Fior GPRS. The commands are delivered as a bencodedictionary making it user friendly to add new commands. - - Riptide IO [2012, Santa Barbara]Offers a device integration platform (BrightEdge) to enterprises for device management and data streaming to its cloud, BrightWorks. BrightWorksprovides data storage, analysis and visualisationoptimized for sensors and devices. - - Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 31 Company list: Connectivity Hardware (4/4) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  32. 32. Deal Discovery Made Easy GainSpan [2006, San Jose]GainSpanis a leading low power embedded Wi-Fi solutions company focused on connecting things wirelessly to the Internet. Their embedded Wi-Fi chips and modules make it possible to quickly and easily add Wi-Fi to devices, through a serial interface to a device microcontroller. GainSpan'schip handles all Wi-Fi functionalities, networking and security stacks, accelerating wireless device development cycles. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, GainSpanWi-Fi is ultra low in power. $113M Sigma Partners, OVP Venture Partners, New Venture Partners, Intel Capital, Opus Capital, CampVentures, In-Q- Tel, Hatteras Funds, Mobile Internet Capital, Inc., Zebra Technologies Ayla Networks [2010, Sunnyvale]Provides a platform to connect devices to the internet and deploy them. Their embedded agents help connect devices to the Ayla Cloud Services, where user can monitor and manage these devices. Also gives developer portal and application libraries to create apps to control these devices. Co-founder -ex-Amazon Lab 126 Team Member $25.4M Voyager Capital, Crosslink Capital, Cisco, SAIF Partners Electric Imp [2012, Los Altos]End-to-end platform to connect any device to the internet and monitor, control and build apps on them. Starts with the imp, a Wifimodule and processor which connects the device to the Imp Cloud, the central hub to all devices. Also provides an open API to build enhancements on these devices and an Ops console to maintain latest software and push new code. Used by developers and organizations like Quirky & GE, Budweiser, Lockitron. $22.9M Redpoint Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Foxconn Spark [2011, Minneapolis]Spark is a platform for the Internet of Things. Their first product, the Spark Core, is a small Wi-Fi development kit that helps engineers, designers and Makers for developing a connected hardware product. The Spark Core connects to the Spark Cloud, a cloud platform that provides a development environment, global access, and a REST API for all Spark-powered products. The Spark Core launched on Kickstarterin May 2013, raising $567K. Has thousands of developers creating products on their platform. Part of HAXLR8R 2013 batch. Raised Series A round to develop an IoT OS called Spark OS, which allows developers to integrate their projects with an open-source OS compatible with iOSand Android. $4.9M Lion Wells Capital, O'Reilly AlphaTechVentures, SOSventures, Collaborative Fund H&D Wireless [2009, Kista, Sweden]H&D Wireless enables wireless sensor and multimedia data access to the Internet in a cost effective way. H&D Wireless solutions are used in a wide range of applications ranging from smart energy meters for CleanTechto streaming data for Digital Media. The technology is a Wi-Fi system solution that offers Ultra low power, small size and low cost. $1.75M Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 32 Company list: Connectivity Hardware Platform (1/3) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  33. 33. Deal Discovery Made Easy Ombitron [2013, Seattle]Ombitroncreates hardware and software solutions specifically for Machine to Machine (M2M) market. Ombitronspecialisesin cellular gateways combined with cloud based software to provide a fully managed wireless transport system. Provides a powerful cellular gateway powered with ARM processor and a device performance management client & cloud based service that ensures remote wireless devices are functioning properly and application data is reliably and securely transmitted. $257k eConais [2008, San Jose]Econaisis a global innovation leader in embedded Wi-Fi system solutions. Econais’ turn-key Wi-Fi modules with embedded application software provides customers the ability to leverage the features of Wi-Fi to create ultra low power connected products for healthcare, smart energy and control/monitoring in industrial, commercial and residential markets. $100k Odyssey Venture Partners Mesh [2013, New York City]Mesh offers a low-cost, low-power chip for IoTcommunication. The platform features an operating system