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Which car repairs should be left to the professionals?


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Toyota of Orlando has come up with tips on which car repairs should be left to the professionals.

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Which car repairs should be left to the professionals?

  1. 1. Which car repairs should be left to the professionals? When it comes to car repairs, some people like to try their hands at DIY maintenance. While DIY anything can maybe save you a buck or two and give you a sense of accomplishment when you finish the job, there are some repairs that should just be left to the professionals. Our Orlando auto service techs are here to explain when it’s time to bring in your vehicle to our Toyota of Orlando service center. Which car repairs require professional attention? Repair #1: Radiator replacement. Your Orlando Toyota’s radiator is essential to keeping your car’s cooling system running smoothly and preventing your car from overheating altogether. Your radiator seems like it might be easy to just fix or replace, but the cooling system is actually a lot more complicated than that. If you mess with your radiator and blow the engine, you run the risk of a $5,000+ repair. Our Orlando auto service techs are experts at this car repair and would be more than happy to help! Repair #2: Issues with the car computer. Over time, car computers are becoming more and more advanced and complex, which means that any car repairs related to the computer needs to be taken care of by a professional right away. This computer controls many of the aspects in your Orlando Toyota and, unfortunately, requires special tools and professional knowledge to repair. If you try any DIY car repairs on this one, you run the risk of ruining it and giving yourself a hefty bill later on.
  2. 2. Repair #3: Electrical car repairs. While it’s easy to replace lightbulbs, burnt fuses, or spark plugs, it’s not so easy to mess with you car’s electrical system to mend larger issues at hand. All of the wires and harnesses can be hard to keep track of, which opens the door for mistakes. For help with your electrical system, contact one of our Orlando auto service techs at our dealership to set up a car repair appointment. Our Toyota of Orlando service techs can help you get to the bottom of your car repair issues Repair #4: Timing belt replacement. This is one of the most tempting DIY repairs for most drivers because it can get really pricey to replace a timing belt. In order to reach your timing belt, you have to first disassemble a large portion of your engine Your vehicle’s timing belt is responsible for handling a lot of different processes inside of your engine. If you mess up the repair, you might have a very expensive bill in the near future. Repair #5: Transmission repairs. You’re going to need special tools and a lot of expert knowledge to be able to fix your vehicle’s transmission. Your transmission is responsible for shifting your car into different gears, so if you repair your transmission improperly, you’re not really going to get anywhere. This repair should most definitely be left to our Orlando Toyota experts. Think you might need some expert assistance for your car repairs? Don’t push it aside and wait until the very last second - call Toyota of Orlando today! You can reach us at (407)298-0001 or visit us at 3575 Vineland Rd just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall.