Ice Breaker Ideas for FRGs


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Choose the right ice-breaker for your group considering the size of the group, how well they already know each other, and what you are comfortable leading.

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Ice Breaker Ideas for FRGs

  1. 1. ICE BREAKER IDEAS FOR FRG MEETINGSSHARE ONE FACT Participants introduce themselves and share one fact. Assign a particular fact to share: Hometown, occupation, favorite book/movie/TV show, where you met your spouse, how you learned about this FRG meeting, first duty station in the Army, etc.INTRODUCE ANOTHER Divide the group into pairs. Each person talks about him/herself to the other, sometimes with specific instructions to share a certain piece of information. For example, "The one thing I am particularly proud of is..." After a few minutes, the participants introduce the other person to the rest of the class. And sure, they can take notes!CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS Have participants write down one or two adjectives describing themselves. You may want to provide examples on a poster, overhead, or chalkboard: shy, talkative, neat-freak, messy, creative, outgoing, quiet, etc. Put these on a stick-on badge. Have participants find someone with similar or opposite adjectives and talk for five minutes with the other person.IVE DONE SOMETHING YOU HAVENT DONE Ask everyone to stand. Have one person introduce themselves and then state something they have never done. If someone else has done it, they tell a quick story about that. Then they can sit down. Choose another person and start again. (Examples: I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon … I’ve never been stationed at Fort Polk … I’ve never been to an AFTB class.)FIND SOMEONE Each person writes on a blank index card one to three statements, such as favorite color, interest, hobby, or vacations. Pass out cards so everyone gets someone elses card. Have that person find the person with their card and introduce themselves.WHO AM I? Write the name of a famous person on a piece of paper and pin/tape it on the participants’ backs. Each person tries to guess what name is pinned on his/her by asking others yes or no questions. (Example: Am I a female? Am I still living? Am I a musician?) Variations: Use famous place, Army installation, popular TV shows, etc. instead of famous person.TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE Ask everyone to write down two TRUE things about themselves and one FALSE item (that could be plausible). Take turns reading the three statements aloud and let group members guess which is the lie. This can start great discussions. (Example: I met my spouse when I was four years old (true); I have washed chickens in a bathtub (true); and I have five siblings (lie).) See? Don’t you want to know why I have washed chickens in a bathtub? FRG Meeting Ice Breaker Ideas, compiled by Traci A. Cook