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Toyota's Quest to the Moon


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Toyota has its sights set on the moon as it develops a moon buggy! Check out this latest project details and when you can expect a launch from Toyota of Orlando!

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Toyota's Quest to the Moon

  1. 1. Toyota’s Quest to the Moon Toyota of Orlando
  2. 2. A Moon Buggy is Coming Soon • Making some of the greatest cars of all time is pretty cool, but what if we told you that Toyota is planning on venturing beyond our atmosphere to get some space? • The moon is in Toyota’s sight and they’re aiming to get there by 2029. How is Toyota planning to get there? Luckily, at Toyota of Orlando, we have an answer.
  3. 3. First, Earth. Next, the moon! • The new Toyota moon buggy is a Toyota project that was not only unexpected, but it’s one that many anticipate to play a pivotal role in lunar exploration. • The vehicle should finish production by 2029 and will be a fuel-cell-electric powered manned rover.
  4. 4. More Details on the Moon Buggy • With an Orlando Toyota fuel-cell powered engineering system, this moon buggy is expected to be able to achieve great travel distances. • It will be large enough for two astronauts to live, eat, sleep, and research inside without the use of space suits.
  5. 5. More Details • Toyota will be working with Japan’s space exploration organizations, JAXA, on the Orlando Toyota moon buggy project. • The craft will, ideally, be launched by 2029 for lunar exploration in 2030. • It will be 20 feet long and 17 feet wide and have a 140 square foot cabin. • With use of a fuel-cell and solar power, the buggy is expected to have a 6,200 mile single charge range.
  6. 6. Come Fly to the Moon with Toyota of Orlando • While it’ll be some time before the Toyota moon buggy makes its debut, you can still shop technologically advanced Toyota vehicles here at Toyota of Orlando! • We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road and open seven days a week!