Toyota of Orlando learns about the all-new TRD Pro Series of off-road new Toyota!


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Do you love to go on off-road adventures? Check out these new Toyota the Toyota Racing Development team has worked on! At Toyota of Orlando, we're pretty impressed!

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Toyota of Orlando learns about the all-new TRD Pro Series of off-road new Toyota!

  1. 1. Toyota of Orlando learns about the All-New TRD Pro Series of Off-Road New Toyota! Wow – can you say that five times fast? That’s quite the mouthful! However, the new TRD Pro Series from Toyota come with a lot of big features. Toyota Racing Development has already put together different sport options that drivers love, like the new Toyota Tacoma, but now some new off-roading options will be showcased!
  2. 2. If you love to go off-roading or travel any road that may have seen better days (or no travelers), then you might be excited to learn about the new off-road packages that the specialists at Toyota Racing Development (TRD) have just recently put together!
  3. 3. Toyota Racing Development puts best wheels forward with new off-road packages! Toyota Racing Development has recently put their heads together and come up with some off-road packages that are definitely impressive. As a company, Toyota is no stranger to off-roading events. More than one victory has been won at events like the Baja 500.
  4. 4. With such an incredible history supporting it, we’re extremely excited about the new options Toyota Racing Development has just put together! The whole idea of these new Toyota is to provide off-roading fans more options. This way drivers can push their favorite trucks and SUVs to the limit like they want to! Which Orlando Toyota are off-roading vehicles? You might be surprised to learn how many new Toyota in Orlando are actually considered to be off-roading vehicles. When it comes to the vehicles the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) team included as part of their all-new TRD Pro Series, you’ll probably recognize the models quickly! They feature the:    Toyota Tundra Toyota Tacoma Toyota 4Runner All 4X4 new Toyota trim-levels in Orlando are being used, so drivers can easily tackle any terrain they might come across with ease. Some standard features will also be found across these off-roading TRD Pro Series Vehicles, like:       TRD-tuned front springs TRD front skid plate Special front grille that has “TOYOTA” badging on it TRD floor mats TRD shift knobs Black wheels Of course, each of these Toyota will also boast their own unique style and features; just like drivers can opt to do through the new Toyota truck packages in Orlando we feature!
  5. 5. What will these off-road Toyota look like?
  6. 6. Each of these vehicles can be found at our Orlando Toyota dealership, though the TRD Pro-Series Off-Road options will clearly have a unique and different kind of style! Here are some of the features that will make them stand out while out on the unbeaten path. Toyota Tundra The 2014 Toyota Tundra in Orlando recently got a new look, some new features, and even some new trim-levels! When it comes to the off-roading model, though, here’s some of what it has to offer.    Red stitching on interior seats TRD dual exhaust system All-black 18-inch alloy wheels Toyota Tacoma The Orlando Toyota Tacoma is known for being one of the most popular compact trucks around! When it comes to tackling off-road races, these features will be seen on this Toyota truck:    16-inch black beadlock-style wheels Black TRD PRO badge All-terrain tires Toyota 4Runner This SUV is known for handling a lot, and offering both style and durability. Check out what the TRD Pro model will be featuring!    Black front and rear lower bumper accents 1.5” lift for the front of the vehicle 17-inch TRD all-black alloy wheels
  7. 7. We can’t wait to see what these new Toyota in action! In the meantime, you can find all these options on the lot of our Orlando Toytoa dealership. They won’t be the TRD Off-Road models, but they’ll still be able to offer tough capabilities without compromising style or your budget. Give us a call at (888) 725-3520 to find out more today! Google