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Toyota of Orlando’s tips – Avoid common car maintenance mistakes


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Come to Toyota of Orlando for all of your car service in Orlando - we can help you keep your new Toyota in tip top shape! Avoid these common maintenance mistakes straight from our trained Toyota technicians!

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Toyota of Orlando’s tips – Avoid common car maintenance mistakes

  1. 1. Toyota of Orlando’s tips – avoid common car maintenance mistakes!It may be tempting to try and take car maintenance into your own hands sometimes,whether it be to save time or money. However, it’s easy to make mistakes that canend up costing you in expensive repairs! Luckily for you, the Toyota of OrlandoService Center not only has a knowledgeable staff of trained Toyota technicians toperform your new Toyota in Orlando’s maintenance – we also offer exceptionallyaffordable prices and even car service specials to make your maintenanceaffordable! Being proactive is the key, so stay on top of your new Toyota’smaintenance – and make sure you avoid these common mistakes! • Sure, it’s annoying when your headlight or taillight burns out in your new Toyota in Orlando. However, the biggest mistake you can make is to ignore it! Not only can it cause an accident (other drivers won’t be able to clearly decipher your movements), you can also get a traffic ticket. Take the time to bring your new Toyota to our Orlando Service Center and get the bulb fixed or replaced! • Don’t overload your new Toyota in Orlando on your next road trip! Your owner’s manual should be able to tell you how much weight your car can carry and tow – don’t exceed these limits, or you may end up shelling out big
  2. 2. bucks on auto repairs. If you have questions about how much your new Toyota can handle, contact our car service center for help!• Check your oil. This is one of the most important things you can do for the life of your new Toyota in Orlando! You need regular oil changes to ensure your vehicle is maximizing its performance abilities, so don’t put them off. Check your oil levels regularly, ensure the oil is clean, and that it’s the right type! Toyota of Orlando will schedule and perform routine oil changes for you at our service center – we’ll even send you a friendly reminder when your new Toyota is due!• Inflate your tires! Did you know that not checking tire pressure in your new Toyota in Orlando can be harmful in more ways than one? Driving on underinflated tires reduces fuel efficiency, which means more money at the gas pump. Additionally, tires that aren’t properly inflated can cause you to have less traction on the road, which is extremely dangerous – especially in rain or snow!• Put off going to the mechanic – look, we know. A lot of new Toyota drivers avoid the mechanic for fear of being manipulated or pushed into expensive and unnecessary repairs. Toyota of Orlando wants to help – like we said, our trained Toyota technicians want to make your experience as efficient and affordable as possible! You can visit our Orlando Service Center seven days
  3. 3. a week, and we’re happy to help you with whatever maintenance or auto repairs in Orlando you may need – at a price you can afford! Don’t put off going to the mechanic when there’s an issue with your new Toyota – it’ll compound problems and also prevent us from being able to proactively identify problems that may form in the future! Come to Toyota of Orlando for all of your car service needs!Visit The Toyota of Orlando Service Center today – and ask about our servicespecials in Orlando! We’re just off I-4 near the MIllenia Mall, and you can call us at(866) 945-0493!