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Ten soft-skills


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10 Soft Skills Needed for Career Success, as identified in Reflect by GMAC, a self-assessment and development tool.

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Ten soft-skills

  1. 1. © 2013, Graduate Management Admission Council Visit to find out more. Innovation Operational Thinking Decision Making Strategic Vision Strategic Self-Awareness Resilience Drive Valuing Others Collaboration Your technical qualifications may land you a job, but what shapes your success in the workplace is what experts call “soft skills”—qualities such as how well you work with others and how well you perform under pressure. Developing new ideas and creating approaches Managing priorities, resources, and time Assessing risks, opportunities, and alternatives Synthesizing ideas and data Knowing your strengths and weaknesses Thriving under pressure and rebounding quickly Going the extra mile and being accountable for results Interpersonal Intuition Adjusting words, tone, and non-verbal cues to be persuasive Treating colleagues with respect Developing relationships, accomplishing team goals 10Soft Skills Needed for Career Success