running on the chip itself, allowing multiple applications to run simultaneously with OTA support for application or framework updates. It also creates its own fully ad-hoc mesh network communication network with fault tolerance. In addition the devices are power efficient, secure, and economical. Further updates intend to add features targeted towards developers and enterprise. - - Eikon [2010, Rome, Italy]Openpicusoffers IoT and M2M wireless solutions based on three communication standards (Wi-Fi, GSM) as well as a variety of plug and play sensors. They also offer consolidated IoT based around any one of the communication standards. Benefits include a complete TCP/IP stack, FTP support, OTA firmware upgrade support, SNTP, SMTP, libraries for all sensors, sensor plug and play support and the boards come pre-certified. Libraries also exist for JSON parsing, cloud services, MQTT and external FAT32 on an SD card. - - ReelyActive [2012, Montreal, Canada]Sells radio-sensor reels and a cloud service that can identify any wireless device, its location and transfer data to and from it. Cloud also has an API to build web apps on the radio devices. - - Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 33 Company list: Connectivity Hardware Platform (2/3) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  34. 34. Deal Discovery Made Easy K2-Inc [2012, Lucerne Valley]K2-Inc provides a "K2 Core" cloud platform for internet connected devices which allows for rapid application deployment. This K2 Core nscommunicateswith the connected device and Sensor Networks via the K2 Controller, through a well-defined RESTfulAPI suite. This allows the K2 Core to communicate with any Controller or Gateway that supports REST APIs. The K2 core provides inbuilt data analytics for charts, graphs, counters and dials. Has an office in Pune, India also. - - Pinoccio [2012, Ann Arbor]Pinocciois built on open source hardware and software. Gives all the files and data sheets needed to build Pinoccio, or integrate it into a project. Platform to build wireless web- enabled projects. PinoccioScouts are pocket-sized microcontrollers that run on rechargeable batteries. Scouts talk to each other via built-in mesh radios. One Lead Scout connects an entire Troop of Scouts up to the Web via WiFi. The PinoccioAPI and web app can be used to deploy these devices. Raised $107K through crowdfunding. - - Xsilon [2008, London, United Kingdom]Xsilon'sHanaduis a connectivity evaluation kit for in-home M2M connectivity. The HAN9000 CEK enables M2M solution for developers, hardware vendors and service providers. The Hanadutechnology supports mainstream networking standards such as IPv6, 6LowPAN, Weightless, Bluetooth LE, Z-Wave and ZigBeeprofiles including HAP and ZSE. The technology works as the sole connectivity solution within a home, or with other wireless or wired solutions in single network architecture and comes with radically lower power consumption than legacy approaches. Its small form factor enables integration into the smallest of devices. - - Company DetailsFunding Investors Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 34 Company list: Connectivity Hardware Platform (3/3) Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others
  35. 35. Deal Discovery Made Easy Internet of Things Infrastructure Startup Feed 35 SIGFOX $32.1M Intel Capital, ElaiaPartners, Partech Ventures, IDINVEST Partners, Bpifrance Neul $23M DFJ Esprit, IQ Capital Partners, Cambridge Business Angels, DFJ enModus $3.63M Andromeda Capital, Finance Wales Helium $2.85M SV Angel, Slow Ventures, FirstMarkCapital, Digital Garage iota Computing $2.33M Iotera $300k - PlegmaLabs $150k - UbiquiOS - - Fusion Wireless - - Iotera - - Company Funding Investors Company Funding Investors Cloud Service Connected Device Platform Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware Platform Others Company list: Others SpaceCurve $26.9M Divergent Ventures, Reed Elsevier Ventures, Musea Ventures, Triage Ventures Cyberlightning $4.2M Inventure Oy, Tekes TempoDB $4.07M Techstars, Data Collective, Hyde Park Venture Partners, Chicago Ventures, Divergent Ventures Neura $2.2M UpWestLabs, PitangoVenture Capital, TriplePointCapital, Greenhouse Capital Partners Thingful $2.33M - Sensefinity - - 1248 Limited - - Ubidots - - ThingSpeak - - Sensefinity - - Connectivity Protocol Database Services Yetu $8M KfW Zonoff $3.8M Valhalla Partners, Grotech Ventures CastleOS $100k Solidmation $25k NXTP Labs Zenodys Hub Evercam $667k Enterprise Ireland Robot App Store $250k Grishin Robotics Angelcam $144k 500 Startups App store
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