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Match the Promise brochure


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Program brochure

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Match the Promise brochure

  1. 1. L Makethe Promise. We'llMatchIt. 1hcTexasTu_icion Proni.$c f11Jn d". 11,eS-t:itc's prcpaid coU� tuition p!J.n,1.llo'NS funllie$ torockhi comom,w$ruiifooand r«1t.1.i:C(I (m :it·1rxu publiccollctesaodunio,--:rsi1X$, at 1ocby$1mocs.·n1cpl:u1 :illo.YSyou to purdwc tuiiion �ini� 10ooo,u l.11 or ::i ponion ofthese C();Sts, And off'cn Acxiblc. budsct-fikndlypaynC'fll options. 'JhcT<Xll.'Match tltt Pt()tuisc FounduiM"' cnwur.1ga rvni!ics u:, S:."efotcollcgc- by;1.w.irdin& ,n2u.hi1'1;�M>llrsbips o(tuition units.worth upcoSl.000. :ando,ic-timc grants oftuition unics wo,nh S2.000, :it10<fay-'s prices.'Jhescholars,h;p,m01X"ntO$rudroiswbon'l«C d�'Mity&Wddi."ICS, Bodi pn,gnmsopen onSc:ptcrnbtt 1, 1 Ill< ,r, $ fUIT I OH PAOHISEFOffO'