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Know your PAN by Name & Date of Birth


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If want to know your PAN without PAN Card click here:

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Know your PAN by Name & Date of Birth

  1. 1. Know your PAN by Name or Date of Birth Powered by
  2. 2. Contents:  Introduction  Know your PAN Number  Login steps to get PAN Number for Registered User  Registration Process to Know PAN by New User  Detail Steps to Know your PAN  Conclusion Powered by
  3. 3. Introduction  PAN stands Permanent Account Number.  It is a 10-digit Alphanumeric Number issued by the Indian Income Tax under 1961 Act.  Now PAN Card is serving as one of the photo identity proof.  Thus nowadays, the PAN has become mandatory for opening bank Accounts, professional fees, driving License & Passport.  So, everyone should apply for PAN Card. Powered by
  4. 4. Know your PAN Number  Know your PAN is nothing but know PAN Number with the help of Name and Date of Birth.  i.e. If you Recently applied for PAN Card and instantly you want to know the number.  So, at time you can know PAN Card Number directly by Entering your Name and Date of Birth.  This is very simple method to know your PAN Number immediately without need of Acknowledge number. Powered by
  5. 5. Login steps to get PAN Number for Registered User  The below Steps to be followed by the Registered User to know PAN Number directly. 1. First Visit the official site 2. There on the left side, you can find the services that the IT department is providing. Powered by
  6. 6.  Click on 'Know your PAN'. Then the login page appears as shown below.  On Entering your User ID, it asks for Date of Birth also. Powered by
  7. 7.  Enter Password, Date of Birth and Captcha Code shown in the image.  Click on Login and Know your PAN Card Details. Powered by
  8. 8. Registration Process to Know PAN Card for New User  If you are not a registered person, you need to register to get the User ID and Password. Already registered persons can check the above login process to Know PAN Details.  Visit the official website or click the link provided above.  There on the left side, click on 'Know your PAN' in the Services block. Powered by
  9. 9.  Then the login page appears as shown below.  Now the Registration Form will be displayed.  Select the User Type i.e., whether you are an Individual or HUF or Company or Firm or etc., and click on Continue as shown below. Powered by
  10. 10. Step 1:  On clicking continue, it asks your Basic details like PAN, Surname, Middle Name, First Name, and Date of Birth. The PAN, Surname, and Date of Birth are mandatory. Give those required details and click on Continue. Powered by
  11. 11. Step 2:  Now, you should create your own password, and enter the Contact Details, Current Address and Captcha Code as shown in the image and click on Continue. The Password should contain Number, Alphabet, and Special Character Step 3:  Here it gives the Transaction ID and asks for activation. Powered by
  12. 12.  The activation link will be sent to your E-Mail ID that was given in the process of registration. Click on that link. It asks for the OTP.  Enter the OTP that was sent to your Mobile Number that was given in the PAN registration Form. Powered by
  13. 13.  Click on submit. Then the User ID will be successfully activated.  Now, click on Login to Know your PAN and enter the User ID, Password, and Date of Birth and follow the login process that is mentioned below. Powered by
  14. 14. Steps to Know your PAN Details   Go to the official website -  Search for the Know your PAN on the left side of the page and click on it.  Login to your account using Login Details.  Know your PAN form appears on the screen.  Enter your Date of birth details DD/MM/YYYY as per the column.  After that enter your surname.  Type the displayed captcha code in the form. Click on submit.  Your PAN Card details displayed on the screen. Powered by
  15. 15. Conclusion  The candidates who applied for Permanent Account Number(PAN) can see their PAN card details by following the above steps. The applicants can get full information in this presentation. So, follow the process and know PAN Card details. Powered by
  16. 16. Powered by Thank You For More Details visit