The LifeTime Fitness Toyota RAV4 is ready for any athletic adventure


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If you need a new Toyota in Orlando, why not explore the benefits a new Toyota RAV4 has to offer? It recently got some new features that were revealed at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas!

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The LifeTime Fitness Toyota RAV4 is ready for any athletic adventure

  1. 1. The LifeTime Fitness Toyota RAV4 is ready for any athletic adventure! If you’ve ever visit our Orlando Toyota dealership before, then you’ve probably seen how many affordable new Toyota are available for drivers to choose from. They’re not just budget-friendly, either. A menagerie of styles are also featured at our dealership! One new Toyota in Orlando that’s recently been revealed at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas is a special SUV called the LifeTime Fitness Toyota RAV4. Keep reading to find out why athletes in particular will be impressed with the special features that this unique Toyota delivers! New Toyota RAV4 in Orlando is made with athletes in mind Toyota is always trying to come out with new cars and options for drivers to enjoy, and that will better meet on-the-go preferences. Check out what this special Toyota comes equipped with!  Data: For athletes that have just finished a race, it’s common for them to want to know how they did. With an integrated iPad, tracking data can easily be accessed as soon as the athlete completes the race and makes his or her way to the car!
  2. 2.   Storage: This new Toyota in Orlando was made with triathlon athletes in mind, and this is reflected through how much storage space is available. With a custom roof rack that can keep two bikes secure, a rear cargo area that comes with an area to hang wetsuits so the excess water drips down a drain, and more gear storage compartment areas, athletes shouldn’t have to struggle to find a way to store all the equipment needed to compete in a triathlon. Relaxation: Recovering after a successful race is a lot of fun, and it’s even more fun when the tools needed to unwind after a competition are waiting for you in your new Toyota RAV4. With a front seat that delivers a shiatsu massage, a water shower that comes with a 5-gallon freshwater tank, and a refrigerator that can keep drinks and snacks cool. With all these features just waiting for athletes to enjoy, this new Toyota is an excellent vehicle for athletes to climb into after a race! Enjoy the 2013 Toyota RAV4 in Orlando today! Whether you’re planning to participate in race or are just going to cheer someone along, you can’t go wrong with the 2013 Toyota RAV4 in Orlando! The LifeTime Fitness SUV will be making appearances at select events to support Toyotasponsored athletes, but the 2013 modelyear is on our lot right now for drivers to get behind the wheel of today. If you need a dependable SUV that can handle a lot of scenarios and situations, why not get this versatile Toyota? With many different trim-levels to choose from, finding one that perfectly meets your preferences shouldn’t be difficult. Give us a call at (888) 725-3520 to set up an appointment today! We’re looking forward to speaking with you. You can also feel free to swing by and visit us in person at 3575 Vineland Rd! Google