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BIZ 2401 Industry Information

  1. 1. Traci Welch MoritzPublic Services Librarian/Assistant Professor Heterick Memorial Library
  2. 2. Goals for the DayFinding Industry Information • Hoovers• S&P NetAdvantage • Morningstar• BizMiner • Mergent OnLine• ValueLine • US Census Bureau
  3. 3. SIC vs. NAICS • SIC = Standard Industrial Classification (1930’s) • Purpose – standardize description of businesses • 4-digit system • Suitable for simpler, less interdependent business setting • Still used in some business sources • Two systems are not seamless
  4. 4. SIC vs. NAICS• NAICS = N. American Industrial Classification system (1990’s), work began 1987• 6- digit system – better suited to a more complex business environment• Accommodates needs of U.S., Mexican, Canadian firms
  5. 5. DUNS• Data Universal Numbering System. Provided by Dun & Bradstreet, a DUNS number is used by the government to identify contractors and their locations. A DUNS number is frequently required to register with the CCR (Central Contractor Register).
  6. 6. Tools for Describing the Industry • Global Marketing information Database - GMID • Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys • Valueline • Morningstar • Hoover’s
  7. 7. Accessing Resources Click on Databases or Research Guide
  8. 8. Accessing Resources Choose Business
  9. 9. S&P NetAdvantage
  10. 10. S&P NetAdvantage To locate an Industry Survey, choose the "Industries" tab from the top
  11. 11. S&P NetAdvantage Use the drop down menu to select the industry you are researching, for example "Restaurants":
  12. 12. S&P NetAdvantage The Industry Survey appears in the next screenshot. Use the link that is circled to make the Survey appear in its own window
  13. 13. S&P NetAdvantage Use the links on the top left part of the screen to access different sections of the Industry Survey. The links on the top right hand part of the screen will display a variety of financial information about the industry and show how the top companies in the industry are ranked financially
  14. 14. S&P Netadvantage PDF is also an option.
  15. 15. BizMiner• A statistical research database that includes both basic and highly granular trend analysis through in seven report series:•Industry Financial •Sole Proprietor ProfitProfiles and Loss Profiles•US Market Research •Startup Proprietor ProfitProfiles and Loss Profiles•Local (State and Metro •Local Market VitalityArea) Market Research ProfilesProfiles •Area Demographic Profiles
  16. 16. BizMiner
  17. 17. GMID
  18. 18. GMID• Understand industry • 115 million internationally market performance comparable statistics on trends and drivers industries,• Identify factors • countries and consumers influencing the • Forward looking business environment analysis from• Understand customers global, regional, country through effective and profiling • company perspectives• Anticipate • Insightful comment from opportunities by expert analysts monitoring changing trends • Updated daily with our latest research for 205 countries
  19. 19. Tools for Describing the Market • Global Marketing information Database – GMID • S&P Netadvantage • ValueLine • Morningstar • Mergent • Hoover’s
  20. 20. Value Line Investment Survey Search by industry categories or by firms and then related firms.
  21. 21. Value Line – Industry Lookup
  22. 22. Valueline – Industry Lookup
  23. 23. Morningstar
  24. 24. Mergent Online Search options, basic search is the default
  25. 25. Mergent Online – Advanced Search Limiting features to focus search
  26. 26. Mergent Online – Company Search Click here to find and download information.
  27. 27. Mergent Online - Reports Choose items for report
  28. 28. Mergent Online - Reports Choose report format
  29. 29. More Resources • Historical Statistics of the U.S. at: ryServlet • Statistical Abstract of the United States at: • World Data Analyst • Lexis Nexis Statistical
  30. 30. Bureau of the Census
  31. 31. Business Websites • - - Website of the business librarian at Miami University of Ohio about websites, other very valuable info provided • -- lists of company info on a variety of topics • -- search engine • -- SEC Edgar Site to search for filings, annual reports, 10-Ks and proxy statements • -- Thomas Registry
  32. 32. Questions librarians on duty 8a-4p, 6-9p Monday – Thursday, 8a-4p Friday and 10a-3:30p Sundays, One-on-one sessions available by appointment Email Phone 2473 Instant Messaging Chat Reference