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Toyota of Orlando gives you the inside scoop on hybrid technology


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If you love hybrid technology, but aren't exactly sure how it works or what the benefit is, then check out this article! Toyota of Orlando tells you everything you need to know about hybrid technology and how it works to give you the best gas mileage and smoothest ride possible!

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Toyota of Orlando gives you the inside scoop on hybrid technology

  1. 1. Toyota of Orlando gives you the inside scoop on hybrid technology!Interested in getting a hybrid new Toyota, but not quite sure what to expect if youpurchase a Toyota Prius in Orlando, or the Toyota Camry Hybrid for that matter? Toyotais a lead developer in creating eco-friendly transportation options for drivers around theworld. In fact, the company was just named 2012 Automotive Green Marketer of theYear by Nielsen! What does this mean in terms of hybrid technology, though? It meansthat Toyota of Orlando is committed to providing you with affordable and eco-friendlytransportation options that don’t just help take care of the environment, but also meetyour lifestyle, driving, and pricing needs through our new Toyota specials in Orlando!New Toyota Hybrid technology starts underneaththe hoodYou might be wondering whatexactly a hybrid vehicle is. Anew Toyota at our OrlandoToyota dealership that isavailable in a hybrid option hasspecial interior technology thathelps give you the fantasticgas mileage commuters loveso much. A parallel hybridvehicle has both a gasolineengine and an electric motorthat are separate from each other, but work together to help give you a smooth andseamless ride. The new Toyota Prius in Orlando is a perfect example of how thistechnology works! Toyota specifically designed this vehicle to use electric power (storedin the battery) instead of gasoline whenever possible. In other words, when the 2013Toyota Prius in Orlando is first turned on and starts accelerating electric power is used,but when acceleration increases and higher speeds are needed to be obtained andsustained, gasoline starts fueling the vehicle instead! This highly-technical andinnovative technology – called Hybrid Synergy Drive – is a trend-setter in the eco-friendly market. Part of what makes this technology so enjoyable and easy to use in thenew Toyota Prius, though, is that drivers are typically unaware of the intricate processthat is taking place while they’re driving. A highly evolved yet smooth driving experienceis always enjoyed!
  2. 2. 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid in Orlando provideseco-friendly space for allJust because you want to drive an eco-friendly vehicle doesn’t mean you have tocompromise on space or luxury, though. Just look at the new Toyota Camry Hybrid inOrlando! This vehicle is available in two different trim-levels, and at a can’t-beat price,too! Offered at the starting MSRP of $25,990 and getting around 43/39 mpg, the 2012Toyota Camry Hybrid LE and XLE both provide stylish and luxurious options that don’thurt the environment. Comfortably seating up to five people and providing amazinginterior technology such as Bluetooth wireless technology and 12V power outlets tocharge electronics while you’re out on the road, the Orlando Toyota Camry Hybridraises the bar when it comes to hybrid technology that’s both green-friendly andvisually-friendly.If you want to see what hybrid technology looks and feels like up close, then stop byand see us at 3575 Vineland Road off of I-4! Our Product Specialists are here andready to assist you with whatever you need. We can’t wait to see you!