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LEHRN - AI OR BS by Doug Berg


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Doug shares his thoughts about how to know if something is really AI or BS in the recruiting and HR space.

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LEHRN - AI OR BS by Doug Berg

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence OR Bulls**t By Doug Berg And Sahil Sahni
  2. 2. Formerly McKinsey MIT PhD Founder - Jobs2Web,
  3. 3. You Might Have Used AI Today
  4. 4. You Might Use AI Tomorrow
  5. 5. Ready To Have AI Auto Reply To All Of Your Email Messages?
  6. 6. ”Hey Chad, good to hear from you”
  7. 7. AI shines in problems where the goals are understood…
  8. 8. My cable stopped working Hi Doug, let me check on that Yes, I see I can’t reach your box I’m sending a reset code… OK, try it now…is it working? Yup, thanks!
  9. 9. Natural Language Processing
 (NLP) Artificial Intelligence Personalization Skills & Culture Matching Applicant
 Scoring Automated Conversations (Chat Bots) Identification & Availability Big Data Talent 
 Trends Predictive Analytics Job Matching Talent Selection Automation Culture Mapping Baseline
 Metrics Talent Identification
  10. 10. Data What’s Most Important? Size/Quality Of Data? Ability To Process Data Outcomes & Objectives
  11. 11. If Anything… Technology
 Has Made Applicants
 Feel Like A
 (Transactional) My Hope Is That.. AI Can Help It Actually Feel More Human, Engaging & Informed (Relational)
  12. 12. Why Do We Need AI?
  13. 13. Interview With Robots?
  14. 14. Once machines can acquire knowledge, learn adaptively and make rational choices, they become not just knowledge workers, but truly intelligent. The human accountant has the ability to learn to be an architect (a different type of knowledge worker) but today’s artificial knowledge worker cannot adapt this way. The “smartest” software applied in consumer and business settings today lacks the capacity to adapt itself outside of its intended purpose. It is utilitarian. AI Is Still In It’s Early Stages
  15. 15. Everyone Is Doing Artificial Intelligence & Mashin Learning
  16. 16. No Shortage Of AI Buzz…
  17. 17. How Do You Know If Something Is Really Artificial Intelligence?
  18. 18. What’s The Difference Between Line 1 and Line 2?
  19. 19. Business-Specific Intelligence BUILDING Recognize and highlight parts of the conversation most relevant to your business and automate them into your workflow. CONVERSATION INSIGHT Your Biz Tech (Industry) Sales (Process) ANALYSIS Voice Cues Lexicon Calls that close
  20. 20. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE Why Are You Winning Or Losing Talent? What’s Happening In Your Interviews? Who Talked More? Candidate 46% Recruiter 54% Top Words/Phrases Used: “Does that make sense?” (18x) “Um” (54x) “So…” (38) Missing Key Messages: “What motivates you?” (10x) “Where do you see yourself” (8x) “What are your weaknesses?” (4x) “How do you handle hard customers?” (2x) Conversational Outcomes: Interviews 2nd Interview Offers Accepts Losses 0 22.5 45 67.5 90 Key Loss Reasons: *Location (4x) *Training (2x) *Pay (2x) Key Win Reasons: *Opportunity (3x) *Manager (2x) *Benefits (1x)
  21. 21. What Are Your Goals For Using AI? What Problems Do You Hope To Solve?
  22. 22. • How many recruits does it take to fill X jobs? • What sources are producing the best hires? • What the attrition rate in my company? • What are the causes by location/dept? • Who are my best performers? Why? • Are they at risk of leaving? • Can AI create better career paths? • What are the patterns of success we want? What Do You Want AI To Do?
  23. 23. Be Careful… Because AI analyzes and learns from patterns, there is a danger of the software replicating biases in recruiting or promotion processes, Harris said. For example, if a company's highest performers historically have been identified as white males between 30 and 40 years old—because those individuals were frequently promoted into next- level jobs—that bias can inadvertently become built into algorithms that learn from talent management patterns. 
  24. 24. We Are Entering The Era Of Ubiquitous Information
  25. 25. Find Anyone, Anywhere
  26. 26. Automate Engagement
  27. 27. Optimize Productivity
  28. 28. Gain Insights
  29. 29. Alexa, help me find a new job… Sorry, I don’t know how to do that… Today
  30. 30. Alexa, what are my job options? There are 2 new jobs that match your background 95%, should I apply for you? Very Soon You’ve had 3 recruiters view your profile on Linkedin, should I tell you who they are?
  31. 31. Today… Soon… Dear Linnette, We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to apply for the Global Service Training position. This position comes open on average every 6 months, so we’ll let you know when it’s open next time so you can apply early. We’ve reviewed your background and found you were a 90% match for this position and should be a very strong possible candidate in the future. Please reply to this email if you’d like to get to know more about what it’s like to work here, or if you’d like to connect with the recruiter in this area. Until next time!
  32. 32. Augmented Intelligence One important use of AI is to help humans make better decisions: not to directly operate some actuator, but to tell a person what it recommends, and so better-equip them to make a good choice.
  33. 33. AI or BS? Mar 28, 2018 AllyO The AI Recruiter
  34. 34. AllyO | Page 1 AllyO The AI Recruiter + = Candidat e Hiring Team
  35. 35. Ally has had significant impact across the different value props Autonomous 
 recruiting Increase recruiter productivity Automate point 
 solutions Improve experience all around AllyO | Page 2
  36. 36. You get 5 min to apply for Barista careers AllyO | Page 3 $10 Gift Card For demonstration purposes only
  37. 37. Just Text 
 (404) 205-8587 OR What if the application was a conversation? AllyO | Page 4
  38. 38. Want more info? Schedule a call: Email: AllyO | Page 5
  39. 39. Doug Berg CEO & Founder MyAlerts / WebClipDrop 952-200-4233