The Next Generation Toyota Entune System is found in new Orlando Toyota


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Curious about what technological changes can be found in some new Toyota in Orlando? Check out the Next Generation Toyota Entune System!

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The Next Generation Toyota Entune System is found in new Orlando Toyota

  1. 1. The Next Generation Toyota Entune System is found in new Orlando Toyota! Many new Toyota in Orlando are boasting changes that are exceptional and high-tech. Just look at the 2014 Toyota Tundra – it’s now available with more trim-levels for drivers to choose from, and also features new luxurious features! Besides stylish changes being made to this new Toyota truck and other new models, some high-tech updates can also be found. Mainly, the Next Generation Toyota Entune System is now replacing the previous system! What can drivers find in their new Toyota in Orlando? At Toyota of Orlando, we were extremely excited when the first few Toyota arrived that boasted this new technology. While the previous Toyota Entune System already offered incredible convenience, the Next Generation comes with a few modifications designed to make every drive a little bit more seamless and enjoyable. If you’re curious about which features are remaining the same, rest-assured there are many components that will be familiar. Drivers that have the new Toyota Entune System will find it still comes with options that were previously available, such as:        A touch-screen Bluetooth wireless technology Sirius XM Satellite Radio Navigation Data Services USB port iPod connectivity However, the Next Generation Toyota Entune System also boasts some new features!
  2. 2. What’s new about the Next Generation Toyota Entune System? The Next Generation Toyota Entune System, that’s found in many new Toyota in Orlando, comes with a few modifications that drivers – and passengers – will probably enjoy to the fullest!     With this new system, drivers can customize even more features to meet their exact specifications. For instance, the apps on the home screen can be rearranged so that the ones used the most are the most easily accessible! The updated Toyota Entune System also features more phone capabilities. It used to be that Entune could only store up to 1,000 contact, but that’s no longer the case. With the Next Generation Entune, up to 2,500 contacts and their information can be stored! Streaming phone calls is still an available feature, as well. This helps not just in terms of convenience, but also with safety. Now if drivers need to take a phone call they only have to lift a finger, instead of needing to take their hands off the wheel or eyes of the road to pick up the phone and answer a call. The newly updated Entune system also comes with budget-saving opportunities. With the Next Generation Entune, the Entune App Suite doesn’t require a subscription! This means you can still have access to the latest information and apps without having to pay for it each month.
  3. 3. Excited about these updates that can be found in new Toyota in Orlando? We are too! To learn more about the Next Generation Entune system, all you have to do is call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 725-3520! They can set you up with an appointment so you can come by and explore all these advanced features for yourself. We can’t wait to speak with you! Google