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EXPH 3201


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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EXPH 3201

  1. 1. EXPH 3201Research DesignDr. Ed Potkanowicz Traci Welch Moritz Public Services Librarian Assistant Professor Heterick Memorial Library
  2. 2. GOALS, next 3 classes • Research strategy • Resources • Bibliographic Citation Software • Identify best resources to begin search
  3. 3. How am I going to remember everything you are going to tell me?At the Library homepage, click onResearch Guides
  4. 4. Research Guide
  5. 5. Annotated Bibliography4 Literature Review• Allows you to see what is out there• Helps you narrow your topic and discard any irrelevant materials• Aids in developing the thesis• Makes you a better scholar
  6. 6. Bibliographic Citation Software • REFWORKS
  7. 7. What should I do first?• Finding the right search term• Start big and then use patterns you see in the results list to narrow your topic• Most resources will have built into their system a “thesaurus” or “subject” or suggested topics links, use them• Ask a librarian or your professor for suggestions
  8. 8. Mostimportant CHOOSING YOUR TOPICpart ofresearchisthebeginning
  9. 9. • Catalogs • POLAR • OhioLINK• Databases • General • Subject Specific• Search Engines
  10. 10. *The CRAAPacronym anddescriptions arefrom MeriamLibrary at • Currency * The timeliness of theCalifornia State information.UniversityChico. • Relevance/Coverage *The depthUsed withpermission. and importance of the information. • Authority *The source of the information. • Accuracy *The reliability of the information. • Purpose/Objectivity *The possible bias present in the information.
  11. 11. Note: Ifworking off So what about Google Scholar!?campususer sees ONU buysonly Full-text Google askscitation to database to link toarticles not contentfull text.SeeResearch OhioLINKGuide for Permitshow to on Google to Run Googleaccessing link to full-text SearchGoogleScholar offcampus ONU user sees licensed full-text articles
  12. 12. DEFINING YOUR TOPICIf needed, youwill want to getan overview of BACKGROUNDyour topic. RESEARCHReference workscan help as wellas generalbooks.
  13. 13. ONU ID is Library card EVA Eva Maglott 00021559801 Eva Maglott Please use all digits in your student ID number.
  14. 14. Find a Book -- POLAR
  15. 15. Books - ShortcutsHold on, I’ve gotan idea!
  16. 16. Find a Book -- POLAR
  17. 17. Find a Book -- POLAR Subject Search • Exercise Physiology
  18. 18. Find a Book -- POLAR• Keyword Search
  19. 19. Find a Book -- OhioLINK
  20. 20. Find a Book -- OhioLINKa
  21. 21. End of Class 1Questions?
  22. 22. DEFINING YOUR TOPIC BACKGROUND RESEARCHWith a basicunderstanding of DETAILEDyour topic, it is RESEARCHtime to getmore detail
  23. 23. • Often tools for locating journal and newspaper articles• Most are subject-specific, some multi-disciplinary• Many give access to full text of articles• Specific titles may be searched via• Heterick has 250+
  24. 24. • Research Databases(for off campus access, click on the “off-campus access” flag and log in ) • MEDLINE with Full Text • PubMed • SPORTDiscus with Full Text • Proquest Nursing and Allied Health Journals • Health Source : Nursing/Academic Edition
  25. 25. • Medline Plus with full text
  26. 26. • PUBMED
  27. 27. SportDiscus with Full Text
  28. 28. Health Source
  29. 29. ProQuest Nursing
  30. 30. Searching by specific journal title 1. At front page click on journal finder tab and type in title of journal 2. Click on database to access journal 3. Click on “Connect to Full Text”
  31. 31. 4. Click on “Search within this publication” 5. Type in search terms
  32. 32. You can cutand paste frommost anysource, so justfill in all thelines you can.ISSN is theunique numberevery periodicalis assigned soit’s great if youcan include thatin your request.Be sure to onlyuse the printISSN, not theon-line ISSN.
  34. 34. librarians on duty 8a-4:30p, 6-9pMonday – Thursday, 8a-4:30p Friday and 10a-3:30p Sundays, One-on-one sessions available by appointment Email or Phone 2473 (Prof Moritz) Phone 2185 (Reference desk)