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Watch the Scion iQ in Orlando take on the Fiat 500 Pop


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Find out how the Orlando Scion iQ compares to the Fiat 500 Pop. Toyota of Orlando is comparing these two compact vehicles to help you make the right move!

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Watch the Scion iQ in Orlando take on the Fiat 500 Pop

  1. 1. Watch the Scion iQ in Orlando take on the Fiat 500 Pop!
  2. 2. The Orlando Scion iQ is made to take on the best of the best on the city streets! This urban ride features a compact design that’s perfect for zipping around in high-traffic areas and fitting into those tight parking spots. However, if you’re looking for a new ride to compliment your city lifestyle, you may have a few different considerations in mind, including the Fiat 500 Pop. Our Scion dealership is comparing the Scion iQ to this Fiat to help to make the smart choice!
  3. 3. Find out how the 2014 Scion iQ competes with the Fiat 500 Pop
  4. 4. We already know the 2014 Scion iQ in Orlando is a solid ride, but we want to prove it to you! This is why we’re comparing it with one of its closest competitors – the Fiat 500 Pop. You might be surprised at the different ways this new Scion in Orlando beats its competitor! When we compared these two compact cars, we found the Scion iQ surpasses the Fiat 500 Pop in things that you want like style, technology and performance. Plus, it’ll save you more money with its price and fuel efficiency!  Style: Looks may not be everything, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want a stylish ride! The Orlando Scion iQ definitely delivers when it comes to style, as it flaunts a modern and quirky image. You’ll also find features like a leather-trimmed steering wheel to take the interior up a notch, which you won’t find in the Fiat 500 Pop!  Technology: This new Scion also offers some awesome technology in every model, which you’ll have to upgrade and pay more for in its Fiat competitor! It offers a touchscreen audio system with features like Sirius XM radio, Bluetooth wireless streaming and hands-free phone capabilities! This will not only add excitement to your drive time, but it’ll also offer great convenience!
  5. 5.  Performance: The Scion iQ definitely has the Fiat 500 Pop beat when it comes to performance. This new Scion in Orlando is more maneuverable because of its smaller wheelbase (78.7 inches vs 90.6 inches). It’s also more fuel efficient partially because it has a lighter curb weight by more than 200 lbs.! Plus, it offers the option of a manual or automatic transmission, while the Fiat option only offers an automatic transmission. Save money with this new Scion in Orlando One of the biggest advantages of choosing the Scion iQ in Orlando is the more affordable price tag! This new Scion has a starting MSRP of $15,665, compared to the Fiat 500 Pop’s starting MSRP of $16,195. Additionally, you can save more money with this new Scion in the long run, as it offers enhanced fuel efficiency. It has an EPA estimated fuel economy rating of 36 mpg city, while its Fiat rival falls behind with only 31 mpg city! Learn more about this Scion and take it for a test drive at 3575 Vineland Rd. We’re located just off I-4. You can also visit our sister store at 16851 State Road 50 just west of the Florida Turnpike. Google