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Census 2011: Who Are We? The Canadian Census Used to Tell Us


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Understanding of the history of the Canadian census. The use of census data throught Canadian history. The effects of changing census data methods.

Objective: Objective: Understanding the following: what a national census is; the history of the Canadian national census; effects of changes to the the 2010 long form; suvey vs census; where we are and what do we have in May 2011. Methods: lecture and presentation Results: increase awareness of what comprises census data and how it is used by Canadians (individuals, researchers, business, governments, libraries who serve these users) Conclusions: If the Census 2011 is vastly different from previous national census', what alternative resources are available for libraries and their users?

Description: The long form census was changed in the summer of 2010 to a long form survey. What are the long term effects of this change for Canadians (individuals, researchers, business, governments, libraries) who use census data.

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Census 2011: Who Are We? The Canadian Census Used to Tell Us

  1. 1. Census 2011: Who Are We? The Canadian Census Used to Tell Us Tracey P. LauriaultCLA 2011 National Conference and Trade ShowHalifax, Nova ScotiaThe World Trade & Convention Centre: May 25 - 28, 2011
  2. 2. Reason for a Census“under the modern system, it is nothing less than a great periodical stocktaking of the people and of their affairs, designed to show from the widest possible angle the state that has been reached in the general progress of the nation” (Dominion Bureau of Statistics, 1924:xi). “Fundamentally the importance of the census hinges upon itsenumeration and analysis of the human element or man – power of the country – the people themselves – the basic asset of every state.” (Dominion Bureau of Statistics, 1924:xii).
  3. 3. RepresentationThe immediate raison d‟être of the census is to determine representation in the House of Commons.
  4. 4. Nations Navigation SystemThus the Census rounds out and completed the scheme of information by which as by a chart the government directs the affairs of the nations. Without the census, it would be literal truth to say that legislation and administration would be carried on in the dark – thatthere would be no means of knowing whether the country was on the road to success or disaster, or whatconstituted the norm or standard of its progress in almost any particular.” (Dominion Bureau of Statistics, 1924:xii).
  5. 5. Lower Canada 1824 1850 1851Lower Canada 182? Source: Early Canadiana Online 1843
  6. 6. BNA Act 1867 Source: Early Canadiana Online
  7. 7. Statistics Act 1971
  8. 8. DefinitionA census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a givenpopulation. It is a regularly occurring and official count of a particular population. The United Nations defines the essential features of population and housing censuses as "individual enumeration, universality within a defined territory, simultaneity and defined periodicity". The census can be contrasted with sampling in whichinformation is obtained only from a subset of a population, sometimes as an Intercensal estimate.
  9. 9. Major Legislative requirementsCanada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Act Canada Health ActNational Housing Act Food and Drug ActIncome Tax Act Canada Pension Plan ActCanadian Multiculturalism Act Old Age Security ActCitizenship Act Canada Student Loans ActYouth Criminal Justice Act Canada Student Financial Assistance ActCanadian Human Rights Act Employment Equity ActCanada Elections Act Canada Pension Plan Investment Board ActElectoral Boundaries Readjustment Act Employment Insurance ActFunding for Diagnostic and Medical Equipment Act Indian ActCanada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act Accord Implementation Act Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ActNova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador Official Languages Act Additional Fiscal Equalization Offset Payments Act (2005) Canada Council for the Arts ActBudget Implementation Act 2007 Payments in Lieu of Taxes ActBudget Implementation Act 2009 Railway Relocation and Crossing ActFederal-provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act Canada Transportation ActBank Act War Veterans Allowance ActCanada-Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation Act
  10. 10. Pre-Confederation Source: Early Canadiana Online
  11. 11. 1871The first National Census after Confederation, responsibility lied with the Ministry of Agriculture Source: Photo taken from StatCan Library
  12. 12. 1881Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files
  13. 13. 1884-1886Source: Early Canadiana Online
  14. 14. 1891Steamers, pack horses, dog trains, canoes, foot, buckboards, boats and schooners transported enumerators to conduct the census undertaken in the winter. Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files
  15. 15. 1901 561 Questions were askedSource: StatCan Library Scanned Files
  16. 16. 1906Source: Photo taken from StatCan Library
  17. 17. 1911Divorced and legally separated classes are added Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files, Scanned Report
  18. 18. 19161912 Census and Statistics Office was transferred to the Ministry of Trade and Commerce Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files
  19. 19. 19211918 Statistics Act Dominion Bureau of Statistics andCensus and Statistics Office is merged into the Bureau Canadian Jubilee 1st Census after the Great WarPeace Treaty and the League of Nations necessitated a definition of what a Canadian National Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files
  20. 20. 1931The Statute of Westminster, Canada becomes a self governing member of the Commonwealth Location of birth is asked – borders change Times of Boom and Bust Questions about technology – Do you have a radio? The Bureau builds its own census machine Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files, Scanned Report
