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Chase and Status End Credits analysis


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Chase and Status End Credits analysis

  1. 1. Chase and status End credits
  2. 2. Reasons why I like it• I like this song because name End Credits has no lyrical resemblance to the song, it is called End Credits cause it is played in the end credits of Harry Brown• I like this video because its trying to explain about the violence in City’s and how street crime harms the people who do it.
  3. 3. Analysis of key concepts• I think that this video is a clever video as it is a video about a film (Harry Brown) that the singer (Plan B) has recently been in. The movie like the music video is about trying to stop street violence and gang related violence.• In the video Plan B is seen a lot in the background of the video. For example when he is in the alley with his women he looks over his shoulder and you think that he see’s himself, this is clever as it shows a concept that his memory is haunting himself.
  4. 4. Institution• It is created by Chase and Status and Plan B. They are both quite mainstream bands, especially in the Drum and Bass industry. The video is created very well as it has actual movie clips in it from Harry Brown, but chase and status has edited the clips that they were given and put the Plan B singer into the video. This makes the video look very interesting and professional.
  5. 5. Genre• The Genre of this music video is Drum and Bass.• Chase and Status produce Drum and Bass which is very popular with young adults and ravers. And when they produce a music video they usually try to portray different concepts like street violence, or domestic violence like in there other video “Chase and Status – Time”• Both Plan B and Chase and Status are featured in the music video, this is unusual for Chase and Status as they don’t usually appear in their own videos.
  6. 6. Representation• This music video is very stereotypical. This is as the youth of today have been portrayed as violent abusive hoodlums
  7. 7. Who are the target audience• The target audience is to young adults this is try to show them how they are being portrayed in society and that they should stop as they are just being seen as feral and deviant.
  8. 8. Ideology• The ideas behind the concepts of the video are that you see the youth of today being very violent and abusive. The video is filmed in a city so is trying to portray city life, and gang related violence in city’s.
  9. 9. Narrative• I think that the slow motion shot at the start of the video is very clever as it builds up the suspense to the drop in the song. I also think its clever cause as it is building up for the song to drop he is falling and drops to the floor a few beats before he starts to sing so is a kind of anticlimax.• I think that the way that they incorporate samples from sirens and voice clips in the music video. Its clever because it is in time with the song, fits in well and sets the scene in the video.