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How Sustainability Can Add Real Value to Your Business


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Cutting through the Greenwash: How an integrated and innovative sustainability programme can add value to your business. Sustain-Live Consulting event with; Go Green, Triodos Bank, Ecotricity on 10 September, 2015 in Bristol, UK.

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How Sustainability Can Add Real Value to Your Business

  1. 1. How Can Sustainability Add Real Value to your Business? Traci Lewis, Sustain-Live Consulting 2.30pm – 5pm, 10th September, Triodos Bank
  2. 2. Sustain-Live Consulting: Who are we?
  3. 3. What are we going to do here today? • Meet your neighbours • What does sustainability mean to Triodos Bank? • What does an innovative and integrated sustainability programme look like and how it is achieved? • How do Ecotricity achieve it? • Q&A • Actions & Next Steps • The key levers for sustainability change • Finish 5pm
  4. 4. Ice-breaker – “Sustainability is about creating the kind of world we want for ourselves, our neighbours, and future generations. It challenges us to live our lives and make decisions as individuals, organizations and societies so that we make sure that future generations have access to the same opportunities and quality of life that we do”- The Natural Step 1. What is your favourite place where you live and what does it mean to you? 2. What was your most recent ‘Sunshine’ moment?
  5. 5. So what does an innovative and integrated Sustainability programme look like? Traci Lewis, Sustain-Live Consulting 2.30pm – 5pm, 10th September, Triodos Bank
  6. 6. What Does Sustainability Mean for Business? “‘Sustainability’ as a discipline refers to humanity’s rapidly- evolving response to the urgent planetary challenges we all face.” Margaret Robertson, author, academic, ‘Sustainability Principles & Practice’ “Corporate sustainability means balancing environmental stewardship, social well-being, and economic prosperity while driving toward a goal of long- term success for the health of the company and its stakeholders. A sustainable corporation is transparent in its management of these responsibilities and is held accountable to its stakeholders for its results.” Suzanne Farver, author ‘Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainainability’
  7. 7. But Why Bother?
  8. 8. What are the drivers and trends?
  9. 9. So what is the Business Case for It? (ref. ‘Sustainability Pays’, Natural Capitalism Solutions – report compiles 45 separate reports that prove business case for sustainability)
  10. 10. What does this actually look like in practice? (refs ‘Beyond Good Company’ Googins, Mirvis, Rochlin) 1. Elementary: Defensive; Legal Compliance A response to poor behaviour or practices eg. Nike in 1998 when company exposed to various human rights abuses in Asian factories. 2. Engaged: Reactive; License to Operate Min. time & investment to ensure regulatory compliance eg. Nike developed a supplier code of conduct sent to every company from which they sourced (even though all in English) – Threat to credibility, reputation & brand = 50-90% of companies market value
  11. 11. The 5 stages of a sustainability journey 3. Innovative: Making the Business Case; Responsive eg. Implement EMS / SMS, sustainability policies 4. Integrated: A Value Proposition; Proactive eg. Part of Business Strategy, products and services “I think that the world has reached a tipping point now. We’re beyond the debates over whether [addressing sustainability] is something that needs to be done or not – it’s now mostly about how we do it. And from the perspective of Ecomagination, it’s not about altruism; it’s about creating value.” Steve Fludder, Ecomagination, General Electric
  12. 12. 5. ‘Pioneer’ or ‘Game Changer’ – Visionary; Market Creation or Social Change – how to make world a better place! “In the world we are now entering, it is not only the mindset of multi-national businesses that needs to change, but the skill set of the people we employ. Corporate social responsibility - having a positive impact on society – is no longer an optional add-on. It is an integral part of business strategy and business practice.” Patrick Cescau, group president, Unilever (ref. Sustainable Living Plan) “It’s who we are; it’s just how we do business; it’s part of our values; it’s in the DNA of our culture” Sam Palmisano, IBM, former president (ref. The Global Innovation Network (GIO); Corporate Social Innovation (CSI); ‘ValuesJam’ ‘HabitatJam’)
  13. 13. What One Action from Today would you like to take forward and what are your next steps? in pairs on groups of 3
  14. 14. 7 Key Levers of Sustainability Change – Bob Doppelt ‘A sustainable business will outperform a traditional business; it’s the change required to make the shift that is difficult’ Kevin Hagen, ex-CSR director, REI Mindset, Compelling Case People, Teams, roles Vision, Strategy Governance, processes Actions, Metrics Communication, Stakeholders Evaluate, Celebrate!