What should you pack in your emergency roadside kit?


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Toyota of Orlando is sharing what you should keep in your new Toyota in case of an emergency. Here are some of the tools and supplies you should keep in your emergency roadside kit!

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What should you pack in your emergency roadside kit?

  1. 1. What should you pack in your emergency roadside kit?
  2. 2. There are so many things that could go wrong while driving, which is why it’s always important to be prepared. You never know when your vehicle could break down and leave you on the side of the road. To help you be ready for any situation, you should build an emergency roadside kit that you can keep in your new Toyota in Orlando at all times! Although you can’t control most of the things that could go wrong while driving, you can take control of the situation and make it less stressful for yourself.
  3. 3. Toyota of Orlando helps prepare an emergency roadside kit for your new Toyota!
  4. 4. Having an emergency roadside kit in your new Toyota in Orlando can make all the difference when you’re in a sticky situation. Whether your tire goes flat, your battery goes dead or you’re involved in a collision, you can feel a little better knowing you have the tools and supplies to help yourself! Our Toyota dealership in Orlando is explaining some of the items you may want to keep on hand to help you when your vehicle breaks down and in the event of an accident. Breakdowns happen all the time. To help you get through a situation like this, we suggest you keep certain emergency items and tools in the trunk of your new Toyota, such as:  Extra parts like fuses, hoses and spark plugs – you may need to switch out a part in a pinch  A spare tire, car jack and tire iron - these items will come in handy if you have a flat tire, which is very common  Jumper cables – you can use this to jump start your new Toyota if you have any problems with the battery  Emergency flares or reflectors – these items will help you become more visible to others on the road if your car breaks down at night
  5. 5. Prepare for the worst with an emergency kit for collisions If you’ve ever been in a collision with your new Toyota in Orlando, you know just how stressful this can be. To make it easier on you, it helps to be prepared. We’re sharing some of the items you should keep in your new Toyota in Orlando that can help in case of an accident.  Once you’re in a minor collision, it’s important to document the accident. This is why you should have a pen and paper, so you can write down what happened. You should also have a camera or your phone with a camera, so you can take pictures of the scene.  Don’t forget to also include a first aid kit in your new Toyota, so you can take care of minor injuries. This can be helpful to you any day you or your passenger need medical supplies for a minor injury! Don’t get caught on the road unprepared. We want you to drive safe and happy! Visit Toyota of Orlando today at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia. Give our Internet Sales Team a call at (888) 725- 3520 for more information. Google