  21. 21. 1931Source: StatCan Library Scanned Atlas
  22. 22. 1941Source: Canadian Century Research Infrastructure, Source: StatCan Library Scanned Report
  23. 23. 1951 1st post war censusSocial Security, pension plans, tariffs, UI Newfoundland joins Adding machines are usedSource: Canadian Century Research Infrastructure,
  24. 24. 1956Unprecedented growth necessitates the taking of the Census more oftenPrivy Council Authorizes the taking of Quinquennial Censuses of Canada Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files, Scanned Report
  25. 25. 1961 Census is almost completely processed by a computer More women in the workforce necessitates a better account of labour force Statistics 30 000 enumerators Data are transferred to a magnetic tapes IBM 705 Mark III w/10 tape drives is used IBM Archives: http://www- me_PP705.htmlSource: Photo from StatCan Library
  26. 26. 1966Data saved on 205 reels of high quality density magnetic tape each 2400” in length Photo reproduction technology is used to process questionnairesSource: Photo taken from StatCan Library, Scanned Report
  27. 27. 1971Source: StatCanLibrary ScannedFiles, ScannedReport The Bureau becomes Statistics Canada 1st self enumeration, 100 anniversary of the Census, facsimile machines are used, 30 min movie: “on a clear day you can count for ever”
  28. 28. 1976Source: StatCanLibrary ScannedFiles, ScannedReport Household head could be male or female, optical processing, data are in machine readable formats with public use sample tapes
  29. 29. 1981 Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files, Scanned ReportBudget constraints, Census to meet legislative requirements, cost share between departments as data are required to inform programs, ancestry can be traced through the mother, massive consultation with users
  30. 30. 1986 Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files, Scanned ReportAffirmative action necessitates better tracking of sex and income, cost recovery appears with avengeance, profiles are available on tape, Mulroney almost cancels the census to save money – business outcry – legislated mandate saved it
  31. 31. 1991 Common law marriage appears as a concept Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files, Scanned Report
  32. 32. 1996 Source: StatCan Library Scanned Files, Scanned ReportTransportation to work appears, as do household activities like unpaid work and activity limitations
  33. 33. 2001Internet data dissemination, CD Roms, Same sex couples appears
  34. 34. 2006 1st Online Census
  35. 35. 2011!!! 140 years later: The Census gets short, Harper‟s Government scraps the long-form censusand relegates it to a survey, but due to legal pressure adds 2 question on language, Canadiansexperience a summer of government censuslessness and hear that “Most like it long”. There is national and international outcry to save it.
  36. 36. National Statistics Council of Canada “The proposed, voluntary National Household Survey will suffer from significant respondentself-selection bias. Even with substantial efforts to mitigate the inevitable decline in response rates, this will degrade the data upon which much of the Canadian statistical system is based.”
  37. 37. Statistics Council cntd.likely result in Statistics Canada‟s not being able to publish robust, detailed information for neighbourhoods, towns or rural areas. Much ofthe analytic work done by municipalities, private firms, health agencies, highway andtransportation planners, school boards and large numbers of other groups that depend uponsmall-area knowledge and data will no longer be possible.
  38. 38. Statistics Council cntd.“The potential loss of vital benchmark information. The mandatory „long form‟ means that Statistics Canada has an accurate benchmark for the demographics of populations who are difficult toreach or who are less likely to complete a voluntary survey. This, in turn, means that sampling and weighting strategies for subsequent, voluntary surveys can compensate for differential response rates and produce more reliable information.”
  39. 39. Other data options?- no other options- Admin. data are inadequate & not comparable- Micro scale analysis not available – sub municipal not possible- SAAD – taxfiler for income but only by postal code, unsuitable for rural areas- Private sector will only focus on where there is a market – think telcos & universal connectivity
  40. 40. Other Sources
  41. 41. Fines & Jail
  42. 42. Statistics Act 1985 Privacy & Secrecy 1966 1956 1971 1961 1951
  43. 43. After 92 years 2006 Long-Form Census
  44. 44. Languages “the language spoken by the people of a country has a distinct bearing upon its problems of nationality and assimilation. With the exception of religion, no individual right or heritage is more highly prized or more jealously guarded” (Dominion Bureau of Statistics, 1936:46). 2011 - Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada asked the Federal Court to overturn the government‟s decision on the grounds that it violates the rights of Francophones under the Official Languages Act by compromising data on minority populations that are used to guide services for French-speaking communities.
  45. 45. Agriculture The Agriculture Census remains incredibly long and mandatory. Some suggest we will know more about cubic meters of rural manure than we will know about urban populations.
  46. 46. Who are the users? 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Howe Institute social population du Québec Caledon Institute of Social Policy / Canadian Catholic Council of Bishops & Canadian Public Health Association /Association du Barreau canadien / The Bar Institut Caledon des Politiques here Association canadienne de santé Associate of Canada Sociales Canadian Economics Association publiqueAssociation of Canadian Economist / Calgary Herald (Editorial) Canadian Evaluation Society / Canadian Research Data Network Centre / Association canadienne des économistes Calgary and Red Deer City Planners Association canadienne d’évaluation Réseau des centres de données deAssociation des Soeurs du Canada Canada Census Committee Canadian Federation of Demographers / rechercheAssociation canadienne francaise pour Canadian Association of Professional Association canadienne des Canadian School Board Association avancement de science (ACFAS) Employees démographes Canadian Society for Epidemiology andAssociation féminine d’éducation et d’action Canadian Bar Association Canadian Federation of Humanities and Biostatistics (CSEB) / Société sociale (AFEAS) Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Social Sciences / Fédération canadienne d’épidémiologie et deAssociation francophone pour le savoir canadienne des sciences humaines et statistiques (CCPA) / Centre canadien pour des (Acfas) sociales politiques alternatives Canadian Sociology Association /Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA) Canadian Federation of Independent Association canadienne de Canada West Foundation Business / Fédération canadienne SociologieAssociation of Canadian Map Libraries and Canada Without Poverty Advocacy Network des entreprises indépendante Archives (ACMLA) / Association des Canadian Alliance of Student Canadian Union of Public Employees cartothèques et des archives Canadian Federation of Students (CUPE) / Syndicat Canadien de Associations (CASA) / Alliance cartographiques du Canada canadienne des étudiants (CASA) Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Fonction Publique (SCFP)Association of Educational Researchers of Association Canadian Urban Institute / Association Canadian Anthropology Society / Société Ontario canadienne d’anthropologie (CASCA) Elizabeth Hanson, Yukon NDP Leader canadienne de développement urbainAssociation of Municipalities of Ontario / Canadian Association for Business Canadian Historical Association / Canadian Women’s Foundation Association des municipalités de Economics (CABE) / Association Société historique du Canada Capital Regional District (in B.C.) l’Ontario canadienne des économistes Canadian Housing and Renewal Association Mel Cappe, former Clerk of the PrivyAssociation ontarienne des chercheurs et d’affaire Canadian Institute of Actuaries / Council chercheuses en éducation au ministre Canadian Association of Geographers / l’Association canadienne des Carleton University Graduate Student Clement (AERO) Association canadienne des actuaires Association (GSA)Association of Ontario Health Centres géographes Canadian Institute of Transportation Carleton University UndergraduateAssociation of Public Health Epidemiologists Canadian Association of Journalists / Engineers Student Association (CUSA) in Ontario (APHEO) / Association Association canadienne de Canadian Institute of Planners / Carleton University Academic Staff ontarienne d’épidémiologie et desanté journalisme Fédération canadienne des Association (CUASA) publique Canadian Association of Midwifes (CAM) urbanistes & Statement by Marni Catholic Civil Rights LeagueAtlantic Provinces Economics Council / Canadian Association of Public Data Cappe Conseil économique de province de Canadian Index of Wellbeing Catholic Women’s League of Canada Users (CAPDU) / Association l’atlantique canadienne des usagers de données Canadian Islamic Congress Central Toronto Community Health CentresLarry Bagnell, MP Yukon publiques Canadian Jewish Congress / Congrès Juif Centre francophone de Toronto Canadian Association of Research Canadien Centre for Study of Living Standards / Libraries (CARL) / Association Canadian Labour Congress / Congrès Centre de recherche pour niveau de
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  49. 49. Users cntd. SteelworkersUnited Way of CalgaryUnited Way of CanadaUnited Way of Kitchener-Waterloo and AreaUnited Way of Greater Simcoe CountyUnited Way TorontoUniversité de TorontoUrban Public Health NetworkUrban FuturesVancouver Board of TradeVolunteer TorontoWaterloo, Region ofWaterloo Students Planning AdvisoryWellesley InstituteWest Hill Community ServicesWest Toronto Support ServicesWinnipeg Regional Health AuthorityWoodGreen Community ServicesWomen’s Hands Community Health CentreYork Community Services
  50. 50. Actions- Social Planning Council of Toronto: Save our Census- New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women Take Action et En action; A woman‟s View & Le point de vue d‟une femme- Caledon Institute of Social Policy: Stand up for good government, MPs*- Canadian Council on Social Development: Toolkit- Community Dispatch: Changes To 2011 Census Threaten Community Data and- Citizens Engaging Democracy, Newmarket-Aurora- Vote on the Digital Strategy Submission: Reinstate the Census Long Form- Letter Writing: Canadian Institute of Planners- Petition: Keep the Canadian Census Long Form Petition- Facebook Page: Keep the Canadian Census Long Form- Opinion: Survey- #census #statcan #cdnpoli-
  51. 51. Use example Pilot Atlas of the Risk of Homelessness, Geomatics and Cartographic research Centre ml
  52. 52. Language & PovertySource:CSDS Consortium Member – Social PlanningCouncil of Winnipeg
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  54. 54. Child Poverty Report Card Partners Halton Catholic District School Board ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids Halton Childrens Aid Society Halton District School Board Halton Region, Departments of Health and Social & Community Services Halton Regional Police Services Transitions for YouthSource:CSDS Consortium Members – Halton Region - Our Kids Our Community Report Card
  55. 55. Community Data Consortium
  56. 56. Community Data Canada
  57. 57. Data are more than facts, or the unique arrangement of facts in databases. Data are also culture & heritageartifacts, they are part of are our collective record & they fuel our imagination.
  58. 58. Contact Info CWEB/