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Toyota of Orlando's tips for safe winter driving


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If you're planning on taking your Orlando Toyota into colder weather, you should prepare ahead of time! Toyota of Orlando has tips on driving safely in winter weather!

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Toyota of Orlando's tips for safe winter driving

  1. 1. Toyota of Orlando’s tips: Driving safe in winter weather!Although we don’t get much in the way of snow in Central Florida, we know that a lot ofOrlando Toyota drivers take their families on road trips, especially during the holidayseason. These trips can often take you into colder climes where you may face uncertainweather conditions, including snow and ice. These road conditions can make your triptreacherous, which is why Toyota of Orlando has tips to help your trip as safe aspossible!First of all, preparedness is everything. The more proactive steps you take to get readybefore your trip, the less likely you are to be stuck on the side of the road or facingcostly auto repairs. Prep your new Toyota in Orlando before you leave! Make sure thatyour tires are properly inflated, that all of your fluids are topped off (especially radiatorand brake fluid), and that you have good-quality window wipers installed on your
  2. 2. Orlando Toyota. You can even bring your car into our car service center in Orlando tohave it thoroughly checked over before you leave!Be proactive – prepare your new Toyota in Orlando for winterweatherAlong the lines of preparation, plot your trip and check the weather! You don’t want tobe driving your new Toyota in Orlando straight into a snowstorm or icy conditions, soplan ahead. Always make sure you have a map to your destination, so you can findalternate routes in case of bad weather. Additionally, be sure you have the proper tiresto face snowy conditions, and that you have tools like an ice scraper and shovel in caseyou need them. Don’t forget an emergency kit with items like jumper cables, extrablankets, and water in your trunk in case of a breakdown!When driving your new Orlando Toyota in the snow, SLOW IT DOWN. It’s sort of likedriving in the rain – traction isn’t the best, especially if there’s ice. Take your speeddown to a comfortable level and be sure to leave plenty of room between you and thecar in front of you. Remember not to slam on the brakes of your Orlando Toyota – thiscan cause you to skid and lose control. To slow down, simply take your foot off of theaccelerator and gently hit your brakes. And don’t get too confident – even if your car isan all-wheel drive model, it might not help if you lose control of the vehicle!
  3. 3. Drive safely in the snow with tips from our Toyota dealershipin Central FloridaTurn on your lights to make yourself more visible to the other drivers, just like youwould in the rain. Also, you should NEVER use cruise control on icy roads – this is arecipe for disaster. Be especially mindful of how you drive your Orlando Toyota on hills,too – you’ll want to utilize lower gears to help you maintain your traction if your car is amanual model. And here’s a tip Orlando Toyota drivers may not know as we don’t getmuch winter weather in Central Florida – you should never pass a snow plow or sandtruck. They don’t have great visibility and move slowly, so you’re asking for anaccident… plus, their job is to make the roads more drivable so chances are if you passthem, you’ll find yourself in bad conditions!Toyota of Orlando wants you to be able to enjoy your holiday travels and wintervacations, which is why we’re offering you these tips. To learn more about safe drivinghabits, or to test drive a new Toyota in Orlando that’s perfect for more precariousconditions, visit us today! We’re just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall; you can even give usa ring at (888) 725-3520. We’ll see you soon, and happy holidays!