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Exds 2001 Nostalgics and Nowhere-ians


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Exds 2001 Nostalgics and Nowhere-ians

  1. 1. EXDS 2001 Nostalgics and Nowhere-ians
  2. 2. How am I suppose to remember all this stuff? Click Here on “Research Guides” link 2
  3. 3. Research Guides 3
  4. 4. ONU ID is Library card EVA Eva Maglott 00021559801 Eva Maglott Please use all digits in your student ID number.
  5. 5. Assignment #1 • research on the history of your own town or city (or, if more appropriate, state, region, or country); i.e., the place of residence with which you have greatest familiarity. • highlight major changes that have occurred and compare current characteristics of the locale with key characteristics from the past. • seek to identify what has given the locale its unique identity, then strategize means for preserving that uniqueness in the face of (post-) modernity and globalization
  6. 6. Resources for Assignment #1 utilize various resources for your historicalsociological study: • • • • • • • Local history collections of local public library or museum Viable internet resources Books, Newspapers or other periodicals, Tours, Visits with civic groups, Interviews
  7. 7. So what do I do first? • Head to Google or your favorite search engine • Now is the time to use this often less than reliable resource • If there is information you need to verify, head to the library resources or governmental resources such as Proquest Statistic Abstracts USA or Fact Finder of the US Census Bureau
  8. 8. Internet Resources • Local public library – Most have local history or genealogy rooms – Most do not have the staff to help over the phone – Local histories but DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!! • Chambers of Commerce • Genealogy pages for the city, county or state • Personal pages of enthusiasts but DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!!
  9. 9. Other places to search • Hathi Trust -- ebook collection • AP Images • Archives of the Ohio Historical Society • Ohio History Central • Ohio Memory Project • Remarkable Ohio •
  10. 10. SEARCH
  11. 11. What is included? • POLAR • Article-level searching for all EBSCO databases • Article-level searching for a variety of other databases: JSTOR, Hoover’s, AccessPharmacy, e tc. • Title-level searching for most other databases: IEEE, CIAO, Proquest Nursing & Allied Health • OhioLink central catalog
  12. 12. Results: Full Text, Polar
  13. 13. Results: OhioLink
  14. 14. Results: Find It @ ONU
  15. 15. Results: ILL
  16. 16. Facets: Limit Your Results
  17. 17. Things to Remember • Facets are your Friend: After you search, limit your results to what you really want • A tool not a solution: This is not the solution to everything • Ask the librarians for help • There will still be some small changes coming
  18. 18. HML resources • Catalogs – POLAR – OhioLINK – SearchOhio – WorldCat • Databases • Newspapers • Other
  19. 19. Catalogs • POLAR -- shows you what is here and at the law library • OhioLINK -- shows you what is available at other Ohio colleges and universities • SearchOhio -- shows you what is available at several of the largest public libraries in Ohio • WorldCat -- shows you what is available at scholarly and public libraries around the world.
  20. 20. Databases • • • • • • • • • America : History & Life American Periodicals Series Online Ancestry Library Edition Early American Imprints - Series 1: 1639 - 1800 Early American Imprints, Series II, ShawShoemaker, 1801-1819 Historical Statistics of the United States History and Archival Images Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, 1867-1970, Ohio Serial Set Maps
  21. 21. Newspapers • Early American Newspapers, Series 13, 1690-1922 • HarpWeek : The Civil War Era • New York Times (1851 – 2007) • Newsbank • Ohio Newspapers • Newspaper Source
  22. 22. QUESTIONS? • Ask at the Reference Desk • Phone the Reference Desk – 2185 • Contact us by E-mail • Contact me at or ext 2473
  23. 23. Assignment #2 • A project in a format to be agreed upon by instructor and student—research paper, extended book report, scholarly analysis of an encounter with the unfamiliar, creative project • Each of you will choose a contemporary setting or (sub-) culture which is quite different from your own and research it through instructor-guided reading. You then will produce a project which attempts to explain that subject from a sensitive outsider’s perspective and to shed light on the human search for meaning as relevant to the subject.
  24. 24. So what next? • Start big doing background reading • Look for patterns • Look at reference sources, LC subject heading list, subject headings in research tools • Ask a librarian • Look at thesaurus in the research tools • Narrow your topic for a more focused product
  25. 25. Resources • • • • • Catalogs Databases Verified internet resources Lexis-Nexis academic International organizations – United Nations – World Trade Organization – Amnesty International
  26. 26. Country
  27. 27. Databases • • • • • Revisit ones listed above + Academic Search Complete MasterFILE Premier (popular magazines) JSTOR : the Scholarly Journal Archive CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online) • International organizations • See Research guide for other suggestions
  28. 28. Internet Tools Note: If working off campus please see the “google scholar” tab at the Research Guide for EXDS 2001 Google Scholar ONU buys Full-text database OhioLINK Permits Google to link to full-text ONU user sees licensed full-text articles Google asks to link to content Run Google Scholar Search
  29. 29. QUESTIONS? • Ask at the Reference Desk • Phone the Reference Desk – 2185 • Contact us by E-mail • Professor Moritz at ext 2473